Match #47

The Question: Which team will advance to the quarter-finals of the tourney?

Fighters for Yoshi's Island
Super Yo'sters Super Yo'sters Dino-Daters Dino-Daters
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4
The Background:

Pat: Hello, and welcome to the Super Smash Stadium's Tag Team Tourney!

Crowd: (cheers wildly)

Pat: Yes, this is I, Patrick V, the owner of the New Message Board City. Today I am going to have three partners for this fight. Our first fighter, my partner for the tag-team tourney, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Crowd: (cheers)

Sonic: The next cool dude to come up has faced some tough enemies, even this "Powers" I have heard of. Ladies and gentlemen, VGW Man!

Crowd: (cheers even more)

VGW: How is everyone at the audience tonight?

Crowd: (screams their lungs out)

Pat: Now, our final commentator is coming. He wanted to get in the Tag Team Tourney, only to be neglected; he's faced Falcon to win Samus's love, and doesn't always like Slippy's helium-like voice! Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to bring in VGW's replacement for tonight's matchup...FOX McCLOUD!

Crowd: (cheer, scream, and give Fox a standing ovation)

Fox: Thank you for inviting me to commentate.

Sonic: Don't mention it, bro. You had to be in this somehow.

VGW: The rules of this fight--

Tai M. Paomwersers: (over intercom) Will VGW Man please report to my office immediately?

VGW: Yes boss. Pat, you're in charge of the commentators right now. I'll try to be back before the match is over.

Fox: Hmmph! I wonder what's going on...

Pat: Don't worry about it Fox; anyway, I'll explain the rules. Each contestant has three lives, and can only choose three moves. There will be a few items scattered around, including some we haven't seen yet. If only one team member has 2 lives and his/her partner is gone, the partner can come back by taking away one of the living fighter's lives.

Fox: In effect, it's a down-to-earth Smash Bros. match with just some new items and moves.

Pat: That's pretty much it.

Sonic: Speaking of moves, I'll put up what each fighter can use. This should take a Sonic Second.

Egg Toss
Haunt Shriek (he learned that from Ghostshi)
Blue Yoshi
Egg Toss
Hip Drop
Red Yoshi
Triple Fireball
Egg Toss
Hip Drop
Egg Toss
Hip Drop

Fox: Hmmph! There isn't much difference between the fighters! What gives?

Pat: Common sense, Fox! Each Yoshi has the same basic moves, but some have learned extras as well.

Sonic: Dudes, I see the fighters coming out of eggs! It's time for our intros!

Pat: You're right! (clears throat) Ladies and gentlemen, the SSS proudly presents to you--

Fox: The NC of the Future, Fox McCloud!

Sonic: The way past cool dude, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Pat: And the Pic-Making owner of NMBC, Patrick V!

All commentators: THE SSS COMMENTATORS!

Crowd: (goes nuts)

Fox: So for the thousands in attendence...

Pat: ...and the millions watching around the world...ladies and gentlemen...

Sonic: IT'S JUICE AND JAM TIME! (Copyright Sonic the Hedgehog 2000)

Fox: And Goshi starts off with a few egg tosses on Red Yoshi, while Yoshelly tangoes with Blue Yoshi.

Sonic: Each fighter isn't going to give an inch--HOLD UP! Goshi has fired his Kamehameha on Yoshelly, and she's reeling!

Pat: The Female Yoshi never expected that coming; now she's on a cloud.

Fox: Red is getting very agressive on both of the Super Yost'ers; they are hurting bad.

G35 Yb47 Yr30 Yg42

Sonic: Hey, anyone got a crate? I have some items to stash in it!

Pat: I do; put the items in and send it out! (a crate falls on the main platform)

Fox: Goshi gets to the crate and does his Haunt Shriek ability, stoping Red from getting it.

Sonic: The crate is now broken, and I see two of my items I put in; a star rod and a green shell. But what's the 3rd one?

Pat: I put that one there; it's a digiegg from the Monster Battle we had.

Fox: Goshi got the star rod; Blue has the green shell; Red woke up in time to get the digiegg.

Pat: Blue times his shell toss....and it lands on Red perfectly!

Fox: Red collides into his wife, and both Dino-Daters fall...guys, where is the digiegg?

Sonic: On the ground! Red dropped it while being knocked out! Who will come out.....

Pat: ZUDOMON!!! Joe's digimon came out of the egg and starts Vulcan Hammering away!

Fox: And the Super Yost'ers are down one life!

You guys know the stats.....

Sonic: The lifts are bringing back all four contestants, and they're ready to do some damage!

Pat: Yoshelly makes the first move, and starts Hip Dropping everyone!

Sonic: But Blue managed to Eggify her in the process.

Fox: Everyone seems to be using their Flutter Kick air move on each other; damage levels are going sky high!

G78 Yb74 Yr82 Yg69

Pat: It's time for another item; Fox, you throw the crate.

Fox: OK....(aside: There are two crates here! One of them is the one that Pat wants; the other one he doesn't. I have to choose right...) (tosses the right [wrong] crate)

Sonic: The crate is broken, revealing....a mystery disk?!? You are an idiot! Don't throw the wrong crates, Gates!

