Match #65

The Question: Will the SPs win back the Stadium from the evil that destroyed it?

Good Guys:
  • Dark Horse (VGW)
  • Lemmy
  • Iggy
  • Pat
  • Zeratul
  • Tomintul
  • Luigi Man
  • Killer Kirby
  • ROMba
  • Dark Force
  • Others
Bad Guys:

  • Dark Geno/Exor
  • Tai
  • Others

Last Time:
Present; SPs (minus Lugia) and ROMba are at the Smashtopian Gate

Dark Horse: This is some mess we have gotten ourselves into.

Pat: Yes; thank you Mr. Ed for sending us away from our barn!

Lemmy: Look on the bright side--

Iggy: --it could be worse.

Dark Horse & Pat: HOW?

Tomintul: Calm down guys. We need to focus on what to do.

Zeratul: (shows up) Tom is right.

Goshi: What the...guys, did we ever have a Protoss as an SP?

Luigi Man: That Protoss looks familiar, though...

Killer Kirby: I still see parts of the old face; you are Lugia!

Zeratul: Was Lugia. You know of those Suicide Pills from Perfect Dark?

Pat: I have heard of them, but I don't know what they do.

Zeratul: When you die, the Suicide Pill changes your molecular structure to another creature.

ROMba: Normally, whoever finds a Suicide Pill gets to keep it forever, but I hacked in the game this time, and therefore I couldn't get a permament Suicide Pill.

Tomintul: Wait a sec...Lugia DIED during the Apocolypse?

ROMba: I checked for survivors after the explosion; Lugia wasn't moving. I put the Suicide Pill by his wing; the pill started to take effect.

Lemmy: Shouldn't Zeratul's face--

Iggy: --resemble nothing of Lugia's?

Zeratul: That's the only part of the transformation that has to be completed now. (feels his face change) Now there is no more resemblance. Even though I no longer have the face of Lugia, can I still work at SSS?

Goshi: Worry about SP-ship later; right now we need to figure out if there will be an SSS to work AT.

Dark Force: (teleports in) Once again, I am sorry for making that deal in the first place.

Dark Horse: Just help us out of this jam. And by the way, I still can't morph yet.

Dark Force: I estimate that in around 30 minutes, you can morph again. Anyway, trouble is starting to come to Smashtopia.

Tomintul: Then the Attack Beacon should sound off soon; allies will be coming.

Dark Force: All of you SPs will have your own mission to do. Dark Horse and ROMba will come with me. Lemmy and Iggy, you see where Geno's spirit might be hiding. The rest of you stay here and handle the enemies that come.

LM & KK: Why should we wait here?

Dark Force: I don't know all of the trouble that has started or will start. All I know is that we must act now.

Lemmy, Iggy, Dark Horse, ROMba, and Dark Force go to wherever they are sent to.


Pat: (Goes to stand outside the Gate.) What a jip... Huh? What's that?

(The !REX! Airship that had previously been resting between nearby hills is lifting off.)

Pat: The hell...

 (Takes off in Flight, until his altitude matches that of the Airship. He sees with his improved eyesight into the bridge; It's...)

Pat: TAI!? (Flies at the Airship)

Tai: (Sees Pat) Looks like I win Pat! Don't even try; you'll never make it!

Pat: Kamehame..HA! (fires at the airship) Grr.. MAKANKOSAPPO! (fires at the hull and begins drilling a hole in it)

Tai: (the airship shakes) ACK! Stupid Saiyajin! (presses a button. The ship fires a large energy beam at Pat)

Pat: AGG!! (Is hit. Starts falling rapidly, until...)

Knuckles: GOTCHA! (glides in and catches Pat)

Pat: Knuckles!

Knuckles: Who'd you expect, Edgar Eagle?

Pat: Fly me to the airship!

Knuckles: Gotcha! (flies them toward the airship)


Lemmy: Iggy...where are we going, Iggy?

Iggy: Weíre going to find Genoís spirit--Duh!

Lemmy: I know that, but do we even know where to look?

Iggy: Uh... (Stops short)

Lemmy: Why not find it with the scepter?

Iggy: Right! (Holds up the scepter) Magic scepter, show us the way to Genoís Spirit! (The scepter glows brightly and points north. The two walk in that direction.)


Luigi Man: I wonder why we were told to stay here?

Killer Kirby: Don't ask me.

Luigi Man: I want that Geno/Exor guy dead; he is the reason why our retirement is delayed!

