Match #76

The Questions: Who is the best bounty hunter and will Roy be defeated?

Round 1: Fighters for Pokémon Stadium in Kanto
Player One Player Two
Samus Capt. Falcon

Round 2: Fighters for Final Destination at the End of the Line
Player One Player Two

Iggy: Well, it's another fine day here at the stadium, and Lemmy's waiting for a challenger to come forward to battle Roy, but first, we've got a short interview with Marth about the mysterious doctor who came to his aid after his fight with Killer. Let's go to tape! (Insert tape)

Adam: So, Marth, care to explain what happened?

Marth: After that last attack, I was knocked unconscious... When I awoke, I was lying in a hospital bed. My injuries were healed.

Adam: And did you see the man who healed you?

Marth: Yes. He called himself... "Doctor Mario..."

Adam: Dr. Mario?

Marth: That's the name.

Adam: Very intriguing...

Marth: I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

Adam: Hey, Marth... Feel like going bar-hopping with me tonight to pick up chicks? It's not quite as fun when you've nobody to brag to.

Marth: Umm... I'll pass...

(End Tape)

Iggy: Well, that last part was irrelevant, but it looks like we've got something going on backstage... Roll that footage!

(Samus and Captain Falcon are talking in the cafeteria)

Capt. Falcon: I'm accepting the challenge, Samus... That's a bounty on Roy, in a sense, and I'm a bounty hunter!

Samus: No way, Falcon! I want that bounty!

Falcon: How about we both fight him, and then we split it?

Samus: I don't fight with others... But... I'll battle YOU! Winner fights Roy!

Falcon: Are you sure...?

Samus: Yes, I'm sure!

Falcon: Then what arena would you prefer?

Samus: ...The... Pokémon stadium...

Falcon: Why that one?

Samus: Do I need a reason?

Falcon:Guess not...

(Back to Iggy)

Iggy: Well then, I guess we better get ready for a fight at the Pokémon Stadium... I'll need a commentating partner... LEMMY! REPORT!

(Lemmy shelleports in with what looks like a Flurry)

Lemmy: I'm here!

Flurry: So am I...

Iggy: Hey, I know that Flurry...

Lemmy: He's Kay's pet Peeve.

Peeve: I don't think everyone's read Lord Reid's Comic...

Iggy: Well, for those that don't know, Kay is a silver-haired moron in a cape, and Peeve is his wise-cracking pet Flurry.

Peeve: Let's just get on with the match...

Lemmy: Two lives each at Pokémon Stadium...

Iggy: Items are on "Very low"

Peeve: And no annoying intro...

Lemmy: Fighters are in position...

Iggy: So...


Lemmy: Samus begins to charge her shot as Falcon drops to the lower level!

Iggy: Samus continues charging as Falcon runs under her platform.

Peeve: She halts her charge and leaps away...

Lemmy: But he jumps after her and hits her with an Overhead Kick for a solid thirteen percent!

Peeve: She drops down and... growls at him?

Iggy: She's releases her charged shot when Falcon lands...

Lemmy: But he tilts to the side as it goes past him!

Iggy: He shoots forward with a Raptor Boost and knocks her up!

Peeve: Ten to one says it's not the first time...

Lemmy: And he shoots up with a Falcon Dive, grabbing her in the air...

Peeve: And putting his hands in inappropriate places...

Iggy: The explosion ensues and Samus hits the stage with a thud as Falcon lands effortlessly on his feet.

Fighters' Damage Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Lemmy: Samus quickly grabs him with her Grappling Beam!

Peeve: She does a quick Chozo Chop, and she throws him forward!

Iggy: Falcon gets up and does his patented Falcon Kick towards her, sending her back once more.

Lemmy: She runs towards him and does her Shoulder Tackle, knocking him to the ground...

Peeve: He gets up and kicks her away!

Iggy: Samus shoots a missile towards him...

Lemmy: But once again, he's too fast for her.

Peeve: The two fighters charge at each other and Samus attempts another Shoulder Tackle...

Iggy: But Falcon's Raptor Boost attack counters it with relative ease.

Lemmy: The first crate is down...

Peeve: Samus picks it up and hurls it at Falcon, who gets knocked away, but makes it back with a single jump...

Iggy: A hammer, a beam sword, and a pokéball come out of the crate!

Lemmy: Samus knows what's up! She grabs the Hammer and charges at Falcon!

Peeve: Falcon's hi- wait a second! The hammer's head came off!

Iggy: Samus runs away, but Falcon picks it up and does a SMASH throw at her!

Lemmy: The hammer's staff prevents her from using her aerial jump. She's DOWN!

Fighters' Damage Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Peeve: Capt. Falcon grabs the ball as Samus comes back...

Lemmy: He throws it, but Samus' temporary invincibility allows her to grab the Beam Sword without being hurt.

