Goshi: Hello welcome to another exciting match!

Knuckles: Today I will be the guest com since Sonic is in it. It is almost time for the Tag Team finals so we need to do this match to figure out who goes to it!

Goshi: Now if Killer and Blue werenít Boshis (losers) I would be vsing the winner of this match in the finals. But Iím not so who cares. Well anyway its:

Match #50

Fighters for Master Hand's Arena
Speedsters Speedsters Pioneers Pioneers
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

Knuckles: No items will be on so this fight will be an all out brawl! Also only 1 life so when your dead, your dead.

Goshi: Ok and no the fighters are out so let the carnage begin!

Knuckles: Sonic spin attacks Kirby, while Luigi and Pat exchange punches.

Goshi: And whatís this? Luigi Tornado Spins Pat!

Knuckles: True Blue and Kirby continue their fight, until the puffball rock slams Sonic.

Goshi: The Speedsters are going going...but both come back and figure 8 attack Kirby!

Knuckles: Both being weak, Kirby tries to suck up Sonic but Sonic punches him first! KO!

P60 S140 L80

Goshi: Both Speedsters are double-teaming Luigi! The plumber canít take much more...

Knuckles: But it looks like Luigi's throwing Sonic out!

Goshi: Yep. Due to his high damage the throw KOíed Sonic. Now itís a 1 on one fight to find out which team will face the Mini Powers in the championship.

P100 L130

Knuckles: Both fighters continue to fight, the damage getting more serous by the minute. Both are at so high in damage a special attack could take them out.

Goshi: And it looks like Pat has the same thought as you. Pat seems to be moving in for the kill!

Pat: Keechee-yun-elboo!

Knuckles: And since Luigi was already recovering from a punch, he didnít have time to react. He is flying off the edge! Since he went the other direction he didnít slam into the border, but he is falling!

    Unknown to everyone, there was a distortion in the space-time continuum at this time. The first event witnessed follows this text, with the second event happening afterwards. Now, back to your regularly scheduled match.

Luigi: AHH!

Goshi: It looks like the end!

Knuckles: But not quite! Luigi was able to use his triple jump and hang off the edge!

Goshi: Now he's running back to Pat, but Pat's not paying attention because he thought he won!

Knuckles: That mistake will cost him as he just got Fire Uppercuted by Luigi! Pat's now flying out of the screen!

Goshi: Oh sorry. Next time I gotta wait for the opponent to really get eliminated!

Game Set!

This Games Winner is: The Pioneers!!!

The Best Player of the team is: Luigi!!!


(Knuckles, Sonic, Goshi, and Mash are in the com booth)

Goshi: Well I made a blunder...

(Pat walks in)

Pat: That was unfair! I thought I won! Sonic and me are still the best!

Sonic: Calm down lilí speedster. You did great. We did well, but not good enough. Thereís always next time.

Pat: Humph! (walks away)

Knuckles: Well heís a sore loser. Anyway see ya True Blue. I'm going back to the floating island. I left the Chaotix in charge. Bye Goshi. And Sonic...if there's ever another tag team match, call me and Iíll be your partner. (glides out the window)

Sonic: Pats really not that bad, heís just mad that he lost. See ya Rad Red! Well im gonna juice to the locker room. Later Gosh. (runs away)

The 2nd part of the time distortion begins here. This time, the match goes a little differently...

Luigi: AHH!

Goshi: It looks like the end!

Game Set!

This Games Winner is: The Speedsters!!!

The Best Player of the team is: Pat!!!


(Knuckles, Sonic, Goshi, and Mash are in the com booth)

Goshi: Well thank was a pretty good match...

(Pat walks in)

Pat: Yes! Speedsters to the finals!

Sonic: Calm down lilí speedster. But yes, and we will go all the way.

(Luigi walks in)

Luigi: I should have won that!

Sonic: There's always next time.

Luigi: Humph! (walks away)

Knuckles: Well heís a sore loser. Anyway see ya True Blue. I'm going back to the floating island. I left the Chaotix in charge. Bye Goshi. And Sonic, you were great. Next time, if Pat cant be your partner gimme a call, Iíll gladly win with you.

Sonic: Ok, bye Rad Red! Well I gotta juice, see ya Goíster! (runs out)

Pat: Wait for me! (runs out behind him)

Both time distortions end here. Only those that watch this on video will notice what happened.

Mash: Hey I didnít get an interview. Well no big deal...

(Bob Dole walks in)

Bob Dole: Bob Dole loved that match! Bob Dole loved the surprise ending. You guys need to buy Bob Dole season tickets!

Goshi: Ask Tai for tickets.

Meanwhile in Link's room:

(Malon walks in)

Link: Hi! Just got home from the newest stadium match.

(Zelda comes out of Link's bathroom)

Zelda: Link, remember ME?

Link: Err...Zelda! What are you doing here?!?

Zelda: Well I heard from some one about you and Malon! How could you!

Link: Err...

(Saira appears in the room)

Saria: Leave him alone. If he wants to make something of himself so be it.

Zelda: But Link said he loved me! (cries)

Saria: Zelda youíre not the only one. How do you think I felt when he replaced my Fairy Ocarina that I worked on for days for him with your Ocarina of time?!?

Link: But Saira, I still have the Fiary Ocarina. I just donít use it.

Saira: Sure Link.

Link: But I do!

Malon: Donít worry honey, I still trust you.

Zelda: Thatís it! (takes out Triforce of Power) I traded Triforces with Gannon! Now I will use the Triforce of power to become: Ganna!!!

All except Zelda: Ganna?!?!

Ganna: Now for you 2...(puts Malon and Saira in crystals and throws them into a warp hole) Link, marry me or die!

Link: Zelda how could you! If youíre the fairest lady in Hyrule, then why donít you find someone else! (shoots a light arrow at her)


Link: Great...

The next day at the door to Taiís office:

Link: Mr. Paomwersers?

Voice: Tai, who is THAT?

Tai: Master, its Link. Well I gotta go, bye. (opens door) Link what is it?

Link: Who was that?

Tai: Um.. no one...

Link: Whatever. Can I go do something important for a few days?

Tai: If itís real important, go then.

Link: Thank you sir! (walks away)

Goshi: VGW is busy at the moment so Iíll say the questions:

  1. Who is the bigger loser: Boshi, Killer, Blue Yoshi, or Dan Moore?
  2. Will Bob Dole get season tickets?
  3. Did you like that match?
  4. Will Link find Malon and Saria?
  5. Who the heck was Tai talking to?!?!


Goshi: Oops...shouldnít have added that last question. Well anyway react to the match. I gotta go so see you next time in SUPER SMASH STADIUM!!!!