Killer Kirby: (beep) Hang on a sec LM; my communicator is beeping.

Coo: Coo Coo! There is trouble at DreamPlumber Village. Get there fast! Coo Coo COO!

Luigi Man: DreamPlumber Village?!? That's our hometown!

Killer Kirby: Let's go!


Tomintul: OK, so why are we waiting here? LM and KK got to go somewhere.

Zeratul: Don't ask me; I don't know.

Sephiroth: There you are Tom!

Tomintul: What is it now?

Sephiroth: It is time for our duel. Meet me at the Endless Field.

Tomintul: The Stadium is destroyed; how CAN I get there?

Sephiroth: It's only a mile or two south of here. Hurry as well; the commentators can't wait around.

Tomintul: Argh...all right. Our match must happen!


Zeratul: I wish I could fly...I'd like to scout what's going on on the other side of Smashtopia.

Goshi: I'm the Wind Yoshi, so perhaps I can lift you up in a tornado.

Zeratul: Do it.

Goshi: ELEVATION! (Zeratul gets lifted by a tornado)

Zeratul: OK now...THE HELL?!? SOUND THE ALARM!

Goshi: (gets Zeratul down) What's the problem?

Zeratul: A whole army of bad guys from around the universe are charging towards the city gates! Five people are leading the charge!

Goshi: Who are those five?

Zeratul: No time; I must help the fans win! Guard the back entrance! (runs to Smashtopia; at that time the Homing Beacon activates)


Dark Force: Well, here we are at Master Hand's Home.

ROMba: I have never been here before.

Dark Horse: Neither have I for that matter.

Dark Force: I'm going to search for Exor; you find Dyria. (goes off)

Dark Horse: (enters MH's Home with ROMba) Which way do we go?

ROMba: Down; cellars are usually downstairs.

(25 minutes later)

Dark Horse: Good news; I can morph again. Bad news; we still haven't found Dyria!

ROMba: Get out your Ele-Axe, but don't morph; we can use Windy Messanger to find her. (gets out her Ele-Claws)

Dark Horse: I thought we had to be morphed to use these weapons... (pulls out Ele-Axe)

ROMba and Dark Horse: WINDY MESSANGER! (the two messangers search the hallways, then come back with news)

ROMba: This way! (goes down the center passage)

Dark Horse: I'm coming! (follows ROMba)


Goshi: I am jealous of Zeratul; he wanted me to guard the back entrance of Smashtopia. Who would come through the back?!?

(A flash appears, and Boshi, Meta Knight, Sigma, Anti-Guy, and the person who looks like VGWarrior that rescued Boshi after being defeated all appear)

?????: Where is Dark Horse?

Goshi: Wait a're the Veegee wannabe that attacked me when I was gonna kill Boshi!

Boshi: Iíll return the favor...


Goshi: (in a sarcastic tone) Heís kind of busy right now, shall I leave a message?

?????: Oh well, I guess Iíll have to make due with killing you then waiting. First I should introduce myself. I am AGMaster, leader of the New Fearsome Five! The other members are--

Boshi: Boshi!

Meta Knight: Meta Knight!

Sigma: Sigma!

Anti Guy: Anti Guy!

All: We are the Fearsome Five! Surrender or Die!


(LM and KK walk into a village)

LM: Here we are, DreamPlumber Village! We are home!

KK: But why is everyone running around?

(all of a sudden two very familiar people jump out of a window)

KP: This the REAL Killer Pikachu...

MM: This is the TRUE Mario Man...


KP: Killer Kirby, Long Time No See!

LM: Wrong order dolts!

KK: Whereís Dan?

MM: Dan is no more...And now to prove whom the better pair is! (MM and KP charge at LM and KK)

LM: Whatever you say fake-o! (blocks MMís attack and begins to beat him up)

KP: Killer-CHU! (thunderís KK)

KK: I never liked Pokťmon! Killer Kirby Kutter (slashes KP, then beats him up more)

LM: Hey Mario Man! Do you know what time is it?

MM: Why In fact its 5:50 PM Mounta- (gets hit by a hammer)

LM: Tool Time!

MM: Why you... (runs at LM who has his fist up. MM runs right into it)

LM: You are as stupid as you look!

MM: Grr...

KP: Ahh! You wonít get away with this! (Goes flying back)

MM: Ok! Killer Pikachu? Time for super special attack!

KP: You donít mean? If we must...

MM: Mario Man--

KP: --and Killer Pikachu!

