Billy the Trout

Games Billy's been in (officially): None.

Games Billy's been in (unofficially): Super Smash Bros.

Games Billy's could have been in: Any future fishing game.

First heard of in (site wise): The Castle Raid

Summary: A long time ago, there was a trout. He was at a fish stand when he realized he could breath air. he managed to escape, (don't ask me how) and retreated to an alley. One day, A young man named Patrick V (7 at the time) found the trout and discovered he could speak Zora, the language of Fish.. He felt sorry for the Trout and took him in as a pet. He named him Billy. To this day, Pat and Billy have been together. At this time, Billy is an official SSS item and the SSS Mascot.

Matches: Unless you count the matches Pat's whacked people with him, the answer is no. Seriously, how can a trout fight?