The Arenas

Over the years, SSS has had many arenas. this is not quite complete, but most of them are here. First, the pictures of the arenas (At least, those that have them)

The NEW Mushroom Kingdom

Winter Wonderland

ROM Arena

Graveyard Romp

Danger Room

And now, a list of the arenas, grouped by where they came from. They are also listed in order of appearance.

SSB64 Arenas
Name Description
Master Hand's Domain (Retired) Origin: Super Smash Bros.
This place is much like Bowser's castle. It is flat, and is nothing more than a huge platform. this platform, though, appears to be traveling through time itself, as psychadelic colors quickly fly by. The surroundings of this platform are almost always moving, whether it be a weird sparkly world or some sort of wormhole.
Hyrule Castle Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This is a wide battlefield, and also the first one used. It takes place on the roof of Hyrule Castle. Up here, the occasional windy tornado blows by, possibly inflicting damage. There's three main platforms, and a set of platforms in the middle that leads up to the highest point of the castle. Battles here are decided by skill, rather than random arena happenings.
Peach's Castle Origin: Super Mario 64
Yet another castle arena. This one also takes place on the top, but the arena is far smaller. There's two platforms in this one. One is a rickety looking wooden bridge at the top, while the lower area has a constantly moving blue platform, which alternates from left to right. There's also bumpers in the air, as well as two strange blue blocks, which keep fighters from being knocked out too quickly.
Mushroom Kingdom 64 Origin: Super Mario Bros.
This arena is one of the largest available. It has three warp pipes, two platforms, and two more mini-platforms hanging like a balance weight over a pit. Various 2D Mario stuff goes on in the background. Piranha plants pop out of the pipes to attack. Fighters can use the pipes, but it can transport them into the pit.
Yoshi's Island 64 Origin: Yoshi's Story
This area is rather small. It has three sets of platforms, and three clouds. The clouds fizzle out if sat on too long. The Super Happy Tree is the main focus of the arena, as many platforms are held up by it. The main hazard in this arena is the relatively small platforms and the huge gaps over which the clouds hang.
Metal CaveOrigin: Super Mario 64
This is a pretty bland arena. It is used for 1-on-1 fights against a Metal Mario (even if it's Mario who's fighting him!). Nothing special is here.
Kongo Jungle 64 Origin: Donkey Kong Country
Another small island arena. Two sets of platforms, and three-four (not quite sure) rotating platforms in the center. All of which are made out of wood. There's also a rotating barrel underneath, which occasionally catches falling fighters. It can either send people back onto the platforms... or to their doom.
Poly-Cave ArenaPicture Whispy Woods with no tree and shorter platforms and you get this place in a nutshell. This arena is not recommended for five or more players.
Saffron City Origin: Pokemon
This wide open arena takes place in a big city of the pokemon world. There's three buildings, of which between the small left-most building and right building there are flying platforms. Pokemon come out of an elevator at random from the Siph Co. building, and the occasional pokemon flies by in the background.
Dream Land Origin: Kirby
One of the most hectic arenas. This is but a small island, floating in the sky. It's got some trees on it, the most notable being a huge one which blows people around with its immense breath. There's three floating platforms above the small arena. One, in the middle, is raised a bit higher than the two on the opposite edges of the arena.
Planet Zebes Origin: Metroid
This was one of the hottest arenas in the original SSB, and other arenas have chosen to emulate the danger. The specials here all revolve around the lava (except one).

  1. The lava constantly changes its height for some reason or another. It does up to 20% damage if hit by it; getting hit with 80% or more is near fatal. So far in tests, the Fire Shield has withstood this fire attack as well as the other fire attacks.
  2. The bottom line is the death line for below. There are a few moments when the lava goes below this line, but not often.
  3. The top line is as far high as the lava will go. The top platform is the only safe spot from lava...but not so from newly revived players.
  4. The platform raises up and down at random times. Many items go there, but watch out if the platform is in the lava at that time.
Sector Z (Retired) Origin: Starfox
Matches that happen here happen with atop the huge Great Fox, which is the entire arena. There's two platforms to this, plus fighters can ride incoming Arwings. The first platform slopes up a bit to form one of the many tail fins on the massive craft. Arwings and Wolfens often attack the decks, and space junk floats around in the Z-shaped nebula nearby.

