Match #49

The question: Who will win this tournament match?

Fighters for Saffron City (randomly chosen)
Mini-powers Mini-powers Koopalings Koopalings
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

The background: After so many matches of color commentary, the original commentating style, or "Kyle Style" as VGW call's it, faded away, and soon all the matches were color commentary. Several months later, Pat the Pic-Maker found himself bored with color commentary. He talked to VGW about bringing back the old style, but VGW, instead, suggested they make a new style of commentary. When they were finished, it turned out to be a mix of Color Commentary and "Kyle Style". It would basically be Kyle Style, but with more then 1 commentator. Each commentator talked just like they did in Kyle Style, but they all had to talk in their own color, so you could tell who it was talking. Today is an example of that type of commentary. VGW and Pat will be commentating. However, the post-match will not be done in this form. The match will be in "Mix-style", but the post-match will remain in color commentary.
The Colors and The Commentators That Will Use Them:
Commentator Color
Pat the Pic-Maker Teal
VGW Man Aqua
Both Yellow


   Hello there, fans, and welcome to Super Smash Stadium! Today, we will be doing a NEW commentating style (as you read above)! That's right, Pat! Today is the next match of the SSS Tag team tourney, The Mini-Powers vs. The Koopalings, three lives and mines only! Y'know, I could get to like this style! Me too, Pat, Me too. Hey, isn't it time to start the match? Oh yes! Ahem....Ladies and gentlemen.... Monsters and radioactive mutants......Koopalings of all ages.........SSS is proud to present.... The Vicious (And Victorious) VGW Man! And the Pic-Making Pat VD! THE SSS COMMENTATORS! And now, for the aliens in attendance.......And the cyborg's watching world-wide....... LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!!!!!

Lemmy goes and take's on Killer, while Megaman Jumps right over Iggy, and uses the Mega Buster from behind! But Iggy notices and jumps right over the blast! He then head butts Megaman right into Lemmy, sending them both over the side!

Mm0D1 K16D0 Pr0D1 Ig0D0

Killer attacks Iggy with an X-slash, and Iggy attempts to throw him over the side. But Killer teleports behind him and kicks him off! By this time, Lemmy and Megaman are back.  Lemmy attempts to use his ball throw on Mega, but it gets blasted into oblivion by the Mega Buster! Lemmy is angry about that! While he curses at Mega, Killer sneaks up from behind and jabs Lemmy in the back!  Lemmy then jumps up and kicks Killer in the face, knocking him out cold. Iggy, who had just came back, grabs Killer and tosses him over the side!

Mm0D1 K0D1 Pr0D1 Ig0D1

Lemmy and Iggy are now ganging up on Mega! Lemmy uses Ball throw and Iggy uses Wand Shot on Mega. However, Megaman quickly jumps over and behind Lemmy, and the ball and bubbles bounce off each other and into the Twins' faces! Then Megaman blasts Lemmy into Iggy, Sending him Flying!

Mm7D1 K0D1 Pr12D1 Ig0D2

Killer rejoins the party! He jumps in between Lemmy and Mega, and Lemmy attempts to Ball-throw Killer! But He uses X to pop Lemmy's ball, causing an explosion. This sends ALL of them over the side.

Mm0D2 K0D2 Pr0D2 Ig0D2

Iggy returns first. He notices that he's alone, and there is a mine right next to him. He plants the mine, then Megaman comes in! They start to duke it out! Iggy tries to tackle Mega, but he X-teleports (which he learned in Mega vs. Killer) right behind Iggy, causing him to run himself right over the side! Unfortunately, Megaman had teleported right on top of the mine Iggy planted! He was blown sky high!

Mm0D3(OUT) K16D2 Pr0D2 Ig0D3(OUT)

Lemmy and Killer both return, each on the very edge of each side of the arena. Knowing that they're the only ones left, the two rush towards each other. Lemmy throws his ball at Killer, who pops it with his sword. There's another explosion, but this time I can't tell who won! Pat, ask the narrator who won. Hey, Narrator guy! Who won!?

This games winner is... RED TEAM!!

The better player of the team is.....KILLER!



(In the Mini-Powers' locker room....)

Killer: Well, that was a very interesting commentary-style!

Megaman: Ya. and you did pretty good, too!

Killer: Ya, I know. You didnt do very bad, yourself!

Megaman: Thanks.

(In the Koopalings' locker room.....)

Lemmy: Iggy, why didnt you stop running when Rock teleported outta your way!?

Iggy: I was too close to the edge! I didnt have enough time to stop!

Lemmy: Well, thanks to YOU, we weren't able to win this match!

Iggy: Thanks to ME!? YOU'RE the one who sent out a ball full of air pressure! If it's ANYONE's fault, it's YOURS! ::the two fight each other::


(Lemmy and Iggy go see Killer and MM)

Lemmy: Hey there, Kay!

Killer: hi.

Lemmy: I guess this time the student outdid the teacher! ::Killer smirks::


Lemmy: Shut up, Iggy.

(Back at the commentating booth.....)

VGW: Well, it's time for the questions!

  1. Was it good that the Mini-powers won?
  2. Was it cheap that Iggy planted a mine and got them both out at once?
  3. What do you think of the new Commentary Style?
  4. What was Bowser Doing during this match?

(Meanwhile, at Bowser's castle......)

Bowser: ::is watching all this on TV:: Kujian?

(Back at the booth.....)

(Bob Dole walks in)

Pat: What is it this time?

Bob Dole: Bob Dole wants to know why Bob Dole isn't aloud to fight in the tourney is it because Bob Dole would win?

Pat: No, its because you talk to much, and don't even speak properly. ::a cow falls on Bob Dole::

VGW: Pat, this isn't BOTSSSH.....

Pat: So?

VGW: Never mind....well, goodnight everyone!