Both: Combine to... (they jump together and transform to a guy with high tech armor and a jet pack) ...DARK DAN!

LM: So you are Dan!

Dark Dan: Not exactly! We are the Dark Side of Dan! We got rid of his light side that is now a super wimp! HAHAHA!

KK: Your one person now idiots! Itís I, not We!

Dark Dan: Well sorry Mr. Grammar! We forgot!

LM: Lets finish this dork (flame uppercuts DD)

DD: OUCH! Now take this! Omega Orb! (Shoots a small orb that hits both LM and KK)


DD: NOW THIS! (Begins shooting beams at LM and KK nonstop)

LM: --AHH!-- KK THIS --AHH!-- JERK IS BEING WAY TOO CHEAP! --AHH!-- (keeps getting hit)

KK: WHAT --AHH!-- ARE --AHH!-- WE GONNA --AHH!-- DO? (keeps getting hit)




Both LM and KK: (jump out away from the beams) COMBINE! (jump together and transform to a yoshi wearing a shirt and jeans)


DF: Hm... I wonder where Exor may be...

(Dark Force gets hit in the neck and his HP drops to 994)

Exor: I'm right here, you moron! Take this! Exor whirl!

(Exor shoots a beam of flaming discs)

(Dark Force dodges the beam)

DF: Nice try... I see that you love cheap shots.

Exor:Right on!

DF: If cheap shots is what you want.... that's what you'll get.

Exor: I wouldn't be so calm if I were in your shoes....

DF: Let us begin, shall we?

Exor: Gladly! Hm... should I kill you quickly to show you my power..... or should I kill you slowly to--

(DF rushes past Exor and knocks him down)

Exor: Aaggggh!! Now I'm mad!Take this!! ::casts Luminaire::

(MH's Home is surrounded by a blinding light)

(the light fades, and there's nothing left of the house)

Exor:Heheheh... where are you?

(no answer)

Exor: Just as I thought. He was no match for my powers.

Exor: Sigh.... no challenge....

(Exor is shocked by a blast of thunder)

Exor:Gasp... what....

(Exor is shocked again)

DF: I hope you enjoyed the electrifying experience!

Exor: Why... you... (expletive)!! How did you survive Luminaire?!

(DFcasts Halation)

DF994 Ex1

Exor:You... think... you..'ve... won? Take... this....

(Exor casts HP SWITCH)

Exor: The tables have turned, no?

(DF heals himself back to 700hp with cura)

DF:I'm afraid not.

Exor: AAAARGHHH!! (casts Flare)

(DF casts Holy Blaze to counter)

(the two spells collide and a huge explosion occurs, hurting both combatants)

DF: Where did you learn that?

Exor:Oh. Flare? Some weird Vivi kid taught it to me the other day--

(Exor is hit by a fire ball)

(DF casts Doom Blaze)

Exor: Take this.... ::casts Meteor::

(a meteor comes crashing towards the arena)

(DF shrinks the meteor, and only a small stone falls on the arena)

Exor: Damn cheater!

DF: What? Haven't you seen something like that happen in "The Simpsons?"

Exor: All right then....Meteor X!

DF: (tries to srhink the meteor, but E[X]or's power is blocking the shrinkage)

DF700 Ex4

Exor: That was a special meteor that heals me when you get hurt! All of my X moves do that!

DF: You are one cheap bastard, you know?

Exor: I know. LUMINAIRE X!


(The two arrive outside a forest.)

Weird little frog guy 1: Halt! Nobody gets in without orders from the Master! Ribbit!

Weird little frog guy 2: Ribbit! Not without Masterís permission! Ribbit!

Lemmy: Umm...Who is--

Iggy: --your master here?

Weird little frog guy 1: Master Powers, Ribbit! Told us to guard here, Ribbit!


WLFG1: Ooops...

Lemmy: Powers...LETíS GET THEM!

Iggy: TIME STOP BLAST! (He swings his scepter and freezes both frogs in space/time)

Lemmy: Brotherly--

Iggy: --HATE! (Two two spin around and hit the Weird little frog guys with the B rotherly Hate black heart, eliminating them)

Lemmy: After you.

Iggy: (Walks in, followed by Lemmy)


Zeratul: Everyone, go all out and stop these guys!

Hydronix: Metal Greymon Force, go for Hyperion and the Dark Masters!

MGM: GIGA-BLASTERS! (the evil Digimon got damaged)

Dark Yoshi: DARK BLAST! (attacks evil Mario bad guys)

Banjo & Kazooie: WONDERWING! (goes through Gruntilda like no tomorrow)

Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, & Parakarry: Star...

