Match 158

The Question: Mewtwo and Roy want to prove to Lucario and Ike that the old guard is better! Will they succeed?

The Fighters: Mewtwo & Roy vs. Lucario & Ike
The Arena: Pokemon Stadium 2
Item Ratio:
Lives: 3

(Roy is practicing in one of the workout rooms when Ike walks in)

Roy: Ah, konnichiwa, Ike-san.

Ike: Hello, Roy. Trying to stay in shape?

Roy: Yeah. A good swordsman always needs good hands, you know. How's the Stadium life so far, rookie? Feeling good after that last match?

Ike: Rookie? I carry years of battlefield experience, and fought alongside Meta Knight and Link during the Subspace crisis! Are you using that title to haze me or something?

Roy (turning to face Ike): Listen, I think I've learned plenty about your fighting after we teamed up. Would me coming up and challenging you to a match be called hazing?

Ike: Whether it is or not, I will gladly accept. According to what Marth told me, someone who got crushed in the first King of the Stadium match shouldn't be too hard to beat.

Roy: I was ganged up three-on-one. Besides, I'll certainly make up for that this time. (smirk) And good luck...

(Later that day, Red and Mewtwo are chatting in the Pokemon locker room)

Mewtwo: I watched your fight against King Dedede and Olimar. You are certainly very skilled and confident for a young trainer. The Pokemon influence here has been very big. Hopefully you can keep it up.

Red: Wow, thanks Mewtwo! I'm sure my Pokemon will be happy to hear someone like you complimenting me like that. Too bad I never had a chance to catch that Lucario...

Mewtwo: What?

Red: Lucario, the blue guy, you must have noticed him while we were trying to beat Tabuu, right?

Mewtwo: (chuckling) Ah yes, the Pokemon who thinks he is more powerful than me. Yeah, that may be true, but only when he gets that so-called Aura burning in him. By then, I'll already be bringing him to his knees. I was created to be strong at every moment!

(Lucario bursts in)

Lucario: Hey, it might take me a bit of punishment to get going, but when I do, you'll regret it, kitty!

Mewtwo: Ah, "kitty". What an overused slang term you're calling me. If you really think that little personal enhancement is good enough to take me on, go ahead.

Lucario: In fact, I think it is! If you want to fight me, it's all yours.

Red (thinking): I get to listen to two Pokemon arguing, and I can understand every word they say. This is awesome...

Mewtwo: I can agree to that. (to Red) Listen, I'm going to need to settle this score with Lucario. Take care, kid. (floats out)

Lucario: Better be a fair match, Mewt. None of your little mind tricks, right?

Mewtwo: (as he floats out) Oh, we'll see. (Then, he bumps into Roy in the hallway) Ah, just who I was looking for.

Roy: What's going on?

Mewtwo: I sensed your little conflict with Ike earlier today. Don't worry, I've got your back. That new guy, Lucario? He thinks he all that and I want to remind him just how powerful I am.

Roy: Oh, so we both have the same problem.

Mewtwo: I don't think the Superpowers would have a problem if we make it two-on-two.

Roy: I was hoping to fight Ike alone. He needs a one-on-one.

Mewtwo: If nothing else, Lucario would be a completely foreign partner to him. At least we know each other pretty well.

Roy: You've got a point. Besides, you need that King of the Stadium berth, don't you?

Mewtwo: You're right. This should work out, then. Gives me a chance to get used to fighting some of the newcomers while we take care of our own problems.

Roy: Sounds good. Let's book this. (makes a few slashes at thin air as the two walk up to the SPs' offices)

(To the booth...)

Digi: Hello, Stadium, this is Ian "Digifanatic" Hoffman, and once again, I get to call a match with Pokemon in it! ...Not that I'm complaining, of course. That's just my luck of the draw. That, and the Digital World never got Subspace Bombed!

SIMBER: Wait, you're not Metal Man?

Digi: No, I'm not.

SIMBER: There is no way this commentary is going to end well.

Digi: You can deal with me for one match. Now, if you wish, may I please announce the rules of this fight?

SIMBER: Why should you? It's a three life stock fight on Pokemon Stadium 2. See, Digi? That was easy.

