Match #29

The Question: Who IS the best staff writer at SMBHQ?

Fighters for the NEW
Mushroom Kingdom
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

The Background: WARNING! THIS IS LONG! If you wish to go to the fight, click here.

Mash Toady (interview extraordinaire): Hello, and welcome to the Stadium's first ever match-up where the actual Superpowers start to fight! I'm Mash Toady, the interview extraordinaire! (cheers)

Daffy Duck: And I am honorary SSS member Daffy Duck! (more cheers)

Iggy Koopa: And I am the twin of the most favorite Superpower, IGGY KOOPA! (most cheers)

Daffy: (spits as he talks) How come you alwayth get the fanth?

Mash: Never mind that, Daffy . Folks, this match is going to be a bit different than you ever thought.

Iggy: For starters, the cheap items are out of here.

Daffy: Thecond, we decide what itemth--and when they--are thrown out. The cheap oneth won't come down, though.

Iggy: For that matter, the pokéballs could-- and will--even have new Pokémon.

Daffy: Jutht like my match againtht Dan Moore.

Mash: Point well taken. Last, all four of the fighters have SIX different moves altogether. They chose which moves they got, but only we know what each fighter has before the main event.

Daffy: All of them chothe two of each B, UP+B, & DOWN+B move except one of the fighterth.

Iggy: Can we talk about Lemmy now?

Mash: Right now we are going to talk about the special arena that was made for this fight. For now, let's talk about the arena.

Daffy: Take it away, Toady.

Mash: Very well, Daffy. Powers has created a very special arena for these four to fight in.

Daffy: It ith known ath the NEW Muthroom Kingdom, and it hath more interactivity...and more danger. I helped with the planning of thith place.

Iggy: You don't say, Ducky. For you folks at home, a small, compact version of the map is below.

Daffy: You folkth thould already know about the original Muthroom Kingdom map to find the original pipes, the platformth (it ith NOT the original yellow color thith time), and the "no-thee" barriers (if on the other thide of them, you can't really thee yourthelf).

Mash: Where are the POW blocks? I don't see them!

Iggy: The POW blocks always appear randomly in different places in the Mushroom Kingdom battlefields; since we don't know where it will be, it's not on the map.

Mash: What else is special about this map?

Daffy: Do you folkth know of the cloud area in the background of the original Muthroom Kingdom?

Iggy: Yes.

Mash: What about them?

Daffy: The cloud area can actually be reached. It will be required to, thince thome of the itemth that are thrown in will land up there.

Mash: Don't tell me they need a pipe to get up there.

Daffy: Okay, they don't.

(Iggy and Mash quickly fall and get back up again.)

Iggy: Those clouds look so high that if one of the opponents uses a high attack on someone up there, the one who suffered damage will more likely be dead if they had suffered 30% or more already.

Daffy: You're catching on, guyth. Altho, notice the "pit". What appearth different than latht time?

Iggy: Well, I think there is some....water down there.

Mash: If someone slips into the water, how do they get out? Do they have an air supply?

Daffy: Once thomeone thlips into the water, that perthon hath 20 theconds to find a pipe nearby and take it back up.

Iggy: Do the fighters swim, or act normal? Also, what are those red multiplication signs for?

Daffy: The fighterth thill act normally. Thothe "red multiplication thignth" are fanth that create a downward current. They move tho fatht, I doubt that anyone could croth the gapth below thethe fanth without their triple jump.

Iggy: But they must cross the fans to get to the pipes, right?

Daffy: Exactly.

Mash: Speaking of moves, I'm going to evaluate each fighter's choices and rate them on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best.

Iggy: Let's start with the main man, VGW Man!

VGW Man's Move choices
Move Comments Score
Falcon Punch     This is a damaging move that has some delay time. The speed lost is minimal. 8
Charge Shot     The user can charge the projectile to whatever size he wants and let it fly. If hit while chargine, he loses the charge. 7
Reflector     This stops projectiles from hitting the user; watch out for the extra damage effect. It will break if a too-powerful item hits the reflector. 8
PK Magnet/Shield     The absorbed projectiles will become health boosts instantly. It doesn't work for all projectiles. 9
PK Thunder     This move does triple duty; it helps the user up platforms, can damage someone real bad once the Thunder hits the owner, and is a good move to use against the fans. It just has to be overused by two of the fighters. 9
Quick Attack/Teleport     A dark horse move, this one will definitely help against the fans. The only problem is that it doesn't do damage. 9.5

Daffy: VGW hath a well balance of offenthive and defenthive moveth here. That balance can help him win.

Mash: Now let's see Lemmy's stats.


Mash: As I was about to say, Lemmy has named the moves he chose differently.