Bow, Watt, Sushie, and Lakilester: ...Spirit...

All Eight: PEACH BEAM! (the power of the Star Rod crushes most of the Pokťmon enemies)

Flip: SUPER SHELL SPIN! (bowls through Dr. Wily's robots)

Ryu, Ken, & Sakura: SHINKUU HADOKEN! (wipes the evil X-Men)

Bill the Extra Guy: THE EXTRA MOVE! (freezes various minor enemies)

Fred the Spanyard: DEATH RAY! (kills said enemies)

Zeratul: There are too many of them! This defense can't last much longer! HYPER BEAM! (the move fails to come out) Drat; I forgot that I'm not Lugia! This can't be good......


Pat: MASENKO-HA!!! (blasts a hole in the ship and jumps in)

Knuckles: Good luck, kid! (flies off)

Pat: (runs up the stairway and comes into a room)

Tai: (in another room) Little brat.. now you'll pay the price for trying to stop me... (laughs evilly)

Pat: (notices something on the table)

    A clock countdowns from three to zero. The whole Atmospherical booster tank, which Pat is right outside of, blows up. It doesn't matter, though, because the Airship is already in Outer Space.)

Tai: Now.. nobody can stop me.. aha.. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

(Footsteps are heard running up, the corridor... The door opens.)

Tai: (turns around) No.. HOW DID YOU--!?!?

Pat: (appears) Come really expected a giant gas tank explosion to kill an SSJ?

Tai: Grr.. it seems I've underestimated you... (takes his fighting stance)

Pat: (takes his own fighting stance)

Tai: Bring it on!

Tai: SHADOWLESS KICK! (jump-kicks at Master Powers)

Tai: (tries to block, but Pat goes right through him) HUH!?!? (turns around. Suddenly, he is hit from the REAL Pat this time)

Tai: Hurr.. OXYBUBBLE! (creates an air bubble around himself, and jumps through the window)

Pat: OH NO YOU DONT! (flies after him)


AGMaster: You still want a piece of me and the rest of this group?

Zero: (enters) I knew Sigma was still around somewhere! Time for you to be erased!

Sigma: We will see about that Maverick!

Cid: (enters) The Anti-Guy! You always try to give the Shy Guys a bad name! It's your turn to die!

Anti Guy: I don't see things that way.

Gooey: (enters) I have heard that Kirby was captured, and apparently you play a part in this Meta Knight. Time to lose your honor AND life!

Meta Knight: The fools are the ones that work with heroes.

Goshi: Ok, hears the rules...Iíll fight Boshi, Zero will take Sigma, Gooey will fight Meta Knight and Cid will fight the Anti-Guy. If we win you leave us alone.

AGMaster: So be it. In the sprit of your former stadium, Let the Smashing Begin!

Goshi: Time to finish this Boshi! (He charges at Boshi, who dodges it and throws an Egg at Goshi. Goshi gets hit but recovers fast enough to dodge Boshiís charge and returnís it with a super fast kick.)

Anti Guy: Your foolish attacking me!

Cid: Letís see black bozo (dodges Anti-Guys cartwheel attack and shoots his Shy Guy Slingshot at AG)

Zero: I will defeat you Sigma!

Sigma: Lets See! (swipes scythe at Zero who blocks with Z Saber)

Zero: Your luck has run out! (jumps out of the way and charges saber first at Sigma)

Meta Knight: I am not going to fight such a weakling like this insult...However, if you wish to fight me take this. (throws out a knight power)

Gooey: You made this easier than I thought! (eats knight power turning into a Knight Gooey) Now for Kirby Iíll defeat you!

Meta Knight: Bring it on! (Meta grows wings and flies up, swooping down hitting Gooey. Gooey then swings his sword at Meta and they begin to have a sword fight. Meta Knight jumps away and tries to land sword first on Gooey who dodges and hits Meta with his sword. Meta charges at Gooey who puts his sword out at the last minute, knocking off his mask [his face looks like a blue Kirby]) Why you...

