Announcer: Welcome to the First Annual Smashy Award Show!

(music plays and audience cheers)

Announcer: Featuring--

Announcer: From the Warrior Cafe, here is your host......Goshi!

Goshi: Thank You...and welcome to the first ever Smashy Awards! Today video game characters and regulars at SSS will be given awards for their popularity around SSS! So we wi-

Knight: YOU SUCK!

(ROMba and Dark Horse grab Knight and take him away)


Goshi: Sorry for that... now giving out the best partner award will be Bass and Zero!

(The Megaman theme plays, as Zero and Bass step up)

Zero: It is an honor giving this award even if it has to be done with Bass. Partners usually let people of SSS express emotions they usually wouldn't using their normal characters.

Bass: Yes, Partners are friends of their 'owners' and even if you weren't nominated, other partners are still winners, like me.

Zero: ...

Bass: what is with that...? Anyway? Is that how you became such a great maverick hunter? Or is it how you have so much 'painful memories?' I mean, come on! Big deal, I was made by Wily, and you don't see me complaining about anything more than his crappy other robots!


(Zero begins to shoot Bass, who dodges the attacks then teleports out. An angered Zero takes out his Z-Sabre and charges at the audience)

Goshi: Security!

Dark Horse: Zero, calm down!

Zero: KILL!

(Dark Horse and ROMba morph into their Warrior forms, and grab Zero and take him away. Bass then teleports back)

Bass: Err... anyway the nominees for best partner are-

Bass: And the Winner is...THE KOOPA BROS! (Bass walks down and The Koopa Bros. Come up as their theme plays)

Red: Thank you very much for voting for us.

Yellow: It is an honor to win!

Black: But we knew we were going to win the whole time!

Blue: The other candidates were wussolas!

Red: We'd like to thank Bowser and Super Shy Guy (They walk away with the award)

Goshi: So there goes the partner award! And now to give out the Best Video Game award, H-Cuz and Kamek!

(Kamek and H-Cuz walk up to BOTVGHs theme--if it has one)

H Cuz: Hello SSS! Here with me to present Best Video Game for the SSS awards, is Kamek.

Kamek: Hiya.

H Cuz: I'm representing BOTVGH for no apparent reason. Anyway... here are the nominees.

Kamek: The nominee's are-

H Cuz: Annnnnd the winner is....... Super Mario World!

Kamek: Wait a second! Why wasn't Yoshi's Island nominated?!?! My stupid sister Kammy got HER game nominated, so where was mine?! This is an outrage!! Blah blah blah...

H Cuz: OK, I think we need to get you out of here. (grabs Kamek and runs off)

Kamek: Ack!

Announcer: here to accept the award is Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi!

(Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi come up to The Mario Bros. Theme; Mario is still in a wheelchair from his "mysterious incident")

Mario: It's a honor to a win this award!

Yoshi: Thank You! Yoshi!

Luigi: And I'm a glad to be given credit to a the award!

Mario: I'd like to thank a Nintendo of Japan, Nintendo of America, Supa Smash Stadium, Luigi, everyone who a voted for Super Mario World, and everyone responsible for making this a game! See you in-a Game cube and Gameboy Advance!

(the three walk back to their seats with the awards. It zooms in to Mario and Luigi both tugging on the award, both trying to grab it for himself. Yoshi eats them and takes the award, as the two brothers fight inside an egg)

Goshi: Ok... Anyways I'm glad a classic game won, but I would have wanted Rockman and Forte to win. Too bad it wasn't nominated. And now for the Yoshi Choir!

(The Yoshi Choir comes up and sings the theme of Yoshi's Story)

Goshi: That was a great performance! And now giving out the best fighter award, The SSB Arena Fighting Masters!

(The fighting masters come up)

Cujosh & SSBFreak: Welcome to SSB Arena!!!

R26: Guys, we're at SSS.

GG: I think they've been eating Scooby Snacks...

DY: You should stop with that joke.

R26: So true...

Cujosh & SSBFreak: ok... Welcome to SSS!!!

Warui: LOL

R26: Wasn't there another one?

GG: He sent his regards...

Cujosh: We have got three guys, a Yoshi, a bear, and a bird.

