Meanwhile, Diddy Kong and Fox McCloud were still wandering the jungle in search of the captured Donkey Kong. Neither of the two had seen any of the Koopa Troop for a while.

"It's quiet, too quiet..." mused the Kong.

"Yeah, we must be cautious..." agreed the Star Fox Team Leader.

Suddenly, out of nowhere a beam from the Dark Cannon hit Diddy Kong.

"Gah! They... got... me..." Diddy spoke as he turned into a trophy.

"BOWSER! Show yourself!" Fox McCloud yelled as he aimed his Blaster at where the beam had come from. Soon, Bowser showed his ugly face and attempted to shoot Fox repeatably with the Dark Cannon. However, Fox expertly dodged all of the shots.

"Come! Shadow Bugs! Engulf Dinky Kong!" Bowser said as the Shadow Bugs engulfed the trophied Diddy Kong. Soon the Shadow Bugs spit the trophy back out. The Shadow Bugs began to form arms and hands, legs and feet, and a head and tail, all in the form of Diddy Kong. However, it had the same dark aura that the False Bowser had. It was a False Diddy Kong, and it was aiming its Peanut Popguns straight at Fox.

"So that's how you cloned yourself..." Fox grumbled. He knew he was outnumbered.

"Thanks to Master Hand and the Ancient Minister, we now have a infinite army... All it took was the blood of a shadow being... a Flatzoner, as the Ancient Minister calls him..."

"Mr. Game & Watch!"

"Yes," the Koopa King mused. "I was skeptical at first, but this time it was different... This time we would send the members of Super Smash Stadium in chaos... by sending the Stadium into Subspace first and taking care of those pesky Superpowers. I betcha Mother Brain has them as trophies right now."


"However, I'll offer you a chance to join the Subspace Army. If you do, you will have wealth beyond your wildest dreams!"

"Never! I'm not a mercenary."

"Suit yourself if you enjoy being a statue." Bowser aimed the Dark Cannon at Fox, as Fox prepared for the worst.

Suddenly, another Arwing fired straight at Bowser causing him to jump back in confusion. It dived at Bowser, and the pilot jumped out and kicks the Dark Cannon into the air. He then pulled out two Blasters and blasted the Dark Cannon to smithereens. The ace pilot landed in front of Bowser.

"The bigger they are, the brighter I shine!" taunted Falco Lombardi.

"About time you showed up, Falco!"

"Here!" Falco tossed Fox an odd-looking Timed Badge with the Starfox logo on it. "Use it on the monkey, and it'll wake him up for sure." Fox attached it to Diddy Kong which suddenly revived him, but the badge exploded in the process.

"Gah!" said Fox.

"Careful, it's Slippy's prototype. It hasn't been tested yet."

"You could've told me that sooner!"

"Now, my minion, GROW!" commanded Bowser as more and more Shadow Bugs engulfed the False Kong making him grow to a humongous size. He had become a Giant False Diddy Kong. Bowser then left the three to deal with the Giant False Diddy Kong, leaping into the brush and escaping in his Koopa Clown Car.

"Ugh," the real Diddy Kong woke up and spotted the Giant False Diddy Kong aiming its Peanut Popguns right at him. "AHH! Big-me scares me!"

The Giant False Diddy Kong began by smashing Fox and Falco right into the ground. Fox and Falco look dazed.

"But Dad, I don't want to go to Cornerian Flight Academy," said Fox dazed.

"When did it get to be bird season?" asked Falco dazed.

"Ok it's up to me to beat him! I shall avenge you, DK!" said Diddy eager to fight.

The Giant False Diddy Kong picked up the real Diddy Kong and flung him at Fox and Falco like a rubberband. Fox, Falco, and Diddy quickly recovered and formed into a group.

"Ok, someone should tell him we're the good guys," mused Diddy.

"Oh great leader, what's the plan now?" snarked Falco.

Fox glanced over at the Giant False Diddy Kong who was using a tree as a toothpick and vines as floss.

"I suggest evasive action," decided Fox.

"You mean run like heck?" snarked Falco.

"Right!" agreed Fox.

Our trio took evasive action as the Giant False Diddy Kong chased after them. Eventually, the three were able to elude it in the Jungle or it decided to look for bananas instead; either way, it was gone for the time being. The trio decided to catch their breath as Diddy looked at the Timed Badge with the Starfox logo on it. It was utterly broken.

"How many of those Badges are left, Falco?" asked Fox.

"We've got one more," Falco said as he pulled out another Timed Badge with a stylized logo of a Fox on it. "It's Otacon's Prototype."

"Otacon?" asked Diddy.

"He's an ally," replied Fox.

"Falco! This is Snake." said Snake's voice out of Falco's headset. "We've lost contact with Emperor Penguin."

"WHAT?!" yelled Falco. "We've lost contact with Emperor Penguin?"

"Yes..." said Snake, irritated at the question. "Your team will have to board the Halberd. I'll try to find more info."