Melee Arenas
Name Description
Princess Peach's Castle Origin: Super Mario 64
This place is huge. It's got a moat surrounding it, and three levels. The visage of Princess Peach adorns the stained glass at the top of this castle. Bullet bills patrol the area at the push of a button, and ! blocks cause various platforms to appear.
Rainbow Ride Origin: Super Mario 64
This arena from Super Mario 64 scroll through a level with lots of falling blocks, falling ships, rotating platforms and various other things, and is set high in the sky.
Mushroom Kingdom DX Origin: Super Mario Bros.
This place has a bunch of blocks, two small pits, and an unusable warp pipe. The blocks are prone to being broken, and occasionally, one may unleash items from the ? blocks.
Mushroom Kingdom II Origin: Super Mario Bros. 2
Actually set in Subcon, this arena is made up of 3 sections. There are two upper platforms on either side of the stage and one lower one in the middle. There is a pit on either side of the middle platform. Logs come out from the waterfall in the back, and a Pidget flies around on a carpet. Birdo may appear and shoot eggs, though!
Kongo Jungle DX Origin: Donkey Kong Country
This takes place over a rushing river. Three platforms, all on the same level, make up this place. The middle one has a shack on it, and a platform or two for itself. The river kills those who fall too deep, and the occasional Klaptrap leaps out to attack!
Jungle Japes Origin: Donkey Kong Country
Diddy Kong's Home Stage is set outside Cranky Kong's house. It is broken into three parts above a raging river full of Klaptraps!
Yoshi's Story Origin: Yoshi's Story
Based on Yoshi's Story, this arena is a very basic stage like Battlefield, but a cloud circles around the arena that can help fighters recover.
Yoshi's Island DX Origin: Super Mario World
This arena is from Super Mario World, and is shared between Mario and Yoshi. On the right is a hill, and on the left is a slanted pipe. There are rotating blocks in the middle.
Pokemon Stadium 1 Origin: Super Mario 64
This is one large arena, surrounded by a stadium. A large set of stands contain the fans. This arena morphs into various different forms. the normal form has one high middle platform and two lower platforms, along with one large bottom platform. The fire area contains a burning house; the water area has a windmill and a river; and the rock area contains rocky mountains!
Poke Floats Origin: Pokemon
High above Kanto is a lot of Pokemon balloons, which the fighters battle on. Each one is a balloon of an actual Pokemon, and they constantly move around. A few of them however popped, and we decided to just bring back Saffron City instead.
Hyrule Temple Origin: The Legend of Zelda
This is one of the largest arenas available. It has a whopping three-four levels. Some places of note are as follows. The top level is full of ruins, which are good for jumping, hiding, and sneaking. The second level has a roof, which makes it hard to be knocked off of. The third level is highly dangerous, with a tiny platform suspended above a pit.
Great Bay Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Based of Majora's Mask, this arena contains two levels. There's a floating platform on the far left. The highest platform contains a laboratory, and is flat, as well. Tingle, floating from a balloon, can also be used as a platform. There's another secure platform in the middle, and then there's a turtle, which moves up and down at times, occasionally turning or going down under water.
Corneria Origin: Starfox
This place has the Great Fox as well, but it's going in the traditional sideways position, across Corneria. It involves two levels, both of which are strafed by wolfens and arwings. Also, one can land on the turrets in the front, far below... if they want to risk being electrocuted or shot to pieces.
Venom Origin: Starfox
This arena is the Great Fox, which is flying through Venom. It has four platforms, as it is flying in a different direction than it does on Corneria. Wolfens and Arwings occasionally strafe the deck, and the ship occasionally flies through caves.
Green Greens Origin: Kirby
This is Kirby's Home Stage. It is made up of three floating islands. The island in the middle is the biggest. There are two floating platforms over the middle island. Whispy Woods will occasionally blow wind to disrupt the fight. Between the islands are blocks that stack up, which you can break by attacking them. Be careful of bomb blocks which explode!
Fountain of Dreams Origin: Kirby
This large, rainbow colored fountain has three platforms which rise up and down at random. It is a rather small arena, which tends to result in more fighter deaths from falling than normal.
Onett Origin: Earthbound
This is Ness's hometown! It has two houses, a tree, and a drugstore. The main hazards include the platforms on the store, which fall down, and a variety of cars, which speed by and hit people who get in the way.
Fourside Origin: Earthbound
This is a huge arena, complete with three seperate levels. It's based on a bunch of skyscrapers, along with a platform that a crane moves, and even the occasional UFO appearance. The pits are narrow and deep, making return jumps rather dangerous.
Brinstar Origin: Metroid
This stage from Metroid has a central platform and two smaller platforms on either side of the stage, as well as a top one. By attacking the surports to the platforms on the sides, one could render them useless. Also, it has acid that rises up and can damage the fighters severely.
Brinstar Depths Origin: Metroid
This arena rotates on the whim of Kraid, who is WAY TOO LARGE to fight. Other than that, it's not notable in any way.
Mute City Origin: F-ZERO
Fighting in the middle of an F-Zero Grand Prix race, the arena shifts from place to place. However, the F-Zero racers will run over anyone in their way, so be careful!
Big Blue Origin: F-ZERO
Starting on the Falcon Flyer, the fighters fight on top of F-Zero racers in the F-Zero Grand Prix. Be careful not to fall on the track or it's game over!
Icicle Mountain Origin: Ice Climber
It's hard to describe this arena. In here, the platforms continually advance up or down. They appear at random, and include such hazards as elevators, trapdoors, and icy platforms. It can become overwhelming if it moves too fast.
Flat Zone Origin: Game & Watch
This flat land is both strange and difficult. It takes place inside a Game and Watch unit. Various platforms, including a house, are scattered about. The occasional oil spill and rain of tools can hurt the fighters badly, and the edges are narrow, making it easy to get KO'd.