Gooey: For Kirby! (swings at meta Knight who blocks and then they duel again, ending with Meta Knight KOed)

Boshi: Revenge! (takes out a sword and charges at Goshi who blocks with Kaze)

Goshi: Time to end this! (sends a power gust of wind that knocks Boshi back and then begins to charge Chi) MAKENKOSAPPO! (shoots a special beam cannon that hits Boshi who was charging full speed; Boshi is KOed)

Zero: (dodges Sigmaís attack and then blasts him with the Z Buster, blowing up his body and blowing out the memory)

Sigma: This is not the end Zero! AGMaster, ill be at the F5 HQ! (disappears)

Anti-Guy: (hits Cid knocking him to the ground)

Cid: Never! Shy Guy Beam! (begins to glow and a beam comes out of him, knocking Anti-Guy out) KO. We won AGLoser!


Sephiroth: Tomintul, you were sent to fight me, and fight me you shall...

Tomintul: I'm ready! I'll take you down!

Sephiroth: you don't know who you're dealing with...

Ken: Tomintul runs at Sefirosu and slashes him with the Hyper Sword!

Cid: Sephiroth blocks it with his daikatana, the Masamune!

Ken: The heavily caffeinated SP lunges at Sefirosu once again!

Cid: And Jenova's son steps to the side, jutting out his foot! Tomintul trips and lands flat on his face!

Ken: Sefirosu looks like he's casting something...

Cid: It's a powerful Fire Three attack! Tomintul is SCORCHED and trapped in the flames!

Ken: And Sefirosu is... waiting.

Cid: Tom leaps backwards. It looks like he may use one of his Special Attacks...

Ken: But Sephiroth's casting something else...

Cid: It's silence! Tom's special attacks are SEALED!

Ken: And with his specials sealed, Tomintul rushes at Sefirosu!

Cid: The man in the black cape is knocked backwards... But he stands back up, unharmed...

Ken: A pair of swings from the Masamune blade knocks Tomintul backwards about ten meters...

Cid: You mean yards?

Ken: No. Meters.

Cid: Anyway... Tom gets back up and prepares a low slash at Sephiroth!

Ken: But Sefirosu leaps into the air, kicking Tom in the jaw!

Cid: Tom spits out some blood... I think that kick ruptured something... And considering how many slashes he's taken, he's not doing very well...

Ken: I don't see how he's going to win this...


AGMaster: Hmm, you may be stronger than I though, Oh well (shoots a beam, knocking everyone except Goshi out) Hmm, that Goshi is a pest (begins shooting more beams at Goshi)

Goshi: Hey! (dodges beams) This was not part of the deal! (jumps up and kicks AGMaster, knocking him down)

AGMaster: It seems you are a bigger pest then I expected. Dark Ele-Blast! (blasts Goshi, making him flying back)

Goshi: AHH! donít just look like VGWarrior and have a similar move name, your...about as powerful...! There is only one way to beat you... (rises up and floats in the air, a tornado surrounds him)

AGMaster: What do you think you are doing fool!

Goshi: This...KAMIKAZE STRIKE! (glows and explodes in lightning, wind, water, and fire)

AGMaster: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! (gets knocked to the ground in extreme pain) Nobel...sacrifice...yoshi...but...I...shall...avenge...Ganna.... The Fearsome...Five...shall...go on! (teleports away along with Boshi, Meta Knight, and Anti-Guy)

Ghostshi: (appears) Goshi? Where has that great^82 grandson of mine went...Wait, no it canít be (meditates, then sighs) That fool went off and got himself killed, I guess I have to do this......

Goshi-Ghost: (appears) Where am I?

Ghostshi: Iím reviving you...just touch my hand!

Ghost-Goshi: Ok... (puts his hand on Ghostshi's. When he does, Ghostshi glows and disappears, then Goshi glows, and drops on the ground, back alive)

Goshi: Ghostshi?

Ghostshi: (out of nowhere) I gave up my Ghost form to revive you. Be thankful, as now you have all my power, making you stronger. I can still annoy you, but now you canít see me as I am nothing but a spirit beyond time. Hey, this is a good way to annoy people!

Goshi: Thank you great^82 grandfather...I better go see how the others are doing...


DD: What are you some yoshi?

CY: No, actually Iím a Yosheh! Canadian Yosheh!


CY: (jumps out of the way) Ha! Lehum, EH?!? (eats DD, transforming him into a giant egg)


CY: OK! But then donít mess with Canada! (a giant Canada replica falls on DD)

DD: (turns back to KP and MM)

MM: Donít Kill Us!

KP: Please?

CY: (sigh) fine...go before I change my mind. This battle was tough and it gave me time to think when you were shooting beams as us as LM and KK...

