The five heroes... Meta Knight, Marth, Ike, Lucas, and Red were gathered at the base of a icy mountain. It was in fact Red's idea.

"So you think this... Lucario will help us?" asked Meta Knight.

"If not, then I'll catch him!" smirked Red. He was originally here to try to catch that Lucario and with the events that transpired, his group will need all the help they can get.

"I see..." said Ike. Marth looked at the boy they called Lucas. It was amazing how much he looked like Ness. Of course, it was amazing how similar Ike and himself looked, but from their travels he knew Ike was no prince. His fighting style was too rough and unrefined. Perhaps, the similarities just come from being from the same world. However, Ness would be a useful ally.

{Does he know where Ness is?}, Marth muttered to himself in his native language of Japanese.

{Wario got him}, spoke Lucas back. Marth was amazed that the boy knew Japanese, but the boy explained.

{English is not my native language... The tyrannical Pig King and his Pig Mask Army forced the residents of the Nowhere Islands to learn it.}


"Uhh, can you translate for us, Ike?" asked Red.

"I don't speak Japanese," replied Ike.

"My ship!" yelled Meta Knight. All of the heroes look up to see the Great Fox and the Halberd firing their weapons against each other. Destroying each other.

"They'll destroy my ship!" Meta Knight began jumping up the icy mountain.

"Meta Knight! Wait!" yelled Marth, as his companion left.


Ice climbing is serious business. One wrong move... One false step and you'll be going down the mountain the hard way. However, these two Ice Climbers were experienced at climbing icy mountains, finding their vegetable friends, and beating up condors. Sometimes, Popo and Nana would end up knocking the condor out. Condor stew is awesome, but sadly, they will have to rely on chocolate bars as nourishment for this climb.

Suddenly, Meta Knight jumped past them!

"The heck was that, Popo?"

"I dunno, Nana, but he's going to beat us up the mountain if we don't hurry up." Ice climbing is serious business, but if it's a race Meta Knight wants, then it's a race he will get!

Meta Knight quickly climbed the mountain knocking both Topi and Polar Bears off it. The Ice Climbers soon followed, hammering Topis into the Polar Bears, and sends them flying off the mountain. Higher and higher all three climbed, when finally the Ice Climbers had caught up with Meta Knight who was jumping to the next platform.

"Hmmph, who are--"

The Ice Climbers jump right onto Meta Knight's head and then off onto the platform Meta Knight was aiming for and causing Meta Knight to slam into the platform he jumped off of. The spiked shoes of the Ice Climbers made it hurt like heck

"How dare you use me as a springboard!"

Meta Knight gave chase after them, but the Ice Climbers had the advantage of spiked shoes built for walking on ice, so Meta Knight had trouble keeping up.


Lucario had come here to train himself... Some call it life force. Some call it ki. He even heard a world warrior who called it Hadou. However, Lucario called it Aura, and he had sensed the Aura of three beings headed to the summit. One was a hardened warrior. Lucario smirked. He had heard there was an arena nearby, so this must be one of the warriors who fought there. However, it was the weaker two who reached the summit first. Lucario could tell that these two fought as a team and worked perfectly in tandem with each other, even though they were weaker than the third.

"Yay! We beat him!" said Popo.

"We claim this mountain in the name of Infinite Glacier!" said Nana as she planted a flag into the icy ground.

Meta Knight soon joined the two. "You two are good. What are your names?"

"We're Popo!"

"And Nana!"

"The Ice Climber Duo!" said both of them together, posing with their hammers.

"And who might you be, winged one?" spoke Lucario. He can sense already that all three of them were weapon users... Disarm them and the battle will be halfway won.

"My name is Meta Knight, and you must be Lucario."

"I am."

"I need your help and the help of these two to save my ship." Meta Knight pointed to his ship. Lucario could feel hundreds of evil auras inside. Auras from beings not of this world. He could also sense three noble auras... no four! One is drowned in the dark energy, and two others are very weak.