Digi: You forgot the "no items" part.

SIMBER: You mean to tell me there aren't going to be any Smash Balls in this fight?

Digi: Mewtwo and Roy told me that if Lucario and Ike are going to beat them, they're going to have to do it on raw talent alone, and nothing like a fluke Bob-Omb or Final Smash.

SIMBER: Well, I suppose that's okay.

Digi: Hey, SIMBER. Fighters are entering!

SIMBER: I see that. Ike just warps out of a runic portal, and Roy's is kinda the same, but the warping energy is red...Lucario is just descending down into the stage? Those are a bit lame.

Digi: Well, they're still a bit flashy bu--

(A stasis tube appears on one of the platforms. Mewtwo shatters the glass from inside of it, stepping out and telepathically sweeping the remnants off the arena.)

Digi: Okay, that entrance is awesome! Everyone's set to go, the veterans stage right, the rookies stage left. They're given the command and we're off! Ike runs in to get a few quick stabs on Roy but Mewtwo pushes him aside with a small Shadow Ball.

SIMBER: Ike counters on Mewtwo's hit with a smash. The swordsmen aren't using their special moves yet, what gives?

Digi: Relax, give it time. See, right there, Roy hit Lucario with a Shield Breaker, and now he's juggling him around a bit.

SIMBER: He shouldn't be doing that, right?

Digi: Uh, that's his job, to knock out Lucario.

SIMBER: But Lucario's Aura--

Digi: Relax, Lucario hasn't taken that much damage yet...although he does give Mewtwo and Ike a pair of shots of Force Palm. Also, Ike got hit by a punch from Mewtwo prior to that...

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Red Team
Red Team
Blue Team
Blue Team
Lives: 3
Lives: 3
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

SIMBER: Aww, Ike and Lucario's colors are identical on the scoreboard. Isn't that a precious moment?

Digi: Whatever. Lucario hits Roy with an Aura Sphere, which ticks off Mewtwo...charging a Shadow Ball which actually hits Ike, who was coming in to go for Roy! Tough break for the swordsman.

SIMBER: Ike flips up with an Aether, which he uses to hit Mewtwo several times. But that just sets Mewtwo up with an air smash, sending Ike straight into the ground.

Digi: Roy's in good shape right now, and I think Lucario sees that as he kicks him around. Meanwhile, the arena's about to transform to...Electric mode. Roy gets in a hit before the belts pop up.

SIMBER: Lucario's stuck towards the side, which puts him at a disadvantage with those conveyor belts. So he uses Extremespeed to counter that. Now, he tosses Mewtwo up a few feet.

Digi: Roy comes right back at Lucario with a low stab. Going for another blow, but Lucario counters with Double Team!

SIMBER: Nobody has a commanding lead yet. Superpower, I am disappoint.

Digi: That makes the match more interesting.. Roy just charged a Flare Blade and let it go on Lucario. Looks like he's taking his teammate's advice by going for Lucario quickly.

SIMBER: But Ike comes right back with a Quick Draw to Roy, who had no time dodging while while he pushed Lucario around.

Digi: Mewtwo takes the time for a breather before Teleporting over to help Roy. He tosses Ike right into Roy, who also grabs him, sending him up into the air. Lucario charges an Aura smash and nails Roy with it right after the hot potato ends.

SIMBER: Hot potato? I thought you said no items. (thinking) Urge to lose faith in SPs...rising...

Digi: (rolls his eyes) Mewtwo takes a few quick hits while Ike counters Roy's Double Edge Dance. Roy flies past the right edge but is able to make it back around as the arena reverts to normal.

SIMBER: But Lucario was waiting for Roy, meteor smashing him to his first death. Mewtwo Disables Ike before shooting a spark through him. And now his hair will be a mess...

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Red Team
Red Team
Blue Team
Blue Team
Lives: 3
Lives: 2
Lives: 3
Lives: 3

Digi: And Mewtwo is going right for Lucario...

SIMBER: Not surprised.

Digi: I bet you're not...and Mewtwo unleashes another Shadow Ball to Lucario. Roy and Ike trade a few slashes before Mewtwo runs in to tailwhip Ike.