Pat: That mystery disk has Suezo in it; I'm sure! But which team can get quick kills before hand?

Fox: By the looks of things, the Dino-Daters are going agressive here; they are going to use Hip Drops!

Suezo: Time to go to action! Tele......

Sonic:f Both Super Yost'ers were taken out by the Hip Drops, but the Dino-Daters miscalculated their landings! They're falling...falling....OUT!

Suezo: --PORT! (teleport sequence initiated)

Pat: Here we go.....into the NEW Mushroom Kingdom!

Fox: Each fighter has only one life left; however, with all of this big space, it seems pretty easy to avoid enemies.

Sonic: Both aqua-colored yoshis (site-wise) start ot beat each other up. Shame an Blue for hurting a lady!

Pat: In the Stadium fights, it doesn't matter if you're a lady or man; you can still get hurt.

Sonic: But it's still wrong!

Pat: Well why didn't you say something about it earlier?

Fox: I'll say something now; we've missed quite a bit of the battle! The fighters are now underwater!

G77 Yb82 Yr80 Yg80

Pat: Tick, tock, tick, tock, they must escape quickly here...

Fox: It looks like they only want to fight.

Sonic: Well, I still want to see some fighting! Hey guys, break this crate and do it on the double! (throws a crate into the water)

Pat: Goshi fires a Kamehameha shot, intending to hit Red, but it hits the crate, revealing....2 Water Shields?!?

Sonic: That's right, Light. I wanted to see this fight longer, so I sent some water shields that would protect the user from drowning....that is, as long as they don't get hit too hard.

Fox: Goshi gets a water shield with 2 seconds left on his air timer; so does Red. The others are being sent to Davy Jones' Locker now.

G83 D2 Yb (OUT) Yr80 D2 Yg (OUT)

Pat: Sonic, how long will the fighters be able to breate after they lose the shield?

Sonic: Everytime I've lost mine, I still had the remaining air in my lungs; no refills. Perhaps I can make a water arena....

Fox: Perhaps later. Let's get back to the fight.

Pat: Both fighters are exchanging a bunch of kicks and head attacks, but neither one is getting a major advantage.

Fox: Someone has to make a mistake soon; these guys are almost evenly matched.

Sonic: It looks like Goshi is trying Haunt Shriek, but can his voice go through the bubble shield? I've personally never tried it...

Pat: It works! Red is paralyzed for the moment, and now Goshi's charging up a Kamehameha attack again.

Fox: Goshi fires....and it's on the nose! Red is sent flying....without the shield?!?

Sonic: Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-DAH! Red can't hold his breath any longer. The music tells the tale.

This games winner is...THE SUPER YOST'ERS!!!

The better player is...GOSHI!!!Post-Match:

Mash Toady (interview extrodinaire): Guys, three matches happened while you were commentating this one. I suggest you read them now. (hands the commentators three sheets of paper; each paper is a summary of a match in progress)

Pat: I'll read mine first. "Jordan, the referee, had to handle 2 strong teams; the strong Quakers, and the strong-minded Mini-Powers. While in his own Congo Jungle, Donkey Kong and partner Yellow Yoshi couldn't match the speed of Killer & Megaman. The two Mini-Powers chose their moves carefully and won it with both members having at least one life left."

Sonic: I'll go next. "Lemmy and Iggy are generally known for making trouble, but this time it was Ash Ketchum & Pikachu in trouble. Facing two strong Superpowers, one of which is the leader of the 'AOL Knights', the Poké-pals couldn't handle the competition in Saffron City."

Fox: I think I'll love this one. "It was Past vs. Planet at Sector Z; both the Swordsmen and the Galactic Daters had their work cut out for them when Slippy was piloting some of the Ar-wings. A very close match, it came down to Tomintul & Captain Falcon, but unfortunately, Falcon rushed too close to Tomintul, allowing him to use his Hyper Swing to send the F-Zero Racer over to Macbeth."

Pat: Well, that takes care of five of the eight 1st round matches of the tag-team tournament....

(While that was going on, VGW was in Tai's office, having an important talk about "powers" [not the former boss].)

Tai: VGW, when we were getting teams together at the main lobby the other week, you surprised me with some of your powers. If I remember correctly, that weapon, the Homing Torpedo, was in MMX for SNES.

VGW: That is correct boss. I didn't want to hurt Fox, but he was getting annoying. Plus, I already said that I wasn't going to be a fighter in the tourney.

Tai: Either way, I feel that we need to see if there is a way for you to use your powers to do even more stuff so that the Stadium can be protected.

VGW: What am I needed for?

Tai: Come with me.... (They go through a secret passageway behind the wall; what happens is unknown)

Sonic: I'll take over the questions, since VGW is MIA.

  1. Did Goshi use the Kamehameha weapon too much in this match?
  2. Was the Bubble Shield cheap at the end?
  3. Will the teams with superpowers advance farther than a team without them?
  4. What is Tai going to do to VGW?