Match #150

The Question: Can Wolf earn a place at SSS against two bounty hunters?

The Fighters: Wolf vs. Capt. Falcon vs. Samus
The Arena: Lylat cruise
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: 3

(In the SSS Cafeteria, various beings were eating.)

King Dedede: Admit it.

Meta Knight: What is there to admit?

Dedede: That I was right about the glowy butterfly man!

Meta Knight: If you didn't cost me my ship in the first place, none of this would of happened!

Dedede: Come on. They had BOWSER! They could've used a Doom Ship just as effectively, right Bowser?

Bowser: Bah, I'm going to find where Mewtwo was sit--

Mewtwo: (floats over and sits next to Meta Knight) So, how have you been, Meta Knight?

Meta Knight: Ok... still waiting for my Halbard to be repaired, though.

Bowser: Hmmph! (sits down with Mewtwo, Dedede, and Meta Knight)

Dedede: ... How do you two know each other?

Meta Knight: We did a real number on Kirby and Jigglypuff one time.

Wolf: (sits down with them) You've seen Samus or Captain Falcon anywhere?

Mewtwo: No, why?

Wolf: I don't like bounty hunters. You wouldn't either if you had a bounty on your head.

Ganondorf: (sits down) Bowser, Mewtwo.

Bowser: Find another table, Ganondork.

Ganondorf: (rolls eyes and glances at Wolf, Dedede, and Meta Knight) I merely want to talk, Bowser. You too, Mewtwo.

(Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo go away from the table)

Mewtwo: What is it?

Ganondorf: I've been thinking. If there is a Toon Link, then there's got to a Toon Ganondorf also. Perhaps if we were to find our dimensional counterparts, we can work together and conquer with our combined powers.

Bowser: I'm not in the mood to conquer, especially not with you, Ganondork! You turned me into a statue!

Mewtwo: I don't care to conquer.

(Bowser and Mewtwo sit at the table, and Ganondorf soon follows angry)

Ganondorf: Sigh, it's starting to get crowed here.

(Dr. Wright comes to the table)

Dr. Wright: Wolf, the head SP wants to see you.

Wolf: (sighs) My public awaits... (leaves)

???: King Dad! King Dad!

Bowser: Junior? Isn't Kamek supposed to be watching you?

Bowser Jr: I ditched him! I came up with a clever trap for that Mario. (hands Bowser a drawing in crayon) See, we make a pit long enough so that Mario has to do a running jump, but we put an invisible block at the height of his jump so he hits the block and falls into the pit!

Bowser: I've tried that before... It didn't work.


(In GG's Office, GG is at his desk.)

Wolf: WHAT?!?!

GG: Lylat wants you brought in. I've discussed it with General Pepper and well, I was able to convince him that if you could beat the Stadium's two bounty hunters, you'd be allowed to work here without interference.

(Capt. Falcon charges in, breaking the door in the process)

GG: ... D-did you just break my door, Capt. Falcon?

Capt. Falcon: Ye-US!

GG: ... (facepalms)

(Samus walks in)

Samus: ... Who broke the door? (spots Capt. Falcon) Oh.

GG: Ahh, Samus, perfect. I've told Wolf already, but you, Capt. Falcon, and Wolf will be in a match. If you or Captain Falcon wins, you get the bounty off Wolf and return him to Lylat. If Wolf wins, he can stay here as a fighter. I've talked to General Pepper about this.

Samus: I see. I agree to the terms.

GG: And you, Capt. Falcon?

Capt. Falcon: Ye-US! (thumbs up)


GG: Hello, and welcome to Super Smash Stadium! There has been discussion, and the SPs have decided to move the King of the Stadium match to the end... This would not only give us more matches but also allow our newest combatants to be a part of it.

Boshi: (in audience) Wait, why wasn't it scheduled for the end of the season in the first place? What was going to happen in the other half?

