Match #34

The Question: Will six newcomers & one former bad guy in the Stadium defeat "The Message Board Baddies"?

Good Guys
Bomberman DVGBC Falco
Ghostshi Kamek Poo Sir Tomintul
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6 Player 7

Bad Guys
Dan Moore Derfy Duck Flipper Laffy Duck Moshito Oswaldo Venswa
Player 8 Player 9 Player 10 Player 11 Player 12 Player 13 Player 14

Starting Arena: The NEW Mushroom Kingdom


Lemmy: Ladies and Koopalings...

Pat: Friends and foes alike...

VGW: The Super Smash Stadium proudly presents...

Lemmy: The Clown Prince, Lemmy K!

Pat: The Pic Making Pat VD!

VGW: The Victorious (& Vicious) VGW!

Lemmy: The SSS Commentators!

Crowd: (cheers)

Pat: Today's match is a special one, folks!

VGW: That's right, for this match is going to go down in history!

Lemmy: For starters, this is the first fight that has FOURTEEN fighters at one time!

Pat: Also, this is the first match where you, the fans, picked the fighters!

VGW: Well, most of them. The Superpowers had minor influence on a few.

Pat: I don't know if they were supposed to here that...

VGW: They knew that we would have a little influence!

Lemmy: Stop it, the two of you! Anyway, this fight is similar to VGW's "I Quit" match with Powers.

VGW: Don't remind me...

Pat: Lemmy can say whatever he wants! (whacks VGW with his trout Billy)

Lemmy: Thank you Pat. Anyway, for this fight, whichever team loses can not post any more messages on either of the two message boards on the site.

Pat: This way, another part of the Stadium will be at peace.

VGW: Guys, maybe until Yom Kippur instead...

Lemmy: We'll think about it!

Pat: This two live, fan-based fight starts out in the NEW Mushroom Kingdom, but it won't stop there--at least, it's highly unlikely.

Lemmy: We've made this match a low-item matchup; however, that won't stop an Abra from coming in.

VGW: We'll probably toss in some other pokémon that we have available, or maybe other items.

Pat: If you don't mind me asking Lemmy, but how come Kamek is one of the fighters? He's a bad guy when he's against Mario!

Lemmy: We have worked together on the original Koopa Klub; since I'm friends with Lardio, Kamek is as well.

Pat: I assume that's also why DVGBC is on the good guys side...

VGW: There are worse people on the message board than DVGBC. This "Flipper" is who I'm concerned about, if you want my opinion.

Lemmy: Point understood. Remember folks that some of the combatants have more than three moves; it's allowed in this fight.

Pat: Do not worry if you forgot the moves; you'll soon find out most of them along the way.

VGW: Enough stalling; let's get the show on the road!

Pat: Right VGW! Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event of the evening!

Lemmy: So for the (# of people in the chat room) in attendance, & the few watching around the world...


Lemmy: It looks like Bomberman is getting ready to pull out some bombs.

Pat: Dan Moore & Flipper are advancing on Tomintul, while Ghostshi and Moshito have a tango.

VGW: Ghostshi uses his Haunt Screech, and Moshito is paralyzed! It also looks like Venswa is also caught in the Screech.

Pat: Lemmy, what is Kamek doing?

Lemmy: He's about to transform into someone! Who will it be?

VGW: He's....Megaman! Kamek has a MAJOR move advantage now.

Pat: You're right! He calls for the Super Adaptor and starts firing his Mega Arms on the bad guys!

Lemmy: It looks like Oswaldo is trying to protect Dan from a mega arm; he's using Take Down to do so!

VGW: But he's taking damage from that as well!

Lemmy: What the?!? Falco starts attacking Dan Moore with his Falco Kick!

Dan Moore: I got you in here! Why are you against me?

Falco: Because you didn't bring me in!

Pat: I say it's time for an item to be tossed. Hey guys, heads up! (tosses a crate underwater)

VGW: Underwater?!? What are you thinking of?

Pat: It's bait for Flipper, Laffy, & Derfy.

Lemmy: They took the bait, but they only have 20 seconds before they drown.

VGW: Guys, DVGBC is on the platform, with Kamek/Megaman on the other one for balance. But....what is DVGBC using for attacking?

Pat: Those look like homing missiles! And Kamek/Megaman is using the Dive Missiles at the same time!

Lemmy: Both sets of homing projectiles are going to Venswa & Oswaldo...and they connect! Both have lost a life!

VGW: Back to the underwater fighters now... they've broke the crate, exposing two pokéballs & a ray gun.

Lemmy: It looks like Poo is heading down to Laffy, who took the gun!

Pat: But Laffy was prepared; a nicely tossed frisbee sent him to the fans which caused his first death.

Lemmy: Derfy gets one pokéball, and throws it down!

VGW: And it' that Kingdora?!?

