Silence. That was all he could hear. All anyone could hear at the speed he was going. To many, silence would be a sign of peace, but not for him. To him, pure silence meant something has gone wrong. That there was a danger that would require him go as fast as he possibly could in the hope to stop it in time. He was always worried that he'd run into something like this. Not for his own sake, but for the sake of whatever he might destroy due to it. He was faster than any other living creature. He was even faster than sound itself. He glanced to see a blue glowy mess. It looked like it was about to attack though. There was no time to stop so he went through it, shattering its wing. He tilted himself and flew through its other wing and jumped on top of a pillar.

"Who dares to attack the mighty Tabuu?" Tabuu yelled enraged.

He smirked and pointed his finger. "I'm Sonic! Sonic The Hedgehog!"

Tabuu regained his composure. "Ah, yes. The hero of Mobius. You and your allies are no match for my Off Waves!"

He spread his broken wings and fired off his Off Waves, and Sonic expertly dodged them. Oddly enough, they didn't affect any of the other fighters.

"Your Red Rings of Death are no match for my speed!" Sonic taunted. Tabuu yelled in rage.

Snake look at Sonic, standing there all cocky and confident about a being who just wiped most of them all out some time back.

"I don't like him," said Snake.

"Like him or not, this hedgehog may've just saved the multiverse," King Dedede said.

"His Off Waves have been weakened," R.O.B. stated matter-of-factly.

"Besides, Sonic may-a be a bit-a cocky, but he's got a good-a heart. He's a hero through and through," said Mario. "Like-a you, Solid-a Snake."

"I'm no hero," Snake mused.

Tabuu changed into a shark-shaped blade but Sonic was able to dodge it effortlessly. Tabuu smirked and grabbed Sonic's leg with his Chain of Light, then slamming him into the ground in front of the fighters.

"Ugh..." said Sonic as he rubbed his head.

"If I can't turn you into statues, I'll just have to kill you all at once!" Tabuu manifested a cannon shaped similarly to the Dark Cannon.

"Uh-oh!" said Olimar.

"We need to defeat Tabuu NOW!" Meta Knight yelled.

"Actually, I believe I can be of assistance," mused Ganondorf, smirking.

"Great, Ganondork has a plan," snarked Bowser.

Ganondorf pulled out a Dark Cannon.

"Why'd you keep that?!" yelled Bowser.

"No... This'll work," King Dedede grabbed the Dark Cannon and fired at Tabuu.

The dark beam of the Dark Cannon and the light beam of Tabuu's collided and struggled against the other. King Dedede began to be pushed back by Tabuu's beam.

"We must help him!" First, Sonic grabbed the dark cannon with King Dedede... Then soon every single fighter joined in in helping King Dedede hold his place. The fighters began walking forward pushing the dark beam of the Dark Cannon more and more towards Tabuu, engulfing the light beam of Tabuu's. Tabuu screamed as he began to turn into a trophy himself.

"We'll play with you some other time!" taunted Sonic as Tabuu, now a trophy fell into the abyss. The Dark Cannon was powered off.

The Great Maze rumbled and separated... In fact, all of Subspace was rumbling.

"We got to leave before we are stuck here for good!" ordered Samus.

"On it!" Sonic said as he ran helping the others to their ships. However, Kirby dropped his Timed Badge, but they were able to escape from Subspace.

All pieces torn from the planet returned to their proper places... save one. The Isle of the Ancients was well and truely no more, as the heroes saw from a peak. R.O.B. sighed.

Diddy said to R.O.B. "It'll be ok."

Fox said, "We got to go back to the Palace of Power. The SPs are in trouble."

Snake replied, "No... Something's still not right."

Fox: What are you talking about, Snake?

Snake: Ahh, there we go.


(Back at the Palace of Power, the ships landed near its enterance and opened with the fighters leaving them)

Kevin: Pit, good to see you.

Pit: Hello, Captain N. Is Mega Man here?

Mega Man: Yep, we had some help from Crazy Hand to get Master Hand out of there. Master Hand is resting.

Lana: Were you able to defeat Tabuu?

Sonic: That blue glowy guy? No problem for Sonic the Hedgehog. (looks around) So this is the Palace of Power? I like this place!

Snake: (grumbles) I still don't like him...

Simon Belmont: Solid Snake?

Snake: Simon, so you really are part of the N-Team.