"I shall help you... but after we test our abilities."

Meta Knight charged at Lucario, as Lucario fired an Aura Sphere at him, hitting Meta Knight. Meta Knight thought the attack as fairly weak so he used his sword to slash at Lucario, who just took the hits. Lucario didn't seem to be fighting back as Meta Knight continued to slash him. Slashing more and more and racking up more damage. The Ice Climbers watched the fight.

"Please, you're hurting him!" said Nana.

"He's not fighting back!" said Popo.

Oh, if they only knew. Lucario smirked. He has taken enough damage for this spar. He then began charging up his Aura Sphere again. Meta Knight stepped back. He knew that the Aura Sphere wasn't that powerful when Lucario threw it before. Meta Knight was hit by the full force of Lucario's Aura Sphere.

"What-- How--" asked Meta Knight.

"As I get damaged my Aura becomes more powerful," Lucario smirked and held his hand out, which Meta Knight shook.

"Interesting technique," said Meta Knight impressed.

"Want some chocolate, Mr. Lucario?" offered Popo.

Lucario took the chocolate bar and began eating it. He did enjoy this food and it healed up his damage, but he turned his head quickly. The Halberd had used its grapple arm to grab the Great Fox and was about to slam it into the mountain. Lucario hoped the three noble beings in the Great Fox would survive, even if one of them was a psychic.

"Now's our chance!" Meta Knight and Lucario had jumped onto the Great Fox and then the Halberd as it slammed into the mountain. Popo and Nana were knocked off.


The Ice Climbers fell right in front of Ike, Marth, Lucas, and Red.

"What hit us?" asked Popo dazed.

"We took the hard way down," replied Nana also dazed.

"Guys, get up!" commanded Marth.

Hundreds and hundreds of Primids surrounded the group, and Popo and Nana got up quickly.

"What are they?" asked Popo, hammer in a defensive position.

"The Subspace Army... Beings who wish to cut up our world and make trophies of us," said Ike.

"There's too many of them," Red said, all three of his Pokemon out now.

Suddenly from above came five heroes... Mario, Link, Yoshi, Pit, and Kirby, each taking the Primids head on in his own way and joining Marth, Ike, Lucas, the Ice Climbers, Red, and his Pokemon.

"We will defeat every last one of them," said Pit.


Killer spotted Mother Brain and tons of the False Clones of the N-Team and the SP.

"Oh, you're that Yoshi... Killer, isn't it?" Mother Brain taunted.

Killer slashed through the clones of the SPs and the N-Team easily, right towards Mother Brain. He was determined to free the SPs, any way he could. However, Mother Brain was hoping for this and made it easy for the Yoshi. She heard of his unique sword and how it could absorb any other weapon. She prepared to fire her Dark Cannon, until suddenly an electric shock came from behind her causing her to drop the cannon. Killer quickly allowed Ultima X to absorb the weapon and gain its power, and then he zapped Mother Brain with it, turning her into a trophy. Killer looked at the person behind Mother Brain. Whoever it was looked like a stick figure, with a top hat, monocle, red bow tie, and...


"Self-Defense CaneŽ!" The figure twirled his Self-Defense CaneŽ. "The Head SP invited me to his office, but someone came up, and he had to head off to the Palace of Power. He told me to stay put, so I figured something was up. So I followed, and..."

The figure pointed at Mother Brain with the bottom his cane.

"I've heard of you, Sir Killer. I am Professor Phillip Nathan Donald MacBlank. Uh, but you can call me Light Bear for short, if you wish. Let's go find the SPs."

Soon, Killer and Light Bear found the cage where the SPs' and N-Team's trophies were put... There were a few others in addition to Professor Hector, but neither recognized them.

"Maybe a second use will free them?" Light Bear said as Killer fired a beam from his sword similar to the Dark Cannon freeing Game Guru. Game Guru looked at Light Bear.