Brawl Arenas
Name Description
Final Destination Origin: Super Smash Bros.
Old Master Hand's Domain got another redesign, but it's still the same old flat surface! It's even better to look at than it's previous version!
Battlefield Origin: Super Smash Bros.
The place for Master Hand's current minions also got another redesign, but it's still the same three platforms over the same flat surface.
Delfino Plaza Origin: Super Mario Sunshine
Set on Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine, this is a stage that constantly moves from one side of the island to the other, and it will stop periodically to merge with the scenery.
Mushroomy Kingdom Origin: Super Mario Bros.
This is actually the old ruins of Level 1-1 from Super Mario Bros! It will scroll through this classic level as you fight, but sometimes the fighters end up in Level 1-2 instead.
Mario Bros. Origin: Mario Bros.
Enter the old Sewer System that the Mario Bros. had to unclog. Beware of Shellcreepers and Sidesteppers, and of course, use the POW Block to hurt the opponents.
Mario Circuit Origin: Mario Kart
From the Mario Kart Grand Prix, it is Mario's Home Stage this time around. This arena has one base platform that extends all the way off the stage, and three floating platforms above it, arranged in a trapezoid shape. Be careful of the Shyguys driving around the track, though!
Luigi's Mansion Origin: Luigi's Mansion
The Haunted House of Luigi is Luigi's Home Stage. This arena has three levels and is completely destructable!
Rumble Falls Origin: Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
This arena is from Jungle Beat, and it is Donkey Kong's Home Stage. It's similar to the old Icicle Mountain, in that it scrolls up, but it has ladders that fighters can climb now!
Donkey Kong 75m Origin: Donkey Kong
How high can you get? This stage takes place in the first game of both Mario AND Donkey Kong. A perfect recreation, right down to a mechanical 8-Bit Donkey Kong who will attack if fighters get too close!
Yoshi's Island X Origin: Yoshi's Island
This arena is from the game Yoshi's Island, and it is Yoshi's Home Stage. There are two platforms, one on top of another, and a Support Ghost who might save a fighter from being KOed. It changes with the seasons.
WarioWare, Inc. Origin: WarioWare
Set in the elevator of WarioWare, Inc, Wario brings his own brand of madness for his home stage. Occasionally, fighters will have to compete in various Microgames as you fight. Winners get rewarded with items while losers suffer damage!
Bridge of Eldin Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Based on Twilight Princess, this stage is a long flat stage, but occasionally King Bulblin rides through and sets bombs off, destroying parts of the bridge.
Pirate Ship Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker
Based on Wind Waker, fighters sail the Great Sea on a Pirate Ship, and there are two platforms on the mast. Beware of enemy lookouts firing canons!
Pokemon Stadium 2 Origin: Pokemon
This is just like Pokemon Stadium 1, except it has four new forms! The flying area has windmills and increases jumping height. The electric area has conveyor belt that move the fighters around. The ice area makes things very slippery. The ground area just produces a pile of dirt.
Spear Pillar Origin: Pokemon
Atop Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh is where the Spear Pillar is, and has a main platform at top, and a platform on the bottom. It is the resting place for Legendary Pokemon, most notably Dialga and Palkia. These Legendary Pokemon will try to attack the fighters when they appear. If Arceus appears... RUN!
Halberd Origin: Kirby
This is Meta Knight's Home Stage. A platform follows the Halberd as it launches and flys. Fighters should take care when the platform lands on the Halberd, though, as the Combo Cannon on it will greatly damage anyone it shoots.
