Meta Knight and Lucario charged at the two False Princesses with Meta Knight taking on Peach and Lucario at Zelda. Snake however decided to sneak behind the False Princesses. He has always been best at stealth, rather than fighting head on, and hoped Lucario and Meta Knight kept them too busy to notice. Suddenly, Snake grabbed the False Zelda from behind and snapped her neck. He then did the same to the False Peach. Both dissolved into Shadow Bugs and faded away. Meta Knight and Lucario just looked at Snake, a bit freaked out.

"Just who did we recruit?" asked Lucario.

"What do you mean 'we'?" retorted Meta Knight.

Meta Knight cut the cages down while Lucario freed the real princesses from them. Both soon left leaving Solid Snake to rouse the two. He had to admit that both looked beautiful, even if the prettier one had pointed ears.

"Thank you, Mar--"

"He isn't Mario or Link."

"They call me Solid Snake," he turned to leave and then turned back. "Stay here."

Snake left the two princesses. Zelda had to admit that their rescuer was handsome looking, but definitely not her type. Perhaps Samus' type though. Zelda transformed into Sheik.

"I'm following him," Sheik ran off after Snake. Peach giggled and followed. Soon, Peach and Sheik reached the deck of the Halberd. Sheik was disappointed that she lost him. Fox was shooting the Halberd in an Arwing again, and noticed Peach too late. He just barely missed hitting her.

"The heck?! Peach and Sheik are on the deck, Falco!"

"Crap... We could kill them if we shoot the Halberd."

Sheik was angry and wondering what the heck Fox McCloud was thinking. They nearly hit Peach. She jumped up onto Fox's Arwing and smashes through the cockpit window with her fist. Sheik jumps back onto the Halberd and Fox ejects himself and lands also.

"That's the second Arwing destroyed today! You'll pay for that!"

"You nearly killed Peach!"

Fox and Sheik trade punches and kicks, but they are suddenly interrupted.

"STOP!" commanded Peach as she pulled out a teapot and teacups. Peach poured tea into each of the cups and smiled. "How about we tell each other what happened over tea?"

"Yes, tea is good," said Sheik, already drinking some tea from a teacup. Fox sighed.

"Ok, we'll have teatime." Fox reluctantly accept some tea from Peach. Falco nearly flew his Arwing out of control from his laughing.


Lucario, Snake, and Meta Knight found the bridge of the Halberd being piloted by a dozen or so False Mr. Game & Watches. The three reacted with surprise at the two-dimensional beings.

"Flat men... Flat men are moving," Snake looked a bit freaked out.

"Lucario, Snake... you two charge them. I'll take control of the Halberd."

"Right," Lucario nodded. He knew there was a noble aura in them, but extremely diluted.

"Roger," replied Snake, still feeling a bit sick from seeing flat men move.


"...and that's it," Fox said as he continued drinking the tea. He had to admit it was good tea.

"Bowser, Wario, Mother Brain, the Ancient Minister and an infinite army... Oh this isn't good. And with the SPs captured." Sheik sighed. "Ganondorf is most likely working with them also."

"Oh my, this is serious. They could take over Videoland easy."

"Which is why I need to seize the Halber--"

Suddenly the dozens of False Mr. Game & Watches fell in front of the them, reverted to Shadow Bugs, and formed the Subspace General Duon. In addition, Solid Snake and Lucario jumped in front of them. Snake spotted Peach and Sheik right away.

"I told you two to stay put," he said.

"Are you two up for fighting?" asked Lucario

"Well, we couldn-- Wait, how did you two recognize me?" Sheik asked.

"You have the same aura as the other girl," Lucario said. Sheik's aura and Zelda's aura would be the same.

"Your walk gave it away." Snake retorted. He could always recognize a woman even if dressed as a man.

"Wonderful," She snarked in Zelda's natural voice.

Falco ejected from his Arwing and landed beside Fox.

"How come your Arwings never get damaged?" asked Fox.

"Because I'm the better pilot," replied Falco boastfully.

"Fox?" Snake asked as he looked at the cup in Fox's hand. "Is that tea?"

Fox mumbles and tosses his teacup off the Halberd.

"Hey, that's expensive!" Peach said.

"Yo, can we concentrate on fightin' the bad guy over here?" Falco points his hand at Duon.

The heroes surrounded Duon, with Lucario, Sheik, and Peach fighting its pink side with the cannon using physical attacks, and Fox, Falco, and Snake fighting the blue side with the slicers using their weaponry. It was a short battle so Duon just couldn't handle both sized being attacked at once, so he soon dissolved leaving behind the unconscious Mr. Game & Watch. Snake pointed his Nikita at the flat man, but Peach walked over to him, rousing him awake.