Pat: It is, and he's flying up to where the other fighters are...and starts launching Dragon Rages!

Lemmy: While DVGBC, Kamek, & Falco were KO'ed by the rages, so were Dan Moore & Moshito.

Pat: Flipper gets the other pokéball, and out comes....ABRA!

VGW: It's teleport time! Where will we end up?

Lemmy: It looks is! My own remake of one of those SMB3 stages! Winter Wonderland!

Pat: Winter Wonderland?!? I've never heard of that!

VGW: I have; Lemmy told me he was making plans for such a place. Folks, look at the map below to find out what it looks like.

Lemmy: Remember folks, that only Bomberman, Tomintul, Ghostshi, Flipper, Laffy, & Derfy haven't lost a life yet.

Pat: All fourteen fighters quickly get used to their new surroundings--hey! Bomberman & Oswaldo are slipping like crazy!

Lemmy: It's an ice field; they're supposed to slip. I just hope that no one uses fire moves on the ice...

VGW: Too late; Bomberman starts to throw pumped bombs at the opponents, while Kamek dons Kirby's powers for a while.

Pat: Lemmy?!? What are pirahna plants doing under the ice?!?

Lemmy: Whoever melts the ice has to watch his/ her step to avoid being hurt--badly! There is a way to change them to health coins; the P-Switch at the top- left part of the field.

VGW: Poo is trying to PSI Thunder his way up, while Bomberman is using his Bomber Coptor for extra flying power.

Pat: It looks like Venswa is hitching a ride on Dan; the dino sure can carry a ton!

Lemmy: He's using the vine that connects to the P-Switch cloud!

VGW: And we have a major fight! Bomberman keeps the bad guys away, while Poo is getting ready for his Brainshock.

Lemmy: He lets loose, and lands the attack successfully! Both Dan & Venswa should be confused by now--

VGW: --and they are! They are going at it like crazy!

Pat: Bomberman stomps on the P-Switch...and the plants turn to coins!

Lemmy: Uh, you know what Oswaldo is trying to do?

Pat: NNNNNOOOOO!!!!! He's not doing that move......

VGW: What move?

Pat: The one I used on Lemmy on our fight! Self-destruct!

Lemmy: The explosions are made of fire! It will melt the whole field for 30 seconds! Oswaldo, STOP!

VGW: Too late; the move has already started!


Lemmy: (a few seconds later) Guys, I just got word of what happened! Oswaldo & Poo are out of the match! Everyone else has one life left!

VGW: Oswaldo always kills himself...

Pat: I'll give you that one.

Lemmy: It's time for another item; last one there is Bowser's 8th child! (throws a crate on the P-Switch cloud)

VGW: Falco, Tomintul, Derfy, & Laffy go after it!

Lemmy: The action is too intense; swords & beaks are colliding!

VGW: If only my sister was in that mess instead...

Pat: After some fighting, Tomintul gets it & throws it!

Lemmy: After seeing a pokéball come up, Falco is heading toward it!

Pat: But Derfy does a headbutt, knocking him out! Man, that cloud is high!

VGW: Tomintul gets revenge, though, by using his Hyper Swing to KO Derfy and send Laffy reeling long enough for Tom to get the pokéball.

Lemmy: And the pokémon is....ABRA?!?

Pat: How he got here is beyond me, but we're teleporting again....HEY!

VGW: Is something wrong?


Lemmy: That is something!

VGW: Especially since I helped to make this place! Let's watch!

Lemmy: Well, Laffy & Flipper start to team up on Bomberman & DVGBC, but the good guys are starting to come out on top.

Pat: The others are fighting on the first floor of the highway...but I think the building near them is opening.

VGW: You're right! Someone's about to come out!

Lemmy: And he is...some red robot with jet boosts & what I think looks like a fire horn; it's not Heat Man.

VGW: That's Burner Man!

Pat: And on the building above that one, it looks like Saturn is using his Black Hole to bring the fighters to him!

Lemmy: Both attacks are really hurting! I'm tossing something out! (tosses two crates on both sides of the level)

VGW: Lemmy...none of them had pokéballs in them; you sent down the wrong crates!

Pat: What was in those crates VGW?

VGW: Super Tanks! Three in each crate!

Lemmy: OK, so I made a mistake...don't kill me.

Pat: As long as the good guys win, you'll live.

VGW: Kamek looks like he's about to transform again.

Lemmy: He is! He changes in...ELECTRODE!?!

Pat: I don't think Kamek was supposed to do that, you know...

VGW: Hold on Pat! I see what Kamek is doing! He's going to use Self-Destruct on some of the enemies!

Lemmy: Not again! TAKE COVER!

Pat: (after a few seconds) I got the results from that bang! Kamek, Laffy, Venswa, & Bomberman have been KO'ed; the others are still reeling.