GG: Better than two guys, a girl, and a Pikachu! (R26 hits GG hard) OW!

SSBFreak: ok, the nominees for best SSS fighter are...

Cujosh: Luigi's brother, Mario!

Warui: My very own dad, Dad!

R26: He means Wario...

SSBFreak: SSB Arena's very own Banjo-Kazooie!

DY: The first yoshi knight, Killer Yoshi!

GG: And the boy genius, Ness!

SSBFreak: The winner is... Banjo-Kazooie64!

(The fighting masters go down as Banjo and Kazooie go up to the Spiral Mountain theme)

Kazooie: Woah, I didn't think we would win. We only fought once.

Banjo: Doesn't matter; we won!

Kazooie: (sigh)

Banjo: Anyways, thank you all for voting for us. We really apprecate it.

Kazooie: We will always do our best in the fights and we hope the SSS will be a great success. Thank you, all!

Banjo: And I hope Goshi will continue the awards thing. I like the idea of it.

Banjo and Kazooie: See ya!

(they walk down)

Goshi: Congrads to BK64! And now, the half time show for tonight is going to be a big matchup between recent rivals! Let's go to the stadium!

(the camera goes to the stadium)

Match #63

The Question: Which cameraman will become fired from the Stadium?

Fighters for Billy's Lake
Mash Toady Lakitu
Player 1 Player 2

The Background:

Paula: Thank you Goshi. It is I, Paula from Earthbound, along with my partner from another RPG, Lakilester!

Lakilester: It's Spike, thank you. Today, we have been asked to commentate a grudge match between two skilled cameramen at the Stadium.

Paula: In case no one received this "SSS Sunrise" thing I've only heard about, basically both cameramen were congradulated for their fine skills on the same match by two different groups.

Lakilester: I believe the Sunrise has set; too much has gone on for the maker of it...whoever it is.

Paula: Anyway, this fight is going to be a little different than most fights we have.

Lakilester: Whoever beats their opponent twice wins. However, after someone loses, both fighters regain their health and get transported to a new arena. Up to three arenas will be played on today.

Paula: The two fighters have entered the first arena, Billy's Lake. However, for all arenas, no items will be used (except for the health boosts in between arenas).


Paula: Mash and Lakitu quickly meet on the center dock, but Mash's power overpowers Lakitu's speed.

Lakilester: That's not funny, considering he's on a cloud--wait! Mash is now receiving pain thanks to Lakitu's Spiny Storm!

Paula: I must give him credit; I thought that you were the only one that could perform that move.

Lakilester: Only skilled Lakitu's (such as myself) can do it. Now, what is Mash trying to do with his camera?

Mash: Take this. FREEZE FRAME! (an ice beam-like attack shoots out)

Paula: Lakitu doesn't have much time to avoid it, but somehow he does!

Lakilester: Now Lakitu throws Mash into the water! This fight could end here!

Paula: Under water, Mash tries to avoid the fish, but he needs to get hit by them in order to escape.

Lakilester: It doesn't look like it.

Paula: Can't we toss a water shield down?

Lakilester: No breaking your own rules! (music: da-da-da-da da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da DUM!) And Mash has lost this fight due to drowning!

Paula: OK; can anyone here teleport the fighters?

Lakilester: In this case you can throw out some Abras; they will do the rest. (tosses an Abra out; Teleports the fighters to the Death Egg)

Paula: This is some place Abra teleported the fighters to; there are no pits.

Lakilester: Still, Mash and Lakitu go at it right away, ignoring everything that comes their way; including Metal Sonic! OUCH!

Paula: That only did 10% damage, but the fighters continue their projectiles from afar.

Lakilester: About 15 seconds later, Metal Sonic comes out again, but Mash avoids him.

Paula: However, Lakitu gets hit and--knocked out of his cloud?!?

Lakilester: That gives Mash to deliver a "Camera 'Cut" to Lakitu, who gets knocked off the Death Egg.

Paula: ABRA, go! (Abra teleports everyone [minus Lakitu's cloud] to Gaz's Toybox)

Lakilester: Lakitu must win without the help of his cloud; most likely his cloud will only make him closer to death from Gaz's hand anyway.