"Ahh, the New SP." GG said to Light Bear, and then turned to Killer. GG never really interacted with the Knights of Smashtopia too often.

"Killer... I'm glad you've come. Things have changed since you left. I am Head SP now."

Killer nodded and freed each of the SPs as well as the other captives. Two, by the name of Kumatora and Duster, talked about getting separated from a kid named Lucas. About a dozen or so were part of a group called the Greil Mercenaries, and they talked about being ambushed and getting separated from their leader, a man by the name of Ike. However, what really worried the SPs was the conversation between Professor Hector and Princess Lana.

"Tabuu is back," spoke Hector.

"No..." said Lana.

"Tabuu?" Digi asked.

"Do you know of the Great Crash?"

"The Great Crash!" responded GG in horror.

"Wait, you mean when nearly every American video game company went out of business in 1983?" asked Kevin Keene, a bit confused. Lana looked at him, shocked. The reality that Kevin Keene came from was only normally connected to Videoland via the video games in his dimension.

"Even your dimension had been affected by the Great Crash..." Lana whispered.

"Long ago, a being more powerful than any in Videoland caused the near complete collapse of Videoland," GG began. "He was so powerful that it took an army of the greatest heroes of the time to even seal him away from Videoland! But that was a myth, a legend!"

"I've met him," Hector said. "He took control of my creations."

"If he's gotten free--"

"Thankfully, he is still limited to his own dimension. He has to rely on armies to get any control of Videoland itself." Hector sighed. "Unfortunately, due to an accident of mine... He has an army now and plans to bring Videoland into his dimension. We may be on the verge of another Great Crash."


Inside the Halberd, Solid Snake was worried. His informant, Emperor Penguin, has failed to contact to Otacon. Hopefully, Team Starfox will get here soon... if they can. He put the thought in the back of his mind. He had been behind enemy lines. He knew how not to get caught. Even something as simple as a cardboard box or a barrel could fool most people. Of course, he wasn't up against people. Even Psycho Mantis, nut job that he is, was still a person. He saw two creatures headed past them. As usual, he decided to once more hide in the cardboard box.

Meta Knight flew past Solid Snake, not noticing him. However, Lucario stopped. Lucario felt a noble aura nearby. Another hardened warrior... human this time. This human knew martial arts. His aura felt off... like he was artificial somehow. Lucario saw right through his cardboard box and removed it.

"!" exclaimed Snake as he prepared to fight. Meta Knight turned around and also got into a battle stance.

"Meta Knight, human... Those are your enemies," said Lucario as he pointed to dozens of Primids, all with that evil aura he sensed.

Snake pulled out a hand grenade, pulled out the pin, and threw it into the middle of mass. It exploded, taking out a fourth of them. Lucario charged up his Aura Sphere to full and fired it into the group, taking out another fourth. Meta Knight ran in the middle of the group and spun in the Mach Tornado, taking out another fourth. Snake fought the rest of the Primids away using his Close Quarters Combat training.

"You fight well," said Meta Knight.

"Call me Solid Snake."

"Solid Snake, I am Meta Knight and this is Lucario. He can sense auras."

"Charmed," Solid Snake didn't like mystical mumbo-jumbo. Especially not after Psycho Mantis took control of... He ended this thought and followed Meta Knight and Lucario. Meta Knight was the true owner of this ship as he knew from Emperor Penguin, but that the ship had been seized by enemies. Lucario stopped in front of a door, and Snake stopped as well.

"Meta Knight." Meta Knight flew over to the group. Snake got out one of his hand grenades.

"Two noble auras... both weak." Lucario said as he opened the door and entered. Inside were two cages with two princesses... Peach and Zelda were being held here. However, as instantly as Meta Knight, Solid Snake, and Lucario took that in, Shadow Bugs descended from the ceiling, engulfing the prone forms of Peach and Zelda. Soon the Shadow Bugs formed its own False Peach and False Zelda. Lucario knew that a fight was on their hands.