Kyle Orland

Games he has been in: None (officially) / Super Smash Brothers (unofficially)

Games he could be in: Haven't asked him

First heard of in (site wise): THE Index

Summary: Kyle Orland, the founding father of this extraordinary web site, is the vice president of the SSB Superpowers team. He helps "Powers" call the shots and all of that good stuff. He gave me the position of both commentator and web site manager on November 8, 1999 at about 9:00 (I think), mainly because he has other sections to manage and also of his college applications. He was formerly the vice president, but he did so terrible on his first fight (?) that he was demoted. However, since Tai came, he gave Kyle the vice presidency position again.

Kyle has retired from both SSS and the SMBHQ as a whole. We wish him the best of luck in all of his ventures.

Match # Fighters Summary
Match 29 VGW vs. Lemmy vs. Kyle Orland vs. Pat     An interesting match ensued between four "friends" of the Stadium. With each fighter having six moves instead of the regular three, Kyle tried to give it his all. When sent to Master Hand, though, he and three others were KO'ed by MH's "Slap Down"; Kyle fell first.