MM and KP: YAY! (run away)

(all of a sudden a tornado appears and Goshi jumps out)

CY: (transforms back to LM and KK)

Goshi: Hi! It is very crazy back at the stadium; although some freak wanting to kill Veegee appeared and ended with my death...donít ask how Iím alive

LM: ...

Goshi: What's wrong?

KK: We just almost died ourselves.

LM: So we decided that it was time to move on from SSS...we might have just defeated what's left of Dan Mooron but well...

KK: It just doesnít feel good anymore.

Goshi: Come on guys! Youíre two of the most popular SPs! More popular than me at least.

LM: Yeah but itís time to do more than just hang around the stadium. I think itís time to move on

Goshi: ...I guess I understand.

KK: Bye Goshi...

LM: ...tell the otherís goodbye.

KK: And Daisy and Killer Kirbetty too.

LM: Good luck to the Stadium, hope the fighters are found.

KK: Now...

LM: This is the TRUE Luigi Man...

KK: This is the REAL Killer Kirby...

Both: Signing off...for the last time. (they both walk away, into the horizon)

Goshi: Goodbye... (Trying not to cry, Goshi creates a tornado and jumps in, teleporting away to head back to the Smashtopian War Zone.)


(The Koopalings find themselves in an underground house.)

Lemmy: Not a big house.

Iggy: I wonder what's in this jar? (he picks it up, only to drop it and have it shattered on the floor)


Iggy: (stands up) Sorry...Ahh! The jar!

Lemmy: So whereís Geno...? (Walking up to them from the back of the room comes Glenn/Frog, in his Frog form of course, the star of Chrono Trigger)

Frog: Lemmy? Iggy? Whatís going on?

Lemmy: Frog! We were trying to save Geno!

Iggy: But...we lost him!

Frog: Iím right here...

Lemmy: Geno?!?!?

Frog: Yes...I found this man-sized doll standing in the back.

Lemmy: It must be the "Frog Doll" won in the millenium fair.

Iggy: You really know your Chrono Trigger, huh?

Lemmy: I am the master at that game.

Iggy: Come on, Geno! Weíve got to get home!

Frog: You two use your scepter to get back to the Stadium. I have some business to take care of first.

Lemmy: Are you sure you can teleport out of here?

Frog: I am Geno! I can do almost anything because I am a spirit, and because spirits can go anywhere! Of course, my phsycial attacks are limited to the body I'm in...

Iggy: Fair enough. Magic Scepter, take Lemmy and me home! (the scepter takes the Koopalings to the year 2001)

Frog: All right Exor, time to pay! (teleports to Master Hand's Home)


Cid: Tom leaps forward and slashes down Sephiroth's midsection!

Ken: But Sefirosu isn't even cut...

Tomintul: !!!

Sephiroth: You fool... Bolt THREE!

Cid: A powerful bolt three hurls from the heavens onto Tomintul!

Ken: Sefirosu leaps high up into the air!

Cid: Tomtinul leaps up after him! Tomintul grabs Sephirothand SLAMS him down into the ground!

Ken: What's this? Sefirosu is clutching his leg! Tomintul has a chance!

Cid: Tomintul has the upperhand now! Sephiroth's leg may even be broken!

Ken: Tom runs toward Sefirosu swiftly!

Cid: And he leaps high into the air! He tilts his sword down as he falls toward Seph!

Ken: Crapish... Sephiroth raises his blade to meet the oncoming Tomintul.

Cid: Tomintul's decent continues, bringing him straight into the nine foot diakatana...

Ken: He goes limp... His sword falls to the ground...

Sephiroth: I win... Humph... Not much of a challenge...

Cid: Sephiroth walks off slowly, letting the body fall of his blade.

Ken: And Tomintul's... dead...?

Cid: (double checks Tom) he's dying, but not dead yet.

Tomintul: I lost...but I lost...honorably. Give Hyper Sword; allow merge...the powers...of both.

Ken: What about you?

Tomintul: Don't worry...about me. I' fine. Just make sure...he sword. Good-bye...friends. (dies)

Cid: (takes the Hyper Sword) We got to give this to Sefirosu, and fast!

Ken: Let's go!


Exor: Give it up Dark Force; you will never win this time! I have 999 HP, you have 15, and you have been silenced! How do you expect to win now?

Dyrarrior: With this! Earthquake! (hits Exor)

Exor: How did you...Dark Horse!!!!

VGWarrior: The name is Warrior...VGWarrior.

ROMbarrior: Don't beat up the ruler of Dorka Cref without taking us out first!

Exor: I prefer taking out weak targets. Shredder X!