SIMBER: Roy is charging another Flare Blade as Mewtwo sends Ike over the edge...and Ike is knocked out. Now Mewtwo needs to get to Lucario.

Digi: Oh, he does! He tosses Lucario over to Roy, who unleashes the full Flare Blade on him! Roy will have no problem dealing with the recoil, as he knocks Lucario out as well.

SIMBER: So, what happens with Lucario's Aura?

Digi: I believe it wears off because he was killed.

SIMBER: I'm starting to seriously doubt the usefulness of your nickname...

Digi: I told you, there are no official Digimon fighters in the Stadium, and those Armor Digi-Eggs are probably as good as retired! I'm perfectly fine by myself...

SIMBER: And yet you don--

Digi: I know where that remark is headed. See, you made us miss Lucario and Ike gang up on Mewtwo! Roy grabs Lucario, who gets up rather quickly and knocks him into the air before Mewtwo flings him around.

SIMBER: But Ike charges in on Mewtwo with an Eruption. Now we actually have ourselves a fight...

Digi: Mewtwo barely hanging on with his first life, Teleporting behind Ike as Roy runs in to stab Lucario. Just in time for the next stage change. We're going to Ground mode.

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Red Team
Red Team
Blue Team
Blue Team
Lives: 3
Lives: 2
Lives: 2
Lives: 2

SIMBER: Lucario jumps back towards Roy but now they're cornered by the mountain coming up from stage right. Ike comes in to gang back up on Roy and butts Lucario out of the way to slam Roy up against the rocks...

Digi: Mewtwo wants none of that, as he grabs Ike and tosses him over to the floating platforms. Ike hops up onto one. Now he hops off and smashes Roy and Mewtwo in the same hit.

SIMBER: That'll be the first life for Mewtwo. Not so big and bad now, are you, huh?

Digi: He's still in better shape than Lucario... Anyways, Mewtwo stays on his revival platform for a few moments while Roy gets back at Ike with a small hit of Flare Blade. Lucario comes in to toss Roy around, but Mewtwo hits Lucario before too much can be done.

SIMBER: Now both contingencies split up. Ike and Roy square off on the right edge of the arena while Mewtwo and Lucario use the floating platforms on the left. There's an impressive hit by Roy, looks like another side Smash.

Digi: Believe it is. Lucario has rang up a streak of hits on Mewtwo, but the big guy comes back with a flip that surprises Lucario.

SIMBER: This is getting boring. It needs explosions.

Digi: You'll have to wait for Ike or Roy to fully charge one of their attacks.

SIMBER: Like what the blue puppy just did to the purple cat?

Digi: I said Ike or Roy.

SIMBER: But Ike just did that to Roy as well. That smash looked like it hurt.

Digi: Well, of course it did, it brought Roy's damage up to 86%! Now he wants to go for Lucario, and the arena is back to normal.

SIMBER: Thank goodness. I was losing my chips wondering why that mountain wasn't getting blown up. Now Lucario is being ganged up on, and Roy sends him over the edge with a Double Edge Dance, but he makes it back with Extremespeed.

Digi: That should mean the veterans are using Ike as target practice, but instead, Roy wants to finish Lucario off. Roy meteor smashes Lucario into the bottom pit, and we have our first second casualty.

SIMBER: That math is confusing the viewers. We'll never gain popularity like this.

Digi: That phrase was supposed to make sense, you know. And there goes Ike, also being sent off the stage by Roy via a Mewtwo Disable and a toss. But Ike is able to Aether his way back.

"Ol' Bob-Omb's: Finest gunpowder in the Mushroom Kingdom"
Red Team
Red Team
Blue Team
Blue Team
Lives: 2
Lives: 2
Lives: 1
Lives: 2

SIMBER: Lucario stomps Roy a couple of times, but Mewtwo fires a Shadow Ball at him to keep him away.

Digi: There is one thing I've noticed, Mewtwo and Roy seem to be working with each other much more effectively than Lucario and Ike are. They're doing it again as Mewtwo grabs Lucario, tosses him up, which gives Roy the chance to come in with the Blazer.