Prince Lemmy Koopa's Move choices
Real name Lemmy's name Comments Score
Fireball Ball Roll     This fireball goes farther than Luigi's, but gravity affects it. It's simi-quick. 7
Fireball Ball Throw     This fireball goes shorter than Mario's, but gravity can't affect it. It's also semi-quick. 7
Reflector Mirror Shell     Projectiles will be bounced off the shell, but an all-too powerful projectile will break the shell. 8
Hip Drop Ball Pop     Lemmy jumps up, puts a ball under his butt, and falls. The POP will do some damage, but putting the ball under his butt does take away a little speed out of it. 7.5
PK Thunder Magic Ball     This ball would have to be magic in order for it to act like a PK Thunder. Lemmy gets an extra half a point for somehow managing to emulate this move, but the basic move at heart is still overused at heart. 9.5
Egg Toss Ball Toss     This move could be another dark horse move in today's competition; not many will expect this move. The throw is a little wacky, but the damage that results is good. 8.5

Daffy: Moveth he could emulate wath the Magic Ball perfected?

Iggy: I don't know, and I'm his twin!

Mash: Don't ask me either. Now we'll look at the vice president of the SSB Superpowers, Kyle Orland; AKA "The Under-Taker".

Iggy: Why is he named the "Under-Taker"?

Mash: Note the move choices and see.

Kyle Orland's Move choices
Move Comments Score
Pound     Now this is an underrated move. The Pound does quick damage and sends the foe backwards. 7.5
Kong Punch     This is similar to Samus's Charge Shot, except that it only has a close range. The Charge Shot probably would've been better. If hit while charging, the Kong Punch is lost. 6
Drop Bomb     I stand corrected; this is an underrated move; in fact, even the CPU Samus doesn't use it. However, the move is terrible; I don't see how the user will get use out of it. 4
Falcon Kick     A very fast move is something good to have, like the Falcon Kick. This move can also help get past the fans if it is used on the ground. 8.5
Falcon Dive     The Falcon Dive isn't a good name for this move, but the damage that results from it is. If the user catches someone in the Dive, the user can use it again in the air. 8.5
Screw Attack     Not many moves can stop this lethal attack; however, it doesn't get much height when used in the air. 8.5

Daffy: Uthing underated moves doethn't alwayth help with the scoreth.

Mash: Patrick, the final fighter here, chose to use the Korean-Japenese (?) names for his moves.

Iggy: I heard that he also tried to emulate a pokémon move.

Mash: He did, and rather successfully I might add.

Patrick V's Move choices
Real Name Pat's Name Comments Score
"Copycat" Palon-Chodan     Any B Button move can be copied by him, and he can choose which one to take. This is a versatile weapon. 9
Falcon Punch Keechee-yun-elboo     Some speed is lost in this move, but does as much damage as the Kong Punch & the Charge Shot a lot quicker. 8
Boomerang Killerang     This move doesn't do much damage, but it has a very far range. It's useful in some long-distance battles. 8
Spin Attack Ill-shoo-sheik     This smash-like attack has more range on the ground than in the air. It also doesn't get the user as high as some of the other moves. 7.5
Falcon Kick Keechee-yun-eeboo     The fans might not be able to stop anyone who has used the Falcon Kick on the ground. It is also a good damaging move that gets the user from point A to point B fast. 8.5
Self-Destruct Self-Destruct     The rules for move picking included the pokémon in Saffron City for some reason. Though it's a suicide move, anyone caught within the blast practically gets killed as well. 9

Daffy: Altho, thince Pat ith kind of light-weight (no offenthe), only he can float like the Dreamlanderth.

Mash: I don't see how that will help against the underwater fans, but I could be wrong.

Iggy: Do the fighters know about the arena?

Daffy: The tharting pothitionth are thill at their normal pothitionth ath it would the original Kingdom, but they won't know of the change until thomeone either taketh a dip or if a pipe taketh them by chance to one of the new areath.

Mash: Oh, and before we forget, the initials will be different for everyone. VGW Man is VG, Prince Lemmy Koopa is Pr, Kyle Orland is Ky, and Patrick V is PV.

Daffy: I think everyone ith ready to thart.

Mash: You're right. So, for the 50 in attendance...

Daffy: And the millionth watching thith very fight thith Thaturday...


Daffy: VGW thtartth to go againtht Kyle, while Lemmy taketh on Pat.

Iggy: Go get 'em Lemmy!

Mash: Everyone is using basic attacks and blocks.

Iggy: It's been 15 seconds into the match, & the scores are evenly matched.

VG38 Pr35 Ky40 JR32

Daffy: Look! An item crate fallth on the yellow platform! Everyone wanth it badly!

Mash: Look! Pat is using the pipe!

Iggy: Interesting idea...get below the platforms to get to the crate.

Daffy: But it backfired! Pat ith in the cloudth!

Iggy: The other three combatants aren't paying attention to the platforms