Dyrarrior: REFLECT! (Exor loses offense and defense power)

Exor: This attack will surely take you out. Silence X!

ROMbarrior: WATER REFLECTION! (Exor can't cast spells now)

VGWarrior: Now to get you out of that body Exor...SKINNING RAY! (wind part of Ele-Axe forces the silenced Exor out of the doll)

Frog: (teleports in) I better destroy that doll. FROG SQUASH! (the doll gets destroyed)

Dyrarrior: Why would you do that? Geno needs it!

Frog: I am Geno...surprised to see a life-size doll?

Exor: Why you little...If I could attack, you would be dead!

Frog: I guess you can't kill us then, can you? (to Dark Force) HEAL! CURE 2! (DF is fully cured and no longer silenced)

Dark Force: Wonderful. Frog, I can perform most of the Chrono Trigger attacks; which double hit shall we do?

ROMbarrior: Decide quickly; we want to fire our weapon on him.

Frog: Listen Warriors. Fire your weapon at us; we can perform a damage transfer with the move we are about to do.

VGWarrior: You mean like that Power Rangers Turbo episode where the Rescue Megazord's missles went through the Turbo Megazord's saber in spin-out mode, also taking the power of the saber?

Frog: Err...something like that. Now hurry up on that move!

VGWarrior: (holds up Ele-Axe) These bad guys try to get tougher...

Dyrarrior: (holds up Ele-Staff) ...and we make each day their last.

ROMbarrior: (holds up Ele-Claws) It is now your turn to suffer...

All Warriors: (edges of weapons touching each other) THE WRATH OF THE TRI ELE-BLAST! (aims at Frog and Dark Force, who are already falling down from the air)

Frog and Dark Force: (absorb the Tri Ele-Blast on their feet) DROP KICK! (the power of the Chrono Trigger Drop Kick and the Tri Ele-Blast was too much for Exor to handle; he screams as he disappears...for good)

Dark Force: Congradulations Warriors; you have proven yourselves worthy to keep your powers.

Dyrarrior: You mean we were on probation?

Dark Force: ESPECIALLY YOU, Dyrarrior! You are the reason why we had this whole battle take place; you went over to Fairy Kingdom!

ROMbarrior: Save the ranting for later, dad; we have to go to the Stadium and double-check what's going on over there.

Dark Force: I am heading back to Dorka Cref now, but do keep in touch. Later. (teleports to Dorka Cref)

Frog: Can I still be a fighter at the Stadium?

VGWarrior: Provided we can rebuild the darn thing; we got to get back. (The Warriors and Frog teleport to the Endless Field, pay their wishes to Tomintul [he was right in front of them], and make their way to Smashtopia.)


Zeratul: I don't know what is happening to our troops; they are getting tired quickly!

Sephiroph: What do you expect me to do?

Ken: (runs to Sephiroph) Tomintul has requested you take his sword and absorb it's power into your Masamune.

Cid: It could provide the extra strength needed to win.

Sephiroph: I won't merge the abilities, but I will carry the sword. Besides, I don't know if they can be merged.

Zeratul: So Tomintul bit the dust...good luck Sephiroph.

Sephiroph: (charges into battle and takes out a good deal of the bad guys using both swords at hand)

Reid: Seph is right; I can't give up this fight. PSYCHIC!

Luigi: Even Reid is right on this. FORE!

Psycho X Rangers: PSYCHO BLASTERS!


Kyle Orland: FORCE BEAM!

Enemies: (retreating)

Zeratul: Well, at least that ends that.

Frog: (teleports in along with the Warriors) I wouldn't say that for sure...tell all of the Smashtopians to pack up their stuff and prepare for evacuation.



Pat: BULLET PUNCHES!! (He sends a large number of lightning-quick punches at Tai )

Tai: Ka...

Pat: Me...

Tai: Ha...

Pat: Me...

Both: HAAAH!! (the blasts hit each other)

Tai: ICE BEAM!! (freezes pat)

Pat: Ugh...

Tai: (laughs) What's the matter.. can't move?

Pat: Not for long... TAIYO-KEN!! (melts the ice)

Tai: Darn it...

Pat: Now.. you will DIE.... (looks at the moon, starts growing unstoppably)

Tai: oh crap...

Pat: RAAAAARRR!!!!!!! (is now a fully grown Golden Oozaru)

Tai: (grins) you may defeat me, but that doesn't mean you can save Smashtopia...

Pat: Huurrr.. What do you mean?