SIMBER: Ike runs in to slash his fellow swordsman. Lucario jumps back up to kick Roy from above, but that only makes Roy bounce into the ground...

Digi: Mewtwo grabs Ike again, but is interrupted by a fine smash from Lucario! Roy uses a Double Edge Dance on Ike, and that'll kill him the second time around.

SIMBER: Roy is doing a silly taunt with his sword. He should know Lucario is charging an Aura Sphere...

Digi: That's because Mewtwo saw it coming and tossed him towards the right hand side. Lucario doesn't have enough damage to be tossed off the edge, but it'll keep him honest with his location.

SIMBER: Ike whacks Mewtwo with his sword until his mercy invincibility wears off, but Mewtwo just pounds him into the ground.

Digi: Lucario uses Extremespeed to get closer to Roy, who sees him stop next to him, and slashes him a couple of times. However, Lucario is able to grab Roy, beat him up a few times, and then toss him into the stratosphere.

SIMBER: He should know it's not nice to beat up a handsome young man-dragon like that. The ladies will never cheer for Lucario again, and our ratings will continue to suffer.

Digi: ...

SIMBER: But it's true...

Digi: This isn't Roy's first crisis, you know.

"ATTENTION: The restaurant needs more eggplant parmesan..." --Popo
Red Team
Red Team
Blue Team
Blue Team
Lives: 2
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

Digi: Anyways, the arena is now reverting to Flying mode, which means all aerial actions above the arena will be magnified by the fans blowing underneath the platform. It looks like Lucario is trying to take advantage of that by floating towards Mewtwo, but he just Teleports away.

SIMBER: Lucario just turns around and smashes Roy into the air. Unfortunately, he should have saved that smash for when Roy was higher up in damage. His loss, Roy's gain, as he flutters down to hit Lucario from behind.

Digi: Mewtwo hits Ike with a medium-sized Shadow Ball, but Ike comes right back to Quick Draw on the psychic. Mewtwo goes to hit him again, but he uses the Counter to send Mewtwo well off the edge!

SIMBER: But Mewtwo stubbornly does not die, again Teleporting back to the main platform. Perhaps you should stick to hosting those Sudden Death matches, Digi.

Digi: No, I shouldn't. Lucario continues to channel his anger on Roy, hitting him several times before Roy clears him out with a running slash.

SIMBER: But that slash does bring Lucario closer to Mewtwo who tosses him up towards the top. Ike takes the chance to take a jump off of Lucario to smash Mewtwo over the top. About time Mewtwo lost his second life...

Digi: However, Lucario is dazed for just enough time for Roy to hit him with another Blazer. This is getting dangerous for Lucario and I don't think his Aura is quite powerful enough to clear the house. Mewtwo comes back and squares off with Ike at the bottom.

SIMBER: Ike gets in an Eruption on Mewtwo. Lucario also gets in on this with a Force Palm, but Roy sneaks in behind Ike to grab him and toss him to the ground.

Digi: The arena goes back to normal for perhaps the final time. Ike tries to sweep Roy out of the way, but he shields and hits Lucario with a weak Flare Blade. Also, Mewtwo gets in on this with a few sparks, but Lucario blasts them both out of the way!

"Chaos Soda--now in Extra Sugary flavor for a limited time"
Red Team
Red Team
Blue Team
Blue Team
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1
Lives: 1

SIMBER: Lucario runs after Mewtwo and throws him to the blue-haired guy, who smashes him one. However, the red-haired guy throws the blue-haired guy straight up. How sickening.

Digi: You think too literally. Mewtwo boots Ike off the right side of the arena...and he and Lucario are charging their moves from opposite ends...

Mewtwo: Be consumed by the darkness!

Lucario: Eat my Aura!

Digi: Both of them unleash their moves at the same time...and they cancel each other out--no wait, the Aura Sphere breaks through and hits Mewtwo! Wait a minute! Roy goes for the Smash, and Lucario is sent flying...not dead!

SIMBER: What a shame...Roy and Mewtwo run in to gang up on Ike, who can't hold them both off. He was able to hit Roy, but Mewtwo Teleported behind him and Disabled him...

Digi: That sets Roy up for the Double Edge Dance, three hits! Ike makes it back with one jump.