Paula: Both fighters try going at it hand to hand, but no one got any advantage.

Lakilester: And now another block has come onto the field; lots of these blocks contain explosives, don't they?

Paula: All of them do, really; no items are allowed. Reguardless, Mash is really into the block throwing, even as new ones come down and almost land on his head.

Lakilester: However, the grounded Lakitu spins around the holes and the thrown blocks with ease.

Paula: Lakilester, how long has it been since these guys have they been in this fight?

Lakilester: (checks his watch) #1, it's Spike. #2, it's been about 80 seconds. That means Gaz's hand is supposed to arrive any time now.

Paula: Lakitu notices the shadow, and starts charging up some sort of attack...wait; is that the Dizzy Shell?

Lakilester: No way! Now he's even cooler than me! I'm guessing that Lakitu trained with Kooper for no-cloud combat, and now Lakitu is going straight for Mash!

Paula: The move connects, and Mash is dazed!

Lakilester: Gaz's hand has come in, and it looks like it is going for Mash!

Paula: You're right! Mash to too dazed to even stand up! Gaz's hand grabs him and takes him out!

Lakilester: This fight is over! Thank you Kooper!

This fight's winner is...LAKITU!!!


Lakitu: I must admit, even I didn't know of your Freeze Frame ability.

Mash: Same here with the Dizzy Shell. It was a close match, though. While I might have lost to a versatile Lakitu, just call me when you're sick or something and maybe I can help out.

Kooper: (enters) Actually, Lakitu and I have thought of either Paula or Lakilester for the interviewing and camera shots.

Mash: Well, don't count me out yet. Now, how about we head back to the Award Show?

Lakitu: Let's.

(the camera goes back to the Warrior Cafe)

Goshi: Now wasn't that an exciting match? And now it's time for one of the most important awards...The Best Fan Award! Here to give it out is Adam, Calvin, Diablo, and Ozzie!

(they come up to Gato's theme)

Adam: The SSS is made up of three parts really...

Calvin: The first part is the SPs...

Ozzie: Second, SMBHQ's web space...

Diablo: But really, the most important part of the SSS is the fans that come here.

Adam: Without good fans, we wouldn't have a reason to come every day...

Ozzie: And our band wouldn't have any fans.

Calvin: But we love all of you guys, from KiddyKong64 to Super Shy Guy to Raichu26 and back again.

Diablo: So we've taken the time from our day to announce the award for best fan...

Ozzie: And the nominees are...

Calvin: Kiddy Kong Sixty-Four...

Adam: Waddle Dee of Doom...

Diablo: Nicholas64...

Calvin: Banjo-Kazooie64...

Ozzie: And finally Gaspar... I mean Game Guru.

Adam: The envelope, please?

Diablo: (hands him the envelope)

Adam: And the winner is... Waddle Dee of Doom!

(they walk down as WDD comes up to Kirby's theme)

Waddle Dee of Doom: I won!!! Thank you for voting for me! I'm going to give everybody who voted for me a reward! If you look in the unused men's lavatory, there will be a cabinet under a sign that says "Beware of the leopard." Look in that cabinet and get your reward. It's wonderful that people think I'm the best fan! Thank you all!

(she walks down)

Goshi: Congratulations to the first fan of the year, Waddle Dee of Doom!

(Jes comes down in a parachute)


(Goshi kicks Jes up in the air, then jumps up and kicks him back to the ground. Dark Horse and ROMba [now unmorphed] carry him away)

Goshi: (sigh) Not again...anyway now Neko Flashblade and Violet Lillymon will present the best Video Game Character Award!

(Neko and Violet walk up)

Neko: Hello, fans and Super Powers! We are here to announce the winner of the "Best Video Game Character Award" for the SSS Awards!

Violet: It's an honor to be giving this award. There were many great game characters to choose from, but only five nominees. So, before we announce the nominees and the winner, we would like to recognize all the Video Game characters not chosen. From the very first, Pac-Man, to many of the most recent, such as Bow and Goombario from Paper Mario and Dagger and Squall from Final Fantasy fame.

