Match #59

The Question: Which couple has more love (AGAIN!)??

Fighters for Yoshi's Island
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Luigi Man: Welcome to another exciting SSS Match!!

::crickets chirp::

Luigi Man: I thought we got rid of the crickets already... anyway, time to introduce the fighters, Daisy?

Daisy: Thank you LM. Today's couples are as follows: Killer and Cala, and since Cala is participating, Killer will not use X. The next couple please, Dark Yoshi.

Dark Yoshi: The next couple have been going on strong for a long time now, Red Yoshi and Yoshelly! Flip?

Flip: The couple I will introduce is the second couple to get married! You guessed it, I'm talking about Kirby and his wife, Kirbetty! Yoshara?

Yoshara: Thanks Flip. The next couple is kind of like the one Flip mentioned. Of course, I'm talking about Killer Kirby and Killer Kirbetty! Raichu26?

Raichu26: Our final couple tonight is one of the best couples around! I'm talking about Samus and Captain Falcon!

::Crowd cheers::

LM: Now, how this match came to be..... Lakitu?

Lakitu: I've got the tape!

::LM puts in the tape and presses Play::

Samus: I'm so happy!

Kirby: And why would that be, Samus?

Samus: I'll tell you why! My boyfriend Captain Falcon and I are in love so much! We have more love than you and Kirbetty...

Kirby: That can't be! We're married, remember? We have way more love than you!

Red: So? Yoshelly and I have been going out the longest!

Killer: ::shrugs:: I bet Cala and I have more love than any couple in the SSS!

Killer Kirbetty: No way, Killer! Killer Kirby and I have more love than you and Cala!

Luigi Man: Daisy and I are getting married, that doesn't mean we have more love than Killer and Cala, or Kirby and Kirbetty. I suggest you guys settle this the SSS way!

All but LM: Okay!

::tape ends::

Yoshara: So now that the story is in place, we'll go over the rules for this match.

R26: The rules are as follows, 3 lives. Dark Yoshi? Flip?

DY: Today's match will have no items.

Flip: And Team Attack is off, we don't want any break-ups here!

Daisy: Killer Kirbetty's moves are the same as Killer Kirby's. See the SP Match for details.

LM: Killer's moves are Theif Punch (Mario's UP+B) Lehum (you all know that) and Ground Pound. Cala's moves are Bolt 2 (PK Thunder), Fire 2 (PK Fire) and Teleport.

All: We now introduce to you....







Flip: So, cuddle up with your loved one for this love-filled match!

R26: So cuddle up and.....


DY: Falcon uses his Falcon Punch on Kirby, but he misses!

LM: Samus starts charging up, while Kirbetty eats Yoshelly!

R26: Kirbetty picks up KK, and slams him!

Daisy: Samus uses her blast on KKB while Falcon uses Falcon kick on Killer and Cala.

YA: Killer Kirbetty recovered and starts beating up Kirby! THIS IS INSANE!!

Flip: WHAT'S THIS?! Killer Kirby has sucked EVERYONE (except KKb of course) up!!! What kind of move will be made?!

DY: Apparently, the move is chosen randomly! And he gets.... HYPER BEAM?!?!?!?!

KK: All right!!!!

LM: Lucky b@$+@rd... He uses it on Cala and Red!!

Daisy: They are knocked out!! KK takes a rest, but Falcon punches him, knocking out his power!!

KK: D@MN!!! I'll get you for that!!

CF: Bring it on, marshmallow.

R26: Stats so far... Ki49 Ca0D1 RY0 D1 Yg64 K86 Kg65 KK31 KKb74 CF55 S34

Flip: CF and KK have a battle! KK thought he won, and taunts as Captain Falcon flies away... but wait, he didnt die! He ran to KK and before KK could react he used Falcon Punch to cut short the marshmallows life!

Dark Yoshi: Meanwhile Kirbetty and Yoshelly double team Samus. And shes going, going, gone! Then they both go at each other and charge the opposite directions and both use their v+B moves, making them kill themselves.

Raichu026: Thats odd... Anyways Killer and Cala fight KK and KKB. Killer turns KKB into an egg, destroying her. Stats:

Killer:104 Cala:48 KK:28 KKB:0 R:200 CF:250 S:1 Ysh:10 K:80 KB: 90

Daisy: KK uses his smash attack to finish off Killer, then gets revenge on a weakened CF.

Luigi Man: Samus is slaughtering Red! He has the same chance of surviving as Goshi has of getting a girlfriend by the end of the week!

(Goshi Telports in)

LM: uhh.. hi Goshi..

Goshi: I heard you... MAKANKOSAPPO!

We Are Currently Experienceing Technical Difficulties.. Please Wait..

Yoshara: We missed a lot due to Goshi! First of all, it seems Killer and Cala have a grudge against KKb and KK, as thanks to their double teaming antics KK has one life and KKb is gone!