"Don't worry, Snake. He's a friend of ours," said Sheik.

Mr. Game & Watch beeped a few times and bowed to Peach in gratitude.

"We all need to talk," said Lucario.


Snake, Lucario, Fox, Falco, Peach, Sheik, and Mr. Game & Watch were on the bridge of the Halberd. Meta Knight was happily piloting it. Lucario was happily munching on a chocolate bar. Snake was standing in a corner away from the rest.

"So I was right, Ganondorf is involved," said Sheik. "And Mother Brain is Samus' nemesis."

"And this Porky Minch sounds like Ness' nemesis," replied Peach.

"So what now?" asked Snake.

"We gather anyone able to fight and try to stop them," Falco said.

"I am already heading back to the comrades I had left," Meta Knight replied. "I fear I may have left them in a bad position."

"Since the Great Fox is too damaged, the Halberd will have to serve as our base of operations," Fox said. "With permission from its owner, of course."

Meta Knight nodded as he flew the Halberd to gather other heroes.


Samus and Pikachu looked around. Hundreds and hundreds of Subspace Bombs surrounded them and the R.O.B. and right in front, their leader, the Ancient Minister. Both prepared themselves for a fight.

The Ancient Minister was deep in thought. If he didn't turn himself over, these so-called 'heroes' would likely try something rash. The Ancient Minister sighed.

"Destroy me if you must, but leave my people be."

He knew these heroes would destroy his people if he didn't offer himself. Samus and Pikachu looked at each other. The R.O.B. Squads murmured.

"We don't kill needlessly. Your... people will be left alone, as long as you come with us." spoke Samus. She knew that the Ancient Minister would have a high bounty on his head soon enough, and taking a bounty in alive paid more.

"But I am the Ancient Minister... The Subspace Emissary..."

"Doesn't matter. Tell us everything."

Suddenly Donkey Kong broke through the wall and he, Diddy Kong, Captain Falcon, and Captain Olimar joined them.

"T-T-The Ancient Minister?" said Olimar in surprise.

"How did you get free?" said the Ancient Minister to Donkey Kong. He knew no way of reversing the effects of the Dark Cannon save another use of it.

"We will be taking him into custody. I'm sure we can split the bounty on him six ways," Samus glared at Captain Falcon. "And deactivate all these bombs."

"I can't let you do that, Samus Aran!"

"GANONDORF!" yelled the Ancient Minister as he turned to see a giant red holographic projection of the King of Evil and he was holding the control mechanism for the R.O.B. Squads. Only that blue being used either. Ganondorf must be in Subspace.

"The Subspace Gunship is ready for launch and Master Hand has decided that your island and people are... expendable." He smirked and pressed the button causing the R.O.B. Squads to obey his commands. "Activate every Subspace Bomb. We have no need for them with the infinite rending that the Subspace Gunship provides. May you all have a nice, painful death."

"No... NO NO NO NO NO!!!" The Ancient Minister got in front of the R.O.B. Squads. "I am the Ancient Minister! The Subspace Emissary! You obey me!"

"Not anymore." Ganondorf pressed the button again, causing the R.O.B. Squads to fire on their own Ancient Minister, and causing his cloak to catch fire. The King of Evil then cut off communications and summoned Auroroses, bird-like enemies in the Subspace Army. While Samus, Pikachu, DK, Diddy, Captain Falcon, and Captain Olimar made a valiant effort to stop the R.O.B. Squads, they sadly failed... All the Subspace Bombs were activated and the Ancient Minister knew what that meant.

"Complete Spacial Collapse..."

"WHAT?!" yelled the others as they turned to the Ancient Minister.

"This many Subspace Bombs activated in a single place... It will not send us or the island to Subspace... it will completely destroy it... and us." The Ancient Minister knew it was hopeless. The being had won. The Ancient Minister may be fated to die with his people and these heroes, but he will die fighting. The Ancient Minister tore off his cloak and blasted the Auroroses with a beam from his eyes... His Robo Beam.

"Of course, that's why he's the Ancient Minister..." said Samus knowingly. "He is the Leader of the R.O.B. Squads."

Before the heroes stood another more advanced Robotic Operating Buddy... the Master R.O.B... The Prototype R.O.B. He was the Ancient Minister... The Subspace Emissary... and he will not give up without a fight. He yelled out but one word before he charged headlong into the Subspace Army.