Simon: Would I lie?

Snake: Well...

Simon: Don't answer that.


Lucas: (looks dejected) They aren't here...

Ness: Don't worry, we'll find--

Kumatora: Lucas?

Duster: There you are!

Boney: Bark!

Lucas: (smiling) Kumatora! Duster! Boney!

Ness: Heh...

Lucas: Oh, this is--

Kumatora: Ness?!

Lucas: Uh, yeah.

Jeff: Hey, Ness.

Paula: Who are they?

Poo: (meditating) They are from our world...


(Ike meets up with the rest of the Greil Mercenaries)

Ike: I see that my companions survived.

Soren: All present and accounted for, Ike.

Ike: Thank you, Soren.

Roy: Who are you?

Ike: Name's Ike.

Roy: I am Roy.

Marth: Inde--

Jagen: Prince Marth, your army has come to help as soon as we could.

Marth: Jagen, my loyal advisor.

Marcus: So have our army, Prince Roy. Lyn had informed us.

Roy: (nods) Marcus.

Marcus: Sir Jagen?! I've heard of your heroics! I've tried to model my fighting style after yours.

Jagen: Lovely...


Toon Link: Guess I'll never see Tetra again...

Sheik: Don't worry. You will find Tetra some--

Tetra: So there you are Link... and Link?!

Link: Hi. Are you Tetra?

Tetra: Yep! Pirate Extraordinare!

Toon Link: Tetra! This is my counterpart and-- who are you again?

Sheik: Sheik.

Tetra: Nice to meet you, Sheik.

Sheik: Same to you, Tetra.

Link: (holding in a chuckle)


Pikachu: Pika?

Red: Hang on... (pulls out some blue goggles and gives them to Pikachu) Here you go.

Pikachu: Pika! ^^

Digi: Did you steal those from Tai?!

Red: Who?

Digi: Never mind.


GG: Attention everyone! Thanks to the bravery of these newcomers and the fighters of the Stadium, we have saved the Super Smash Stadium and all of Videoland. Lucas, Ike, Red, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Olimar., Diddy Kong, Lucario, Solid Snake, R.O.B., Wolf, and Toon Link. You are all invited to become fighters at the Super Smash Stadium. I guess Wario, Bowser and Ganondorf can join back also.

Diddy: Cool!

Meta Knight: I humbly accept, Game Guru.

King Dedede: (pushes Meta Knight aside) This'll be fun!

Ike: I shall.

Lucas: Why not?

Lucario: I do want a chance to fight Mewtwo.

Red: Of course!

Tetra: Link, do it! We'll get money for it!

Toon Link: Ok.

Wolf: Hey, pup. I'll get to fight you.

Falco: (sarcastically) Oh great...

Snake: Hmm... I'd have to leave DMTV.

Simon: Oh, Mujoe's replaced you with Sam! (shows Snake a picture of a Splinter Cell Rabbid)

Snake: ... That's a rabbit...

Simon: No, it's Sam!

Snake: (sighs) I'll join SSS.

Olimar.: Money? Oh dear, the President of Hocotate Freight will fire me if I don't accept.

R.O.B.: (looks depressed) I have no one left... I cannot accept.

Prof. Hector: R.O.B., My boy!

R.O.B.: Professor Hector?!

(Prof. Hector and R.O.B. hug)

Prof. Hector: How's the island?

R.O.B.: Gone, with my people.

Prof. Hector: Oh, well. We will just have to start anew... But I'll need funding. (winks at GG)

R.O.B.: ... Ok, I accept.

GG: Well then that is settl--

(Ridley busts out from the building carrying the trophy that was Mother Brain. Porky Minch, Rayquasa, and Petey Pirahna join him)

Ridley: This isn't the last of the Fearsome Four!

(The Fearsome Four head off)

Meta Knight: How dare he steal my group name!

Light Bear: GG, where did Killer go?

GG: He left to seek the Sword of Tomintul...

Light Bear: Oh, okay...hey, we need to do the questions!

GG: Oh, yeah.

1: Did you like the prose format?
2: Should we do more adaptations like this?
3: Should we have more Arcs like this?
4: Where's Jigglypuff?

Jigglypuff: Jiggly! (begins singing)

(Everyone else falls asleep from the singing)

Jigglypuff: (angry) JIGGLY! (inflates herself and pulls out magic marker)