Tai: Well, awhile ago I pressed a button that activated my 3 beam cannon Satellites, each one on its own has the power of !REX! Airship's "Ultimate laser"!

Pat: That can't be! You stupid son of a *****!

Tai: and now, after months of waiting... THEY HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED!! (points at the 3 laser-satellites) Hahaha! I'll have my revenge for what you all did to my Father!

Pat: !!! (grabs hold of Tai and starts squishing him)

(The 3 Laser Satellites, all at once, fire their beams at Smashtopia. Meanwhile...)

Dyrarrior: Guys, I see something pointing at us!

ROMbarrior: What is it?


(Everyone that was at Smashtopia left in time, for a minute later, the City and all of Smashtopia is destroyed.)

Pat: NOO!!!!! (squeezes Tai powerfully)

Tai: Ugh... MINI-GEDDON!!! (exerts his energy outward, thus sending pat back to his normal form)

Pat: *Pant.. pant...*

Tai: *Pant..* what's the matter? got nothing left...? *pant... pant...*

Pat: *pant...*

Tai: It's over... My Father's revenge is nearly complete...

Pat: k-ka...

Tai: Now all that's left... is to take you down with me...

Pat: Me...

Tai: *pant...*

Pat: h-ha me... (There is a short silence.)

Tai: I knew it...  *pant..*


Tai: My father....I've failed... forgive me.... (Disintegrates in the beam)

Pat: *pant... pant...*

(Pat faints while falling back to Earth's Atmosphere)


Dark Horse: Pat? Pat? Wake up Pat!

Dyria: Will he be ok?

ROMba: He's just fainted. I think he's coming together now.

Pat: (wakes up) head......Dyria? Is that you?

Dyria: In the flesh.

Lemmy: You took a nasty hit up there--

Iggy: --and ended up falling down here.

Frog: However, you have stopped Tai...for now.

Goshi: You have really proved yourself today Pat.

Pat: Thank you...but wait. Where is Geno, Zeratul, LM, KK, and Tomintul?

Lemmy: LM & KK left us; they can now retire.

Iggy: Tom has died, though; now we can have SPs for hire.

Lemmy: No we can't!

Iggy: Yes we can!

Frog: I am Geno...I am just in a life-size Frog doll.

Dark Horse: And Zeratul...where is he anyway?

Zeratul: (enters) Get over here guys; I took care of the Stadium problems!

(All of them go to the original site of the Stadium)

Dark Horse: Woah...Zeratul, how did you do that?

Lemmy: Have you ever played Starcraft Dark Horse?

Iggy: The Protoss can transport Nexus HQ buildings from their galaxy!

Sephiroth: (enters with Luigi, Banjo, and Kazooie) The Stadium can be open for business now, Superpowers.

Luigi: However, Blue Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, and Kirbetty are dead; they have been buried at the "Graveyard Romp".

Frog: I have never heard of such a place.

Banjo: It is a new arena the four of us are designing.

Kazooie: Here, the spirits of the dead people will take an active part in the fights.

Goshi: This arena is sure to be a success...provided we can find the fighters to fight in them that is.

Dark Horse: And by the way...I believe I am due for a new Cafe; think you can make it Zeratul?

Zeratul: Actually, I was thinking of calling it "Protoss Palace".

Sephiroth: No way! It should be called "Time Travelers"!

Zeratul: Protoss Palace!

Sephiroth: Time Travelers!

Dark Horse: Spread Stopper! (fires a combination of Spread Drill and Time Stopper, freezing them both in time for about 10 seconds) It's going to be called Warrior Cafe, and that's that!

Zeratul & Sephiroph: LET'S GET HIM! (the two chase Dark Horse around the new Stadium; the others laugh)

Frog: By the way, I found this in my former body's pocket; I took it out before destroying it. It contains the winner of the "Best SP" award in the award show.

Pat: Well, who won?

Frog: The winner is...a 7-way tie?!?

Banjo: Should have guessed that.

Kazooie: Yep; they all deserved it.

Luigi: Well, personally I think we someone should do the questions; I will do it since Dark Horse is playing tag.

  1. Will the new season be a little more organized and not as attacked as this season?
  2. Will the other fighters get found?
  3. Did you agree with who won the SP award?
  4. Will this new "Graveyard Romp" arena be as popular as the others?
  5. Will Dark Horse be able to work with Zeratul and Sephiroth?

Luigi: Find out, in the return of... the SUPER SMASH STADIUM!