Lylat Cruise Origin: Starfox
The fight takes place on the starship Pleiades as it flies through the Lylat System. It goes around Corneria and through its atmosphere, into an asteroid belt, and through a space battle!
New Pork City Origin: Earthbound
This is the largest arena yet and also is Lucas' Home Stage! There are a series of platforms suspended next to the city, and the major hazard here is the Ultimate Chimera, who causes a One-hit KO!
Castle Siege Origin: Fire Emblem
The first arena representing Fire Emblem, it starts on a castle rooftop in the middle of a war! Soon, the castle's roof give way to an inner section of the castle, but the seige continues. Eventually, this inner sanctum is destroyed leaving the fighters in a hellish underground.
Norfair Origin: Metroid
What do Metroid fans want? MORE LAVA! This stage gives it in spades, with not only lava from below, but lava from the sides, from behind, AND from above! Sometimes the only safe haven is a lava shelter that the fighters would have to fight for!
Frigate Orpheon Origin: Metroid Prime
An abandoned space station from Metroid Prime, this stage features the Parasite Queen in the background. Power will sometimes go out on this stage, and every so often it will reverse gravity!
Port Town Aero Dive Origin: F-ZERO
Similar to the old Mute City track, this stage from the F-Zero Grand Prix features F-Zero racers that will run the fighters over.
Distant Planet Origin: Pikmin
Welcome to the humongous world of the Pikmin! The fighters battle on the leaves and vines of a giant plant with a giant cola can in the background. Beware of the rain since it will cause a flood on the left slope of the stage. A Bulborb appears on the right side of the stage for you to fight on, but it's big enough to swallow fighters whole!
The Summit Origin: Ice Climber
This stage is on the summit of Icicle Mountain. It will break off and slide down Icicle Mountain into the icy sea. Once drifting out to sea, fighters must beware of being swallowed whole by a giant fish named Oiram Repus!
Flat Zone 2 Origin: Game & Watch
Like the original, the fighters are inside a Game & Watch unit that this time will change between Game & Watch games.
Skyworld Origin: Kid Icarus
Skyworld is the home stage of Kid Icarus, and it has four destructible platforms on top of clouds. If the platforms are destroyed, you can still fight on the clouds.
Shadow Moses Island Origin: Metal Gear Solid
Set in the world of Metal Gear Solid, this stage consists of three platforms between two destructable watchtowers. A searchlight will try to target the fighters, and occasionally, the wall behind the stage breaks and one of three Metal Gears attacks!
Green Hill Zone Origin: Sonic the Hedgehog
From Sonic's world comes this stage on South Island. It is set in a half-pipe in front of one of the famed shuttle loops of Mobius. Parts of the stage will crumble as the fighters battle, and fighters can hit the checkpoints to cause others damage. See if you can spot Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, and Silver the Hedgehog!
Smashville Origin: Animal Crossing: Wild World
Set on the world of Animal Crossing, the fighters do battle not only for the fans, but also for the residents of Smashville! Be sure to catch K.K. Slider every Saturday at 8!
PictoChat Origin: PictoChat
It may look like a plain stage, but the fighters are in fact inside a Nintendo DS! Various pictures will be drawn on the arena and will have their real properties! ... And NO not THAT picture!
Hanenbow Origin: Electroplankton
This stage comes from the psychedelic musical world of Electroplankton. It involves a large stem with six leaves and three on each side. The titular Hanenbow, a type of Electroplankton, are fired at the leaves making music for the stage.