Iggy: And out pops a Togepi, which uses... nightshade! AHH! I CAN'T SEE!


Peeve: (Despite his obvious lack of hands, and his obvious lack of pockets, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a match, which he strikes to get a momentary view inside the commentator's box, though the field is black) I hear slashing... And punching...

Iggy: And I hear that fatal cry...

Capt. Falcon: FALCON PUNCH!

Lemmy: The light's back, just in time for Samus to get back from that powerful attack!

Peeve: Samus is mad as a thornet and begins to slash Falcon rapidly with that Beam Sword.

Fighters' Damage Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Iggy: She makes a Smash slash, sending Falcon to the other side of the stage...

Lemmy: Speaking of the stage, it's time for the old switcheroo!

Peeve: The Water stage is emerging, with its windmill and platforms to the right...

Iggy: Falcon's already in the windmill.

Lemmy: Samus leaps up to Falcon and scorches him with her Aerial Fire.

Peeve: Followed by a Chozo Kick before she even hits the ground!

Iggy: Falcon leaps down after her and hits her with a Step on It!

Lemmy: She gets up and kicks him off the edge...

Peeve: He leaps back!

Iggy: But she leaps to meet him in midair...


Peeve: The Meteor Smash sends Falcon down below.

Fighters' Damage Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Iggy: Falcon comes back after Samus taunts and grabs her!

Lemmy: A quartet of Captive Knee attacks is launched when she's vulnerable, and he finishes it off with his Rising Palm!

Peeve: A capsule is on the field...

Iggy: Falcon grabs it instead of going after Samus...

Lemmy: He leaps up and breaks it open by throwing it below him. Meanwhile, Samus lands and runs to him.

Peeve: Falcon dons the Bunny Hood when she comes towards him and leaps out of the way!

Iggy: Amazing! He's even FASTER than he was before!

Lemmy: He runs to Samus and releases a volley of unanswered blows!

Peeve: She tries to fight back, but he rolls behind her and drops into a Pendulum Kick...

Iggy: She's flying high from that smash attack, and she barely makes it back...

Lemmy: Falcon grabs her and tosses her off the edge!

Peeve: Not far enough. She's leaping back...

Iggy: Falcon's planned for this... Look!

Lemmy: He jumps off after her and uses Step on It once more to send her straight down...

Peeve: And he can't get back, but...

Iggy: This game's winner is CAPTAIN FALCON!

Peeve: You and the Cap'n make it happen!

Lemmy: They've both headed to the cafeteria for a quick rest and a bite, so let's check in on them!

(In the cafeteria)

Capt. Falcon: You fought well, Samus. I'm impressed.

Samus: (Growls)

Falcon: Whoa... What's wrong?

Samus: You weren't supposed to win...

Falcon: Don't take it so hard. It's just a fight.

Samus: I'm supposed to be the best bounty hunter ever...

Falcon: You're still the best in my book. (He smiles to her)

Samus: Go away...

Falcon: What?

Samus: Go away! We're over! Get out of my sight and stay there!

Falcon: But...

Samus: Fine, then. I'll go! (Storms away)

Falcon: I need a beer...

(Back with Lemmy, Iggy, and Peeve)

Lemmy: Well, that was interesting...

Iggy: Looks like everyone's favorite couple... Isn't a couple anymore...

Peeve: Joanie doesn't love Chachi anymore?

Iggy: Not that couple...

Peeve: Phew... But then... you mean to tell me that Vegeta and Bulma are no longer an item?!?!?


Peeve: Oh... Good... So Lois Lane and Cl-


Peeve: Well, that makes more sense...

Lemmy: My favorite couple is Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

Iggy: I thought it was you and Amy Jo Johnson...

Lemmy: Mmm... Amy Jo Johnson...

Roy: (Drops from the sky) I hear I have a challenger...?

Iggy: Yes, go to Final Destination. He'll be along shortly.

Roy: (Nods and leaps away)

Lemmy: Looks like Falcon's healed and ready, so let's check out Final Destination!

Iggy: As stated in match 73, Lemmy has offered a reward of Fifty Frog coins to the one who beams Roy in a one on one match, using the same rules as the Roy verses Killer match, of course.

Lemmy: Meaning a Stamina battle!

Iggy: 150 HP each, of course.

Peeve: This arena's going to burn by the end of the fight...

Lemmy: One guy's got a flaming sword; one's got flaming fists and feet.

Iggy: Ahh! Alliteration!

Peeve: Alliteration's awesome!

Lemmy: Fighters ready?!?!?

Roy: Yes...

Capt. Falcon: Ready!

Lemmy: Set...

Roy: What?

Falcon: (Gets into a ready position)

Lemmy: GO!

Iggy: Falcon runs right towards Roy and attempts a Turbo Shoulder charge!

