Quadruple Quantum Quartret!(QQQ for short)

Fighters for Robotropolis
Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4

Fighters for Yb's airplane
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

Fighters for Dedede's Arena
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

Fighters for the Hyper Room
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4


Ho-oh: Hello everyone!

Lugia: Hello folks! Do you know what time it is?


Lugia: ....

Ho-oh: No, it's QQQ time!

Crowd: Oh...


Lugia: That's better. As you may know, there is a crazy, pointle-

Ho-oh: Um..as Lugia was saying..there is a tournament going on at SSS right now. Along with VGW, we'll try to commentate this thing called-


Ho-oh: Actually,the name I was looking for is Quantum Quadruple Quartret.

Lugia: Not Quacking Queer(as in odd, not the bad word) Questionaires?


Lugia: Lol? Ludicrous Omnipotent Lobsters?

Ho-oh: Rofl..

Lugia: Retired of fixing leaks?

Ho-oh: ::sighs:: Who's your partner this time?

Lugia: MTV

Ho-oh: MTV??! Isn't that a TV station?

Lugia: No, it's the short for my partner this time.

Ho-oh: Who's that partner?

Lugia: Mike the Volleyball!(MTV for short)

(a volleyball enters the commentating booth)

Ho-oh: THAT is you partner?!?!

Lugia: He, not that, birdo.

Ho-oh: ....

Lugia: Where is VGW anyway?

VGW(over the radio): Uh..

???: Step into the capsule for your transformation, VGW.

VGW: Are you sure I won't get hurt ::kkkkghhhhkkkk::?

???: Not really sure..try another time..your future name will be::kkkkkgghhkkk::

(transmission ends)

Lugia: I hate radio problems...

Ho-oh: So do I..

MTV:So...what are the matchups?

Ho-oh: I have them right here..here they are:

1. Dino-pals(Mario and Yoshi) vs. Speedsters(Pat and Sonic)

2. Mini-Powers(Megaman and Killer) vs. Super yo'sters(Goshi and BlueYoshi)

3. Swordsmen(Tom and Link) vs. Koopalings(Iggy and Lemmy)

4. Pioneers(LM and KK) vs. Pioneers(Luigi and Kirby)

Lugia: here's the deal, each fighter will have two lives, and items ARE allowed..

MTV: With that done..let's see how these guys are doing right now!

Lugia: The Dino-pals are warming up by eating a few pizzas... that was obviously Mario's doing...

Ho-oh: The Speedsters are lazying around looking up at the sky.. waiting for the counter to start..

MTV: The Mini-powers are playing Mario Golf...

Lugia: The Super Yo'sters Mario RPG...

Ho-oh: The Swordmen playing Graal...

MTV: The-

Lugia: ARGH! This is pointless! Let's begin the counter, shall we?

MTV and Ho-oh: OK!

Lugia: Ladies and gentlemen...

Ho-oh: Boys and girls..

MTV Volleyballs, baseballs, and basketballs...

Lugia: Broadcasting live from Super Smash Stadium, and for the trillions in attendance (we should charge for tickets..)..

MTV: And the millions watching worldwide..

Lugia: I think we should broadcast on pay-per-view..

Ho-oh: Super Smash Stadium proudly brings to you..

Lugia: The Legendary Lugia!


Ho-oh: The oversized chicke-...hey! Who's messing with my lines?!

Lugia: Uh..sorry..

Ho-oh:Ahem..the flaming phoenix, Ho-oh!


MTV: The volleyball, Mike the Volleyball!

Crowd: ::is confused::

ALL: THE SSS COMMENTATORS(For you two,this match, at least =P -Lugia)!

Lugia: And without further odor..

Ho-oh: Isn't it adeu?

Lugia: Whatever...


Lugia: The dino-pals start well, with Mario saying-

???: Will you get your foot out of my mouth?!


???: Look down!

Lugia: Oh sorry MTV..::lifts foot::

MTV: That's better...

Ho-oh: And Killer hits Blue Yoshi with X slice!

Lugia: WHAT?! How could we miss so much?

MTV: The channel changes every once in a while..

Lugia: Oh..

Ho-oh:Goshi eggifies Killer and hits him!

Goshi: That's for what you did at the chat room!

Killer: So?! It's a free country!Ouch! Don't hip-drop on me!

Lugia:Link throws his boomerang at Iggy, while Tom and Lemmy are going at it!

MTV: Lemmy hits Tom with his wand and shoots a ball at him!

Ho-oh: And KK hits Tom..with..?? Ugh..I hate these channel changes..

MTV: Luigi and LM are fighting it sword and claw!

LM: What sword? And I don't have claws...

Lugia: Kirby seems to be beating KK with his Final Cutter..