Stage Builder Arenas
Name Description
Bowser's Castle Bowser, being the devious sort that he is, has created an arena full of traps. The battle begins on the outside of the castle, but falling blocks will quickly send fighters inside the castle. Inside the castle, is a bridge which will send anyone who stands too long on it, pummeting to their doom. Outside the castle is a moat of lava.
King Dedede's Arena This large arena, styled like some sort of boxing arena, is surrounded by an audience. It's a pretty standard arena, and about the only thing of interest is the ropes which surround the sides. It also appeared in the QQQ event.
Mega City 20XX This arena went through a temporary face-lift while it wasn't shown at the Stadium, and Dr. Light is proud of it. This was the arena that Mega, Proto, and Bass fought in. The sun might be setting, but nighttime is a perfect time for fights.

  1. While Saffron City had one door where pokémon come out of, Mega City has four doors where some of Megaman's enemies try an attack. Unfortunately, not all of the monsters have been found.
  2. All of the platforms here are solid; you can't go through them. This purple one is the exception.
Gaz's Toybox This is really a 3-D Arena (like Master Hand's Arena), but not everything can be shown on a 2-D pic. Anyway, Gaz owns an old toy box with a bunch of blocks in it. These blocks can fill the holes in the old chest, but they won't stay in for long. The holes are really the same size in the arena, but not everything can be drawn perfectly in pictures.
  1. These blocks can be thrown into the holes throught the arena. One block is in at the start, but Gaz (or rather his robotic replacement's hand at the Stadium) will toss in more every fifteen seconds. The blocks can be broken by any smash attack and hope to get an item, but the chances of an exploding block are 50/50. Thrown blocks won't break; only "attacked" blocks.
  2. Every 90 seconds, Gaz won't come down with a block. Instead, he will come down and try to grab some fighters for fifteen seconds. Those that are caught will lose a life.
Tetris From Russia with fun! Tetris is the most addictive puzzle game ever, and now the fighters have to fight INSIDE Tetris! No hazards to speak of besides two tall walls that all but prevent any sort of KO besides one out of the top. Fighters can also save themselves by landing on the Next Piece.