SIMBER: Lucario returns to clean Roy up with a couple of midair kicks. Roy is flying as well, but he too looks to make it back.

Digi: But Ike was guarding the edge! Now Roy can't grab on! He's out of it! What does Mewtwo do?

SIMBER: Mewtwo shoots a few sparks at Lucario to trip him up before flicking Ike with his tail again. There must be something in that tail, it can't deal that much damage...

Digi: It's enough for Ike to threaten being sent out of the arena...the Aether barely gets him on the platform. Lucario lands a hit, but Mewtwo with a Confusion on Lucario. The smash sends him well past the boundary!

SIMBER: Mewtwo and Ike are the last two standing?! Nobody wants this face-off!

Digi: Yes, they do! You don't know what you're talking about. Ike heads toward the center of the stage, but Mewtwo rolls under Ike. He grabs Ike from behind and tosses him to the right boundary. Mewtwo charges a Shadow Ball.

SIMBER: Ike gets up a bit slowly, and Mewtwo unleashes the Shadow Ball to send Ike off of the arena.

Digi: And Ike won't make it back. That'll do, Mewtwo.

SIMBER: No epic comeback into the arena for Ike. Boring. That man-dragon better be thanking his partner after this.




SIMBER: You are pushing Ike's fuse much closer to his bomb.

Digi: All I did was label the winning team as the veterans. I said nothing about Ike and Lucario. Speaking of, let me go find some of them.

SIMBER: This is going to be completely pointless. Lucario and Ike are going to whine...


Navi: I'm here with Lucario, who was the second to go out in the match. Ike is also here as well. Lucario, how was it fighting as an official SSS fighter for the first time?

Lucario: I suppose it was okay.

Ike: Eh, we just need to break you in.

Navi: Well, you used the attack that forced Roy out of the match, that will probably be something the other fighters will be looking at, right?

Lucario: But I wanted to force Mewtwo out of the match!

Ike: And I was kinda hoping I could take Roy out fairly rather than edge guarding, but I'm happy that we were able to work together for that.

(Digi comes running in)

Digi: Well, I've found Luca-- (sees Navi) oh. I expected you to interview the winners, Navi.

Navi: I thought Lucario would give a more interesting interview! Besides, Digi, I like chocolate, too!

Digi: Okay then... (walks off to find Mewtwo and Roy)

Lucario (thinking): With that mouth, I'm not surprised... (normal volume) Anyways, I was hoping my Aura could be more effective during the match, but I am still getting used to the surroundings.

Navi: Well, good luck then, Lucario.

(Lucario nods)

Navi: Can we be chocolate buddies?!

Lucario: No. Don't make me Force Palm you into the nearest wall.

Navi: Understood, Lucario. (flies off)


Digi: I've finally made it over to Mewtwo and Roy, who are handling their win pretty calmly. Obviously, it looked like you two were working as teammates more than the others. Your take on that?

Mewtwo: Roy and I have known each other better than the other two had. I would have expected that to give us an advantage over them, and it almost worked out perfectly.

Digi: Almost?

Mewtwo: Personally, Ike was hoarding that edge for a little too long. Fortunately, I was able to knock off Lucario and Ike afterward.

Roy: I'm not too thrilled by Ike-san's tactic. I thought we could face off with each other. But Mewtwo had my back as he promised me.

Digi: Of course, this means you and Mewtwo are both in this season's King of the Stadium, will we see any alliances if you two meet up with each other in that match?

Mewtwo: That will have to be settled during that match. As for now, Roy and I will have to continue watching the next few matches to see who else is qualifying. It might wind up being everyone for all we know.

Digi: Good point, considering how matches keep getting spontaneously booked. Stay sharp out there.

Roy: I believe we must.

Digi: And I believe that will take care of things from here.

  • 1. Will Ike and Lucario continue to get along with each other?
  • 2. How would you imagine this fight would have gone with items?
  • 3. Should Lucario accept Navi's offer to be chocolate buddies?
  • 4. Do you approve of Ike's tactic to take out Roy?
  • 5. Is SSS about to go insane from SIMBER's attitude?

    Digi: And we're signing off! Good day from SSS.