"Yeah, you do that, Snake," Falco grumbled as he ended contact with Snake. "This is bad."

"Who's Emperor Penguin? Who's Snake?"

"They're also allies. We'll have to contact the rest of the team," Falco said.

"We need to save DK from Bowser! I don't want him to become one of THOSE things!" yelled Diddy Kong as he grabbed Falco's jacket.

"Huh? What? Hey, let go!" replied Falco as he started to walk off to search for his crew.

"Stop searching for your crew and help me!" pleaded Diddy as he latched on to Falco, dragging him on the ground.

McCloud chuckled at this recruitment of Falco as he followed the two.

"Oh, shaddap!" Falco complained to Fox.

Lombardi reluctantly agreed as they continued on into the Kongo Jungle. Through this trek, they would continue to encounter more members of the Koopa Troop, but just as before, it wouldn't take much for them to be defeated. Some begged to be spared and let go, while others tried to put up an unsuccessful fight. After a while, the now trio found the ship with the chained trophy of Donkey Kong on it... However, it was too late as it took flight to the Island of the Ancients.

"NOOOO!!! DK!" Diddy slammed his fist down, as Fox calls up the Great Fox.

"We'll let you save Donkey Kong," Falco said as he handed the Prototype Timed Badge to Diddy. "But Fox and I got to get to the Halberd!"

The Great Fox appeared over the cliff and Diddy Kong smiled and agreed to it.


Mega Man finally reached the Palace of Power following a star spirit to this place. The SPs and Captain N were in trouble and he had to save them. He spotted a trophied version of Geno.

"That's your body, isn't it?" said Mega Man to the star spirit.

"Yes," the Star Spirit who inhabited the Geno body replied as it entered the trophied body and the Geno we know and love returned.

"Ahh, I should've expected this," said Mother Brain, still where she was when the SPs were captured. "Of course, a spirit possessing an inanimate object would be immune to the Dark Cannon."

Mega Man and Geno could see her trophies of those who she captured. The SPs, Captain N, Princess Lana, Simon Belmont, and Professor Hector.

"Looks like I'll have to get rid of you the old-fashioned way!" replied Mother Brain as Shadow Bugs surrounded Mega Man and Geno and formed False versions of the SPs, Captain N, Princess Lana, and Simon Belmont. It was an entire army of them.

"There's too many of them!" said Geno. Mega Man looked behind to see that the only way out was to jump off the Palace of Power.

"Hang on!" Mega Man said as he grabbed Geno and jumped off the Palace of Power.

"With such a powerful army, Videoland will be mine!"


"Yawn!" Sonic said annoyingly. "This is boring... I could've been there and back in a hour."

"Look, hedgehog..." growled Wolf. "Not everyone can move as fast as you!"

Sonic and Mewtwo were moving at a fast pace, with Sonic running while carrying Toon Link and Mewtwo flying while carrying Roy and Wolf with telekinesis. Sonic was the faster of the two of course, and did not like having to wait for Mewtwo to catch up.

"Doesn't matter, I'm--" Sonic suddenly skidded to a halt. Toon Link looked like he was going to puke his lunch.

"Those guys might be hurt!" Sonic dropped Toon Link and ran to where Geno and Mega Man fell.

"Don't worry," said Mega Man as Sonic helped him up. "We're fine."

"But the SPs and the Palace of Power is not," said Geno as he got up. "Mother Brain has it."

Sonic replied smirking, "Well then, we will just have to show Mother Brain who's--".

"Leave Mother Brain to me."

The group turned to see an enigmatic swordsman. Roy and Mega Man recognized him right away.

"You guys go help the other fighters," said the swordman. "They will need your help more than mine, and besides, I'm not ready to return to Smashtopia just yet."

The figure in front of them was the black Yoshi swordsman known as Killer, the weilder of the sword Ultima X. He truely believed he wasn't ready. He had yet to find the sword of his fallen comrade Sir Tomintul. Even Sephiroth, who had it last, lost the sword somehow.

"Now go to the Floating Island! I will take on the Palace of Power."

Sonic, Toon Link, Roy, Wolf, Mewtwo, Mega Man, and Geno ran toward the Island of the Anicents. Meanwhile, Killer jumped up toward the Palace of Power.


Meanwhile, in the realm known as Subspace, a glowy, butterfly man watched as the Subspace Gunship was nearly ready for departure. It was a ship powerful enough to rend space itself and bring more lands to Subspace faster so he could form his Great Maze for him to rule over. The glowy, butterfly man was sealed in Subspace long ago, but that didn't mean he couldn't bring lands or beings into Subspace to rule. A hapless professor made sure of that. He regretted that he had to turn Wario into a trophy, but Wario failed the glowy, butterfly man and found out too much. Oh well, everything else has been going according to plan. Soon, all of reality would become part of the Great Maze of the mighty being known only as Tabuu.