VGW: Well, they aren't reeling anymore, since they just got some Super Tanks.

Pat: I got the final Abra; I say it's time to toss it. (tosses the pokéball onto the field)

Lemmy: Dan Moore gets it and tosses it down! Where will we go this time?

Pat: I'm finding out...VGW, do you have any idea?

VGW: I can't believe it! We're at the Danger Room!

Lemmy: Excuse me, but I don't see Mr. Xavier...

VGW: Wrong one. This one was made in part by one of the fans; I think it was Omega.

Lemmy: Yeah, Omega Red.

Pat: OK, that's enough! Let's start this final round!

VGW: Moshito starts to chagre towards DVGBC, & DVGBC steps backwards--into a warp hole!

Pat: For the moment, DVGBC is safe on what looks like an elevator platform.

Lemmy: Dan & Flipper are attacking Tomintul & Ghostshi respectively--what the?!? Flipper has fallen through a moving hole!

VGW: He could be--nope; he landed on a moving platform.

Pat: Moshito & Ghostshi are now seeing eye-to- eye, but Ghostshi lets out his Haunt Screech attack long enough to paralyze him.

Lemmy: Everyone's fighting cautiously; no one has ever expected this type of danger in the Danger Room.

VGW: Guys, I just got the next crate; I'm tossing it. (tosses the crate on the highest platform, between two bumpers)

Pat: Moshito & Flipper head up towards the crate, but they are impeded by the bumpers.

Lemmy: Guys, what is Ghostshi doing? He's glowing all of a sudden...

Pat: He's about to fire his Kamehameha, a ghost beam attack.

VGW: He lets the beam go...& Moshito is hurt real bad!

Lemmy: He's going...going...GONE! Moshito is out of the match!

Pat: Flipper gets to the crate and throws it towards Ghostshi...and Ghostshi is knocked out!

VGW: I see two pokéballs from the crate and a trout.

Pat: Billy!

VGW: of the pokéballs is shaking for some reason...WOAH! It's out already!

Lemmy: That's Jackie, my Hitmonchan. Jackie, use your Thunder Punch on Flipper!

Pat: Jackie obeys and the attack is super effective. But now Jackie must leave; only one attack allowed per guest pokémon.

VGW: DVGBC gets the trout and starts hitting Dan Moore with it, while Flipper gets the other pokéball from under Tomintul.

Lemmy: And it's...Eefi?!?

Pat: WOAH! This wasn't expected! One of the "Eeveelutions" has just appeared and has started to use Psychic on Tomintul!

VGW: That's gotta hurt! Tomintul takes a jump, and uses Hyper Blast...he makes it in time!

Lemmy: It's a good thing I helped train Tominutl before this match.

VGW: DVGBC starts to load up on his Homing Missiles, but was hit by Dan in the process.

Pat: We have got a cat fight between all four fighters! We need an item to break them up!

Lemmy: I got one! (sends a capsule down to the fighters)

VGW: Dan Moore, DVGBC, & Tomintul go after the crate...and Tomintul gets it!

Pat: It's thrown towards Dan Moore--hold on! DVGBC goes after Dan, and the crate is about to crash on them!

Lemmy: And the crate goes BOOM! Dan & DVGBC are not in this match anymore!

VGW: This match has gone from 14 to 2 fighters now; Tomintul vs. Flipper.

Pat: Flipper starts to charge towards Tom, but he just stands there!

Lemmy: What is he doing?

VGW: Tom, move it!

Pat: Guys, look at his sword!

Lemmy: I see's glowing! He's going to do Hyper Slash!

VGW: Is that a rip off of Killer's Ultimate Slice?

Lemmy: No; the Hyper Slash is Tomintul's main SMASH move. He's going to use it...

Pat: Flipper is coming...

VGW: Any second...

Lemmy: NOW!

VGW: What is going on over there? I can't see through the explosion!

Pat: Wait...the smoke is clearing...

Lemmy: Flipper is unconcious! He's just laying on the ground, as if his gills are dried up!

VGW: Tomintul picks him up, throws him upwards, and does a Hyper Swing to hit him!

Pat: And Flipper is going...

Lemmy: Going...

VGW: GONE! This match is over; Tom & the Gang are victorious!

This teams winner's are...THE GOOD GUYS!!!

The player of the game is...TOMINTUL!!!


Pat: So...all seven of the bad guys can't post anything on the Message Board ever again?

Lemmy: Not for a LONG time.

VGW: All seven of them--Flipper & Co--are not allowed to post another message again.

Pat: Well, thank you for attending the 2nd live matchup in the Stadium. This is Patrick V...

Lemmy: Prince Lemmy Koopa...

VGW: HOLD ON! It's not time to say goodbye yet!

Lemmy: Why is that?

VGW: Because---- (transmission is lost)