Neko: So, to those who were not nominated, we still know how great you are.

Violet: The nominees for "Best Video Game Character" are:

Neko: And the winner is (opens envelope)

Neko and Violet together: VIVI, from Final Fantasy 9!

Vivi: (stands up) YAY! (runs up to the podium, trips on the way; gets up and continues to walk up to the stage, to the Final Fantasy IX theme as Neko and Violet come down) Thank you those who voted for me. It is an honor being at this 'Super Smash Stadium' and maybe I can come back here another time. I got to be going so goodbye. (Vivi walks down)

Goshi: Good Work to Vivi! Now for The Indigo-Gos, singing their smash hit The New Wave Bossa Nova and a new song written by Evan! Even If It was Accually Written By Japas...

(a curtain pulls up and Evan, Lulu, Japas, Mikau, and Tijo are there, ready to rock. They play the New Wave Bossa Nova (full version) and that song Japas wrote)

Goshi: Good Work Indigo-Gos! Now to present the best SSS Match, otherwise known as SSB Grudge Match, Robert Dole and ex president William Jefferson Clinton!

(Bob Dole and Bill Clinton come up to the Star Spangled Banner theme)

Bob Dole: Bob Dole thanks Super Smash Stadium for entertaining Bob Dole! You've guys been Great!

Bill Clinton: And now that I'm retired, I have free time to go on this Internet. Former election opponent Bob Dole told me about this 'Super Smash Stadium' and I go now! It has good fights and great burgers!

Bob Dole: And now Bob Dole will read off the nominees for best SSS Match:

Bill Clinton: And the winner is Mario vs. Luigi: The Brother Bout!

Announcer: Here to accept the award is Mario, Luigi, and Kyle Orland

(Bob Dole and Bill Clinton walk down, as Mario, Luigi, and Kyle walk up to the Mario Bros theme)

Mario: Thank a you! Luigi and-a me won two awards!

Luigi: We a are so grateful! Thank a you Kyle! And I'm a the best brother!

Mario: NO, I-A AM!

Kyle: Guys, save it for later... Thank you people of Super Smash Stadium! It is an honor. I might be gone from SSS, but it was fun while it lasted!

(Kyle walks off stage with the award while Mario and Luigi begin to fight. They start a fire that a Koopa Troopa worker puts out, while ROMba and Dark Horse take the brothers away)

Goshi: Congratulations to Mario and Luigi for winning two awards and Banjo and Kazooie for being nominated for 4! Anyway it is time for something you might not have expected. This Award show is the finale of season two. Before the final award is given out, lets look at a few things from the past two seasons, before we enter new times, with new adventures, new fighters, and possibly new superpowers.

(The following clips are shown as Green Day's "Time of Your Life" plays)

  1. New Fighters entering the SSS at different times
  2. The new superpowers coming in
  3. Killer stealing fighters
  4. The castle raid matches
  5. The message board fight
  6. The building of Smashtopia as the old message board blows up
  7. VGW Man, Dyria, Jupiter, and Zero on their way to Ganna
  8. VGW Man using Armageddon on Powers
  9. VGW Man, ROMba, and Dyria becoming warriors and slaying Ganna
  10. Pat using Billy to defeat Hyperion
  11. The Koopa Twins and Killer using their new powers for the first time
  12. Tomintul with a dying Draco
  13. Tai becoming president of Super Smash Stadium
  14. It ends with a shot of all the SPs

Goshi: And now it is time for the final award! Giving out the best superpower award the only two superpowers not in the award, Prince Iggy Koopa and Killer Kirby!

(Iggy and KK go up to Gato's theme)

Iggy: Hello! This is the only award with 7 people in it

Killer Kirby: Iggy and myself couldn't run because we had more popular siblings running and there was already too many people running.

Iggy: The candidates are...

KK: VGWarrior/Dark Horse...

Iggy: Prince Lemmy Koopa...

KK: Lugia...

Iggy: Patrick V...

KK: Luigi Man...

Iggy: Tomintul...

KK: And Goshi.

Iggy: And the winner is-- (the power goes out)

Announcer: What's the deal with this power outage? My contract does not include this!

KK: What's going on?