Custom Arenas
Name Description
Cortex BlimpCrash, while not an official fighter, is allowed to have friendly fights with the official fighters. He sent us arena blueprints to recreate Dr. Neo Cortex's blimp for use in a new arena. This is what came out:

  1. The propeller on the right side can literally blow you away. Do not go on the right side of it.
  2. Unlike the clouds of Yoshi's Island, these clouds will not deform; they are permament.
  3. While the propeller is dangerous, the fin isn't. A bunch of items will be falling there.
Battle CannonThe Battle Cannon stage was actually taken from the first Mario Party held. The place has been modified slightly for use in battle. This is the widest stage yet (look at the pic of Luigi & you'll see what I mean). The main features are:

  1. The big cannon at the center is a special cannon; whoever is inside can aim to the other four islands in the arena. Anyone caught in the blast of a human cannon will suffer damage relative to the PK Thunder-Tackle.
  2. The other cannons only point to the islands next to them. It is believed that trying to cross from one island to another without the means of any cannon is impossible, so it's imperative that they are used. Only one person can be in a cannon at a time.
  3. The big cloud above the arena is actually a special bom-omb factory. At random times, they will drop a bomb so big, one of the islands will be totally off limits until another bomb is sent to another island. The one island that won't be touched by these big bombs is the center island. These bombs have knock out potential.
Boxing Arena I do not know what game Kirby had a boxing arena in, but he requested this place, and so it was granted. Only two to four fighters can fight in this place at a time, because everyone is as big as the posts. The special features are:

  1. Some of these fans are naughty, and will try to throw stuff at the fighters. Does light damage, but stunning is definite.
  2. The spotlight is known for shining light on the arena, but this one is semi-rigged. Touch the actual spotlight and get a shocking 15% damage loss.
  3. About every thirty seconds, King Dedede tries to hammer away the competiton. Touch Dedede to lose 10%, or get whacked by the hammer for 15%.
The NEW Mushroom Kingdom This was the first arena that was an update over an original arena. All of the old features are intact, along with new stuff to boot.

  1. Plenty of items fall on these lifts. If both sides aren't balanced, they break and won't reform for another ten seconds. Those who fall down with the platforms land in the water.
  2. POW blocks can appear anywhere. Hit one to send the rest of the fighters upward for 20% damage--provided they are on the ground.
  3. There are six pipes; five with an enter sign and four with an exit sign (I'm not kidding; double check yourself). Use them to escape danger. However, if a piranha plant is out of its pipe, don't touch it unless you want 5% damage lost.
  4. The water is unique to the NEW Mushroom Kingdom over the old. Fighters who take a dip have 20 seconds to get out of the water. Bubble Shields help very much when in the water.
  5. An extra obstacle, the fans create a downward current that forces fighters to use their best distance moves to make it past them. Falcon Kicks, Agilities, and PK Thunders are a few that can make it without too much trouble.
The Endless Field Just what it says. An endless field of green grass... with the sun out, and a blue sky. A very boring and simple arena, lacking hazards. However, the fighters in this field get physically hurt when they battle here... so the stakes are far greater!
Graveyard Romp A battlefield where the spirits of the dead are buried. There are two levels, each with two platforms and at least two pits. Above, ominous stormclouds undulate. These clouds occasionally strike the arena with lightning; anyone hit by it is zapped. The strikes also electrify the platforms they hit for a short while. Also, since it's always raining, the platforms are slippery.
Danger Room This place has three platforms, and is similar to the Danger Room used by the X-men. Bumpers and warp holes litter the arena, as well as two elevators on the sides, and a single elevator on the bottom which moves side to side... in fact, so does the second to lowest area. This place often throws even the most skilled fighters for a loop. It was made by a fan named Orlando.
The first Annual Smashy Award Theatre This place isn't really an arena... at least, until, people began shooting lasers and fighting. It's another award show place, featuring the area with the audience, and the stage, where the awards were announced. However, it seems as if pain was the most-often awarded thing...
Rex's Airship Another mini-arena. It is a large airship, with the normal trimmings, but is more of a background than an arena. A really big battle occurred here, in which souls and stuff flew everywhere. Crazy! Several other equally important battles occurred here.
Winter Wonderland This is known as one of the "elemental" battles in the Stadium. Ice is the predominant factor; however, this ice isn't very strong to certain attacks. The special stuff are as follows:

  1. All of the dark blue labeled platforms can be melted away by fire attacks. Once certain parts of the platforms are melted away, they won't come back for another thirty seconds. That includes the fighting floor on the bottom.
  2. The vine can be used to escape punishment and get items. No one can attack while on the vine, but can jump off it and on again.
  3. The A part, the baby piranha plants, hurt for about 5%, but can't knock out. However, if the P-Switch (part B) is hit, the plants turn into 5% health replenishing coins. The switch will then disappear for one minute. The baby plants will regrow ten seconds after the coins are taken away.
  4. Beezos randomly come into the arena (sometimes not at all). They deliver about 15% damage, and can knock fighters out.
X's Shrine As strange as this may be, Killer does not start out with his sword X! Rather, she plays an important part in this arena that maybe decide who wins--and who she likes.

  1. X can be used as an item, but will be stronger or faster depending on who picks her up. When dropped, she will immideatly re-appear in her spot.
  2. If X is undisturbed for about 20 seconds, then either the red half or the yellow half will flash for five seconds. After those five, that part will disappear for up to thirty seconds.
  3. If the moving egg is touched by a fighter, swords will fly across the screen. A shield or any attack will knock them down, and they can be used like the beam sword.
Lugia's Cave (Retired) Another mysterious arena. this one has several platforms. If the fighters fall in the water, of course, it's bad. There's also a waterfall, behind which a gyrados hides. The water has a vicious current in it that pulls down fighters.
Robotropolis (Retired) This arena is entirely mechanical. There's tons of robotic buildings and the like here. However, almost all of it is for background use only. This place appeared during the massive QQQ event.
Yb's Airplane (Retired) A fight aboard an airplane... how novel. Just like the others, though, this arena was more of a background than an actual hazard-filled fighting area. It was also seen in the QQQ event.
Hyper Room (Retired) A small room, I guess. Not much description was ever put for this room. It's probably a simple box-shaped room, made to intensify the battling that's going on. Another QQQ arena, of course.
Yo'ster's Garden (Retired) There is nothing like strolling in a garden...or is there? This fight actually takes place in one of our gardens at the Stadium, so it has been known to get very hectic. The special stuff here is:

  1. These six platforms are the only safe ground here.
  2. These nipper plants have been given a special potion that makes them invincible and super strong. They do the same amount of damage as Planet Zebes's lava. These nippers not only jump, but some of them throw fireballs that do basic fireball damage.
Wario's Battle Canyon (Retired) This place is small, and located, naturally, in a canyon. The fighters are often attacked by nearby cannons, which fire a ton of bob-ombs. The cannons, if attacked, open fire at people, and can even fire contestants into the air!
Mega-SSS Arena (Retired) This place is another small area. It's a basic arena, surrounded by grand-stands and the normal commentating booth. It's completely flat, and just another area for fighters to show off their skills. It is made to emphasize the climactic battles which occasionally occur. The arena itself is surrounded by the normal pit.
Death EggThis place is full of evil; we don't even know why this place was built. There are no "pits"; fighters can only be knocked out from the sides or the top. There are only a few features here.

  1. The middle platform can move from left to right.
  2. Metal Sonic loves to go across the bottom path. Get hit to receive 10% damage.
Doom ShipLemmy originally made a Doom Ship arena, but was too small for even two players. Now, set at night, this Doom Ship lives up to its name! This is also one arena that is not recommended for item getting... unless the item practically falls next to the fighters.