KK: Ouch! Stop that! It reminds me of a serious papercut I had in 2nd grade..

MTV:Megaman shoots a fully-charged Mega Buster at Goshi, knocking him off!

Roll: Konnichiwa! Genki, Rockman!

Ho-oh: Konnichiwa, Roll!

MTV: She's in the crowd?

Lugia: Hey Roll, try to speak English, we don't have a large Japanese audience!

Roll: (stays quiet)

Ho-oh: ARGH! The channel changed again! Looks like Sonic grabbed a hammer...

Lugia: That looks like another Ko in the stadium!

MTV: Iggy and Link are gone! I don't see them!

Ho-oh: Of course you don't, poophead. We are watching KK take revenge on Kirby!

Lugia: KK grabs Kirby, and..both are gone! Apparently, KK grabbed Kirby, and when he came down...they were too close to the edge..it was a Kamikaze grab!

Ho-oh:We need the stats!

Lugia: Hm..Lakitu!

Ho-oh: There's no time to waste! Iggy seems to be beating Link!

Lugia: Where is Lakitu when you reall need him??

(Lakitu flies over to Lugia)

Lakitu: Watching military movies, sir.

Lugia: .....

Lakitu:What's your request, sir?

Lugia: Give me the CURRENT stats..

Lakitu: Aye, sir.

Lugia: Here they are: Pa56D1, So12D1 --- M7D1, Yo30D1

MM20D1, Ki23D1-- Yb0D2, Go23D1 To87D1,Li0D2-- Le95D1, Ig0D2

LM70D1, KK153D1--Lu63D1,K178D1

Ho-oh: WOW!! We've missed a lot of stuff...

MTV:Tom has decided to stop Lemmy! He grabs an A-bomb!

Lugia: He throws it! A cloud of smoke blocks the view..wait! Lemmy throws a ball at Tom! Tom got Koed right before Lemmy disappeared!

MTV: Sonic and Mario gaze into each other's souls...

Sonic: Time to win!::grabs a capsule nearbyand a star pops out::

Mario: That's not-a-fair!

Lugia: What happened to Pat and Yoshi?

Ho-oh: Apparently, Pat stepped on a mine..and Yoshi was Koed before that..

Lugia: Now he feels what stepping on a mine is like..

MTV: Goshi is surrounded by Megaman and Killer's attacks..the situation looks hopeless for him...

Lugia: The other channels are closed! Only one is still going...

Ho-oh: It's between LM and Luigi now!

MTV: LM grabbed Luigi! He throws him off the edge!

Ho-oh: But Luigi comes back...he hits LM with Super Jump Punch!

Lugia: Sadly, it's a direct hit ! LM is now where he has never been before..

Ho-oh: The gym?

Lugia: No, beak-o, space!

Ho-oh: Oh.

Lugia: Now that all is over...



(at the dino-pals' hangout)

Mash:What do you have to say, Mario?

Mario: Their-a-name should be the-a- Cheapsters!

Mash: Yoshi?

Yoshi: What a FIX!!

Mash: Anything else?

Mario: Now that I think of it..could you -a- go to Domino's-a-Pizza and buy me-a- one extra large -a-pizza?

Mash: Uh..no..got to run!


(at the speedsters' locker room)

Mash: Hm..it's locked..::knocks the door::can I enter?

Sonic: Sorry pal. We're planning our next match..

Mash: ::shrugs::

(at the main hallway)

Goshi: Blue Yoshi..how COULD you fall off the plane??

Yb:Hey..everyone makes mistakes..

Goshi: Grr...

(Yb leaves)

(at the mni-powers' locker room)

Yb: Hey Killer, where's the cash?

Killer: Uh..not in front of the camera, *******(rectum)!

Mash: I'm starting to suspect something...

Killer: Um..no...::kicks mash out of the locker room::

Mash: ::rubs rear end:: Ouch..who said Yoshis can't kick??

(back at the main lobby)

Lemmy: We won! We won!::turns radio on::

Iggy: Turn on the pokerap!

Both: ::dance to the tune::

Mash: Uh..excuse me..

::both koopalings keep dancing and ignore Mash::

Mash: ::sighs:: I gues Koopalings have a high ego... ::leaves::

Mash: Hi LM. What do you have to say about your retiring?

LM: SHUT UP MASH! Go away, just cuz I'm retiring, doesn't mean you can bug me about it!

KK: Sorry bout that Mash, LM's in kind of a bad mood lately...I think you now know why...

Mash: Um..I understand...This is Mash Toady, over and out!

::VGW jumps off a plane and opens a parachute::

VGW: Let me ask the questions:

1.What did you think of this match?

2.What happened to MTV?

3.What do you suspect I was doing away?

4.What's Killer doing paying people?

Cast your reaction here.