DY: Red died once, and Yoshelly died twice, ending her fight. Killer died once, when he protected Cala from death! Those two have strong love!

Daisy: And it seemed CF and Samus, after they they were killed by both Red Yoshi and Kirbetty, ended up yelling at each other, which distracted them allowing Killer to put them to sleep (as they said sorry). Kirby lost a life in the battle, but came back to help his wife take on Killer and Cala!

Luigi Man: Now back to the fight! After Cala was swallowed by Kirby, he used her own move against her! Red then killed Kirby by 'throwing him' out of bounds.

Flip: Cala came back and what?! SHE TURNED INTO X! KILLER PICKED HER UP!!!! IS THIS LEGAL?!?!?!

Luigi Man: Let's see... Yes, I'm afraid so... but doing this Cala gave up her lives and the Killer with X fighter now has 2 lives and is at 150 damage. I would post the current stats, but SOMEBODY broke the stat machine.

Yoshara: While that was happening, KK copied Red, but this is not enough to stop his smash attack. KK is KO'ed!

Raichu026: And The Killer/Cala Combo has most of Killer's moves! He uses his Spin attack to finish off red...

Killer: Sorry Red!

Flip: Now it's a battle between the Dreamlanders and Killer! A rock-slam kills the new and improved Killer once, but he comes back to give them a taste of their own medcine-- he hip drops Kirbetty. KO!

Luigi Man: This fight is getting good! This sure ain't love between these three--- well two of em are, and the other with his sword.. but well.. you get the point....

Daisy: I'll try figure out the stats, but it looks pretty hard with the broken machine..

Kirby-20 Kb-0 K-110

Killer: You're going down, s'mores!


Dark Yoshi: OH..... MY... GOD! Kirby just transformed into a big boomerang, like in Kirby64!

Raichu026: And he's picked up by Kirbetty who throws it at Killer! Killer's going... wait! He survived!

Luigi Man: He charges at Kirbetty, and another fight breaks out! Killer 'throws' her, but like before with Killer, she survived! Killer doesn't react to her piledriver fast enough, and then she ends the match with hip drop! This time Killer is really flying away!

All Announcers: GAME SET!

This Game's winner is..... THE GREEN TEAM!

The better player of the game is..... KIRBETTY!


LM: MASH!! Lazy bum...

Mash: Interviewing time?

Flip: Yes, now go!

Mash: You got it! ::In Killer's Locker Room::

Killer: Boy, Dreamlanders sure are tough when they're not in your mouth...

Cala: We'll get them next time, Calvin.

::Mash walks in::

Mash: Hello you two, what is your opinion on this match?

Cala: Dreamlanders are tougher than they look...

Killer: Red and Yoshelly are tough too.

Cala: But we're not worried.

::Cala and Killer kiss::

Mash: Thanks for your co-operation!

::Mash goes to see Samus and Falcon::

Mash: What do you guys think of this match?

Falcon: I think that maybe Smaus and I don't have as much love as we say we do...

Mash: Samus? What do you say to that?

Samus: While it does appear that married couples have a lot of love, I still think Falcon and I will last quite a while.

Mash: Well put, Samus.

::Mash leaves as Falcon and Samus start kissing::

Mash: ::singing:: Love is in the air, every sight and every sound...

::Mash arrives in Yoshelly's locker room::

Mash: Too bad such a great couple lost, what are your opinions on that?

Red: I think this may endanger my relationship with Yoshelly...

Yoshelly: No way! I'll still love you! ::kisses Red on the lips::

Mash: I'll leave now...

::Mash goes to see the winning couple::

Mash: Congratulations, guys! Was there ever any doubt?

Kirby: Nope, I have great faith in Kirbetty!

Kirbetty: Awww Kirby! That's so sweet! ::gives Kirby a BIG kiss::

Mash: This is starting to get to me... ::leaves::

::Mash arrives at Killer Kirby's office::

Mash: How did you think you did?

KKb: Well, not bad considering this was my first match.

Mash: KK?

KK: I think I'm better as a Superpower than a fighter, but I'm ok with that! I've still got my girlfriend! ::kisses KKb::

Mash: Ugh..... I think I'm gonn be sick, "Super Smooch Stadium" has returned, with a vengance! Back to you, LM.

::LM sees Flip and R26 kissing, as well as DY and Yoshara::

LM: Daisy? how about a kiss?

::Daisy kisses LM::

LM: Daisy, you're the best!

Daisy: You too, LM.

Flip: Let's all ask the questions:


1. Even though they are married, do Kirby and Kirbetty really have the most love?

2. Should LM and Daisy have participated?

3. Is Goshi as big of a jerk as Boshi?

DY: This is Dark Yoshi...

R26: Raichu26...

LM: Luigi Man...

Daisy: Daisy...

YA: Yoshara...

Flip: and Flip saying...