Peeve: And Roy Counters...

Lemmy: Falcon shoots forward towards Roy with a Falcon Kick!

Peeve: And Roy Counters...

Iggy: He leaps up and attempts to drop onto Roy with his Knee Smash!

Peeve: And Roy Counters...

Lemmy: Falcon runs to Roy...

Peeve: And Roy-

Iggy: Is grabbed by the collar and kicked backwards across the field!

Lemmy: He landed a blow...

Peeve: Roy runs towards Falcon and attempts a Raid Chop!

Iggy: Falcon leaps above and tries to Step on It!

Lemmy: But Roy's Blazer attack sends him away!

Peeve: Roy's doing a Double-Edge Dance against Captain Falcon!

Fighters' Stamina Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Iggy: Falcon moves in to attack after the attack's done and makes a quick Round Kick on Roy!

Lemmy: Roy gets up and slashes him away, then moves away and prepares for another move...

Peeve: Falcon attempts a Turbo Shoulder, only to get Countered away again...

Iggy: When will he learn?

Lemmy: He's grabbed Roy again and tossed him off the edge!

Peeve: Roy jumps back...

Iggy: Only to be interrupted by a Mach Punch chain!

Lemmy: But he shoots up through Falcon with a Blazer!

Fighters' Stamina Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Peeve: Falcon leaps up after him and sends him high with an Overhead Kick!

Iggy: And Roy comes down with a Half Moon slash onto the Captain!

Lemmy: Has the Captain even ever BEEN in the Navy...?

Peeve: He has his own starship, Lemming...

Iggy: The two make a quick exchange of blows, and Falcon runs in with his Raptor Boost to knock Roy into the air!

Lemmy: Falcon attempts to leap up a Rotary Kick...

Peeve: But a Midair counter sends him away!

Fighters' Stamina Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Iggy: Falcon's almost gone... But at least he's damaged Roy some...

Lemmy: Roy's gone on the offensive and Falcon jumps away!

Peeve: He's got to fight defensively now...

Iggy: Roy's backed him up to the edge of the arena...

Lemmy: Falcon tries to jump over him...

Peeve: But Blazer sends him into the sky!

Fighters' Stamina Meters!
Capt. Falcon

Iggy: Falcon comes back on him with a Step on It, smashing Roy into the ground...

Lemmy: He runs away as Roy gets up, but Roy's heading towards him....

Peeve: Roy attempts another Raid Chop, but Falcon dodges and hits him with a Raptor Boost!

Iggy: Falcon leaps up and grabs Roy with a Falcon Dive, sending Roy to the ground as he retreats to the edge of the arena...

Lemmy: Roy charges at Falcon and Falcon rolls past him...

Peeve: But Roy turns around swiftly and...

Iggy: Dragon Killer! Falcon's-

Lemmy: -Unconscious.

Iggy: This game's winner is... ROY!!!

Peeve: Look, in the arena!

Lemmy: It's the mysterious "Doctor Mario!" He tosses a Heart Container at Falcon as Roy leaves the arena! And... he's already gone!

Capt. Falcon: (Gets up) Ugh... I lost... (Leaps out of the arena and heads to the commentators) That guy's tough!

Lemmy: You did well, Falcon. Better luck next time.

Peeve: Okay, I'm done. (Runs away)

Falcon: I'm heading back to the cafeteria for some eats. Setting yourself on fire takes a lot out of you. (Walks away)

Iggy: So, who will be the next challenger to face Roy?

Lemmy: No clue, but he better WIN!

Iggy: Hold on, Falcon's stopped to talk to someone in the hallways. Let's have a look!

(In Hallways)

Adam: Hey, Falcon! Tough break back there, huh?

Capt. Falcon: Yeah! Lost the match AND my girlfriend! Why'd she take her loss so HARD anyway?

Adam: You know how chicks are. (Shrugs a bit) Hey, I know what'll make you feel better. How about you and me go bar hopping and pick up chicks?

Falcon: Great idea! Need to get my mind off of today...

Adam: I bet I could beat Roy.

Falcon: You're not a fighter...

Adam: Never will be, either. Wings, you know? (He spread his wings, flapped a bit to gain some air, and then landed)

Falcon: All right, let's go, then I know a great little pub not a mile away...

(Back to commentating box)

Iggy: Time for the questions, Lemmy?

Lemmy: Right...
1) Who will be the next to fight Roy?
2) Why does Samus take things so hard?
3) Could Samus have beaten Roy?
4) Why wasn't I invited to go bar hopping?
Lemmy: So goodbye!

Iggy: Saiyan Aura!

Lemmy: And return at the same Smash time...

Iggy: And the same Smash channel for our next installment of the...

Lemmy and Iggy: SUPER SMASH STADIUM!!!!!!!!!!!!