Match 156

The Question: Will Fox and Wolf finally settle their rivalry?

The Fighters: Fox vs. Wolf
The Arena: Yoshi's Island DX
Item Ratio: Medium
Lives: Three

Game Guru: Hello and welcome to another exciting match at the Super Smash Stadium. Today, Fox and Wolf are settling their rivaly on Yoshi's Island. We even have a video.

(The tape begins playing... In the SSS Cafeteria, Fox is about to sit down to eat lunch with Falco)

Wolf: I can't let you do that, Star Fox!

Fox: Star Wolf!

Wolf: We'll settle this right now. You and me. One on one at Lylat Cruise.

Falco: General Pepper is renovating Lylat Cruise, right now.

Wolf: ... You and me. One on one on Great Fox.

Falco: Slippy is fixing the Great Fox up, right now.

Wolf: Okay, parrot! Which arena is available?

Falco: What did you just say?!

Fox: Yoshi's Island DX is available.

Wolf: You and me. One on one on Yoshi's Island. Be there!

(Wolf leaves and the tape ends)

GG: In order to celebrate the month of October, we've got one of the best monster hunters in the business here in the commentator's box today. He's also one of the members of the N-Team. Ladies and gentlemen, Simon Belmont.

Simon: Thank you! Thank you! You're too kind! I'm glad to be here!

GG: So, Simon, any tips for would-be monster hunters?

Simon: Yes, don't confuse goths with vampires. I learned that the hard way and ended up in traction for a week.

GG: This match will have three lives and all items, so now that the fighters are ready... 3... 2... 1... GO!

Don't graze me, cows! - The field on the farm.
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

GG: Fox and Wolf begin by firing their blasters at each other.

Simon: Fox charges at Wolf to try to kick him!

GG: However, Wolf jumps into the air to dodge Fox's attack.

Simon: Wolf slams Fox into the ground!

GG: Fox retaliates with his Reflector!

Simon: I must say that the technology of their Blasters and Reflectors intrigues me.

GG: Well, you can ask one of them later about it.

Simon: Wolf tries to blast Fox!

GG: But Fox kicks him away!

Simon: A Bumper has appeared on the field.

GG: Fox grabs it and sets it right down where Wolf was standing!

Simon: Wolf has been sent flying!

GG: He's been KOed!

Missing a magic sock. - Prince Fluff
Lives: 3
Lives: 2

GG: Wolf returns to the field, and Fox jumps into the air.

Simon: A Bunny Hood has appeared on the field.

GG: Wolf drill kicks Fox!

Simon: He then jumps over the Bumper!

GG: Ouch! Fox slammed right into the Bumper!

Simon: Wolf has the Bunny Hood!

GG: Wolf is definitely using the Bunny Hood to his advantage to evade Fox!

Simon: Fox nearly falls down the middle pit.

GG: However a timely Fire Fox save him in the nick of time!

Simon: Wolf slams Fox away!

GG: Wolf still has the Bunny Hood.

Simon: Ouch! Wolf slammed Fox right off the stage!

Get to Mars! Start the reactor!
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

Simon: Wolf takes this opportunity to taunt.

GG: Fox returns to the field.

Simon: Also on the field is a hamburger.

GG: Man, I wouldn't eat a hamburger that's been sitting on the grass...

Simon: I would.

GG: You're the guy who eats Pot Roast broken out of walls. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't accept cuisine advice from you.

Simon: Hey, that wall meat is tasty.

GG: Well, Fox is just as picky as you as he just ate that hamburger.

Simon: Wolf slam kicks Fox down.

GG: Both nearly fall into the middle pit, but both recover.

Simon: Both attempt a flurry of kicks on each other.

GG: There is a Pokeball on the field now!

Simon: Wolf grabs it!

GG: And he threw it off the arena. Good work, Wolf.

Simon: I guess he wants a fair fight.

GG: They try blasting each other again.

Simon: They go into a flurry of kicks.

GG: Ooh, a Smart Bomb is on the field!

Simon: Fox grabs the Smart Bomb!

GG: Wolf kicks him over to the pipe!

Simon: Fox uses the Smart Bomb!

GG: Ouch, both Fox and Wolf will be feeling that one!

Simon: Fox got KOed!

Invest in the new Dr. Eggman amusement park today!
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

GG: This looks like Wolf's game to win!

Simon: Indeed.

GG: Wolf is getting slammed by the returned Fox though!

Simon: Wolf is on the defensive!

GG: Fox grabs a capsule and throws it up into the air!

Simon: Wolf nearly falls down the middle pit again!

GG: The capsule released a Fan.

Simon: Fox and Wolf go into a flurry of punches!

GG: Wolf is still on the defensive.

Simon: He has suffered heavy damage.

GG: Wolf throws the Fan at Fox!

Simon: A Beam Sword is on the field.

GG: Wolf grabs it!

Simon: Now Fox is evading!

GG: Fox kicks Wolf to the pipe!

Simon: He's trying to send Wolf flying.

GG: They are fighting for the edge!

Simon: And it's lights out for Wolf!

Get down with your bad self!
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

GG: A Smash Ball has appeared!

Simon: Fox is fighting Wolf for it!

GG: But Wolf breaks the Smash Ball!

Simon: This could be over for Fox!

Wolf: I'm gonna have fun with this thing!

GG: Wolf summons the Landmaster!

Simon: And he just fell through the middle pit!

Are you people honestly still reading these things?
Lives: 1
Lives: 0


GG: This is a surprise victory for Fox. Let's go to Navi with the fighters!

(cut to Navi in the hallway with Fox)

Navi: Fox, you won by a stunning fluke. How do you feel?

Fox: Well--

(Wolf cuts in)

Wolf: That was a cheap victory! I demand a rematch!

(Wolf leaves angry)

Fox: As I was about to say, the victory was a bit cheap, so hopefully, we can have a rematch in the future.

Navi: Back to you, GG.

(cut to GG and Simon back in the commentator's box)

GG: Simon, would you like to do the questions?

Simon: Certainly...

  • 1: Was the ending a bit cheap?
  • 2: Will Wolf ever take Fox down?
  • 3: Would you like to see a rematch?
  • 4: What is a man?

    (Simon glares at GG)

    GG: Goodnight, everybody!