GG: Do you actually watch this program? We always have a good streak of matches, but someone always ruins things right when it's getting good! We thought we'd be safe by putting King of the Stadium II mid-season, but Butterfly Freak decided that that wasn't cool! My fellow commentators will be--

Bowser: (kicks down the door)

GG: Bowser?!

Bowser: Could you keep an eye on Junior for a while? Kamek's got some explaining to do. BWAHAHA! (leaves Bowser Jr with GG)

Bowser Jr: (jumps in a chair and spins it around) Yay, I get to commentate like my brother Lemmy!

(Bowser leaves Bowser Jr with GG)

GG: Sure... Bowser Jr, everyone.

Bowser Jr: Prince Bowser Koopa, Jr.

GG: Today's fight will be Wolf vs. Captain Falcon vs. Samus--

Boshi: Woohoo, take it-- (hit painfully with a Charge Shot)

GG: As I was saying, it will be three lives with all our items on the new Lylat Cruise Stage. So enjoy Wolf vs. Capt. Falcon vs. Samus and feel happy you even have an SSS to GO TO! Start the Match!

Bowser Jr: Samus begins by charging up another Charge Shot!

GG: Capt. Falcon attacks up close and personal with Wolf!

Bowser Jr: Samus fires a missile into Wolf's face!

GG: Now Samus is attacking Capt. Falcon. Guess she wants the cash from bounty all for herself.

Bowser Jr: I want cash!

GG: Wolf is slammed into the grou--

Bowser Jr: I WANT CASH!

GG: (hands Bowser Jr a few gold coins) There!

Bowser Jr: YAY!

GG: Samus fires her charged up Charge Shot...

Bowser Jr: But she missed!

GG: Ooh! Wolf takes a Falcon Punch to the face!

Bowser Jr: Wolf made it back!

GG: Capt. Falcon and Samus are fighting each other again.

Bowser Jr: Wolf keeps using that Shield of his...

GG: That's his Reflector.

Bowser Jr: Samus grabs a Star Rod.

GG: Samus keeps trying to hit Wolf with the stars that come out.

Bowser Jr: Wolf keeps dodging them!

GG: But not Captain Falcon, as he just got KOed!

"Hug me, Squeeze me Take me home" - Kirby
Capt. Falcon
Lives: 3
Lives: 2
Lives: 3

Bowser Jr: Wolf kicks Samus away.

GG: Ooo! A piece of the Dragoon has appeared on the field.

Bowser Jr: Dragoon?

GG: Collect all three pieces and you can aim one attack at people for pretty much an instant KO. It also means we won't be seeing the Smash Ball until all three pieces are collected and used.


Bowser Jr: Capt. Falcon got that piece!

GG: Wolf has the Star Rod now.

Bowser Jr: He's taking a beating from Capt. Falcon though.

GG: Samus fired a Super Missile, but she missed!

Boshi: (from the stands) I wanna see Zero Suit Samus!

Bowser Jr: Now she's charging up a Charge Shot!

Boshi: AHHHHHHH!!! (ducks and hides)

GG: Samus got the second piece of the Dragoon.

Bowser Jr: wolf knocked it out of Samus' hand!

GG: Wolf tosses the Star Rod up in the air!

Bowser Jr: And it hits Capt. Falcon!

GG: No KO though.

Bowser Jr: Wolf has the second piece of the Dragoon now!

GG: Capt. Falcon has got the last piece... he now has two pieces of the Dragoon!

Bowser Jr: Wolf is really laying his claws on the two bounty hunters.

GG: Ooo! Wolf got hit by a Super Missile from Samus!

Bowser Jr: And just barely dodged the Charge Shot!

GG: Wolf has grabbed a Super Mushroom!

Bowser Jr: Now he's Super Wolf.

GG: And Wolf sends Samus flying into the Strata!

"Don't eat the Stadium Hotdogs. They aren't real"- Food Critic
Capt. Falcon
Lives: 3
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Bowser Jr: The Super Mushroom wore off.

GG: Wolf blocks a Falcon Kick.

Bowser Jr: Samus smashed Wolf upwards!

GG: And Capt. Falcon KOs Wolf with the Falcon Dive. Wolf: 0% Lives: 2 Capt. Falcon: 98% Lives: 2 Samus: 0% Lives: 2

Bowser Jr: Wolf drops his Dragoon piece!

GG: And Capt. Falcon dives for it...

Bowser Jr: Capt. Falcon assembles the Dragoon!

GG: Wolf is wisely staying on the recovery platform, so as to retain his invincibility.

Bowser Jr: Betcha Samus wished she was on that platform, because she got KOed!

"Can You Dig It!"- Goshi
Capt. Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 2
Lives: 1

GG: Looks like both Wolf and Samus are out for Capt. Falcon!

Bowser Jr: It looks like they've joined forces to try to KO him!

GG: Capt. Falcon threw a Pitfall at Samus, keeping her stuck in the ground.

Bowser Jr: Capt Falcon tries to jump kick Samus.

GG: And almost falls off the edge.

Bowser Jr: (throws a Bob-omb onto the field) Let's see what happens!

GG: Bowser Jr!

Bowser Jr: The three are attacking each other.

GG: The Bob-omb begins walking towards them!

Bowser Jr: And BOOM goes the Wolf! BWAHAHA!

GG: No KO though.

Bowser Jr: (grumbles)

GG: They continue fighting on the edge, as a Green Shell appears.

Bowser Jr: Capt. Falcon hits the Green Shell

GG: And the Green Shell is hitting back!

Bowser Jr: And Capt. Falcon got KOed!

Wanted: Good financial adviser. -Runaway Five
Capt. Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Bowser Jr: Wolf seems to be winning this.

GG: Oh but there's the Smash Ball, so this is anyone's game.

Boshi: (from the stands) Smash Ball! Get it, Samus!

GG: (sighs) Do we really have to put up with Boshi again?

Bowser Jr: Everyone's trying to get it!

GG: But Wolf has the Smash Ball!

Wolf: (smirks) I'm gonna win with this thing!

Bowser Jr: Wolf has summoned a tank!

GG: The Landmaster Sends Samus flying into the strata!

Bowser Jr: The Landmaster shoots Capt. Falcon out of the arena!

Mini Mario Toys will make you go bananas!
Capt. Falcon
Lives: 2
Lives: OUT
Lives: OUT


Boshi: (from the stands) No Zero Suit Samus... T-T

GG: Wolf fires a victory volley as he waits for the Smash Ball to wear off.

(Boshi notices everyone in the stands is moving away from him)

Boshi: Wha?

(Boshi notices the Landmaster Shot is about to hit him)

Boshi: WHAT THE FU--


Wolf: (laughs evilly as he hops off of his Landmaster)

Bowser Jr: That... had to hurt.

GG: Let's go to Navi with the fighters, Navi?

Navi: Capt. Falcon, Samus.

Capt. Falcon: Cheap! That was cheap!

Samus: You knew the items coming into this thing. You even used the Dragoon.

Capt. Falcon: No, I mean him staying on the recovery platform when I had the Dragoon.

Samus: That was actually very clever, taking advantage of the platform to remain invincible.

Capt. Falcon: But I wanted the bounty.

Navi: And what about you, Wolf? You are now in the running for King of the Stadium, alongside Sonic, Link, DK, and the Mario Bros.

Wolf: Is that right? Well, I have one thing to say... Pup, you're next!

Navi: Well, back to you GG!

GG: Well, then quest--

(King Dedede busts down the door)

King Dedede: Hey, mister, I want my royalties!

GG: What for?

Dedede: For using "Butterfly Freak"!

GG: But you said "Glowy Butterfly Man"...
Editor's Note: "Glowy Butterfly Man" copyright 2009 King Dedede

GG: Huh?

Dedede: There you go! Pay me 50 coins for using my phrase!

GG: Oh, great. Not this again. Why should I? I'm a Superpower!

Dedede: But I'm a king!

GG: (pays the royalties and mumbling to himself) He's just as bad as Bowser...