  1. The two pipes will shoot out some big bullets at random times (about as random as the Arwings on Sector Z). Each pipe fires one big bullet. Picture getting hit by a Falcon Punch user who had some X Attack before the match; about 40% damage.
  2. These two shooters will shoot out the special Missile Bills. They go in one direction at first, but if they don't find anyone, they turn around. They hurt if hit on the fighters' heads, butts, or stomachs, but they can be defeated by being jumped on.
  3. The worst of them all, these Bullet Cannons shoot out Bob-ombs! Every minute or so, three of the cannons will shoot out three Bob-ombs that CAN NOT be picked up; they start with fuses lit from the get-go. They do the same amount of damage as do the Bob-ombs the SPs throw.
Duck PondIt's slightly shorter than Billy's Lake, but we got the same basic concept; stay above the water! Watch out for these:

  1. The lillypads are the only safe stepping stones. However, they will sink into the water if four or more fighters get on the same one and won't resurface for about fifteen seconds.
  2. The water in the pond here is slightly pointless. There is no ground at the bottom of this pond, so falling through the bottom part means death. It's just there for pond purposes.
  3. Ducks will sometimes dive from under the water and either try to attack the fighters or drop their trouts that they caught. The trouts can be used as a weapon.
MacbethThe industrial planet of the Lylat system, Macbeth has been expanded to now house three levels of train tracks. However, there are three dangers here as well...

  1. The air is always polluted here. Unless a fighter is invincible, everyone will suffer 1% damage every five seconds. It's amazing how bad pollution can be!
  2. All three levels of track have breaks in them. The fighters will fall through, but the trains won't. Speaking of trains...
  3. Every 45 seconds a train goes along one of the tracks. There is no warning as to which track it goes on. Anyone caught will be pushed to the sides where it's death-ly.
Red CanyonRed Canyon is one of the courses in the Queen Cup of F-Zero X. Originally Falcon had a race track arena, but it was scrapped due to no one really liking it. There are three main features at Red Canyon.

  1. The crowd loves the F-Zero racers and not the fighters, so they will throw random trash at random fighters at random times. It does only 5% damage, but can stun a fighter for a whole two seconds.
  2. The "power zones" are what keeps the F-Zero racers from exploding into millions of pieces. Unfortunately, random "sparks" flow from side to side on each power zone strip, causing twice as much damage as the crowd's garbage, but there the stun time is reduced to one second. An electric shield will help on this fight.
  3. The actual F-Zero racers come on this section of track at the fourty-five second mark of every minute, and all of the cars go through the arena for about three seconds (these cars are fast). Anyone hit by the cars will be immediately knocked out--no questions asked.
Yo'ster's Fault ZoneThis is a very special arena at the Stadium. The arena shakes up so much, it might as well be called the New Los Angeles!

  1. The heart of this arena is the cloud fighters can go through (usually after being attacked). Every 45 seconds, a weight drops onto one of the yellow/brownish land strips, causing an earthquake. The weight splits up the two pieces and sends them flying towards the next nearest landmass. Getting hit by the weight results in a ten second stun (no movement allowed) while the platforms move. Since the ground moves immediately upon impact (not the fighters), stunned fighters will just fall through the newly made gaps and die. At every five earthquakes, the land returns to its original shape.
  2. The gray lines represent a solid Lexan-Titanium-Steel alloy. No matter what, these alloys will never be split up. Nothing will go as far as the alloys during an earthquake.
  3. At every earthquake, some lava will burst from the geyser. While in geyser form, getting burnt results in losing 30% health.
Yo'ster VolcanoRed Yoshi's element is Fire; he can successfully master the Triple Fireball without having to eat a shell now. However, his arena gives a new meaning to the word "enclosed".

  1. The volcano at the center of the arena shoots out a small lava ball onto the ground every ten seconds, but it doesn't do much damage and it cools on the ground immediately.
  2. Every minute, though, the volcano erupts, sending out a huge lava pool. It does twice as much damage as Zebes's lava.
  3. Fighters are safe from the volcano's attacks on the highest piece of ground, but there is a minor catch. There is no land behind it, so if a fighter is knocked out, he/she must quickly jump up and try to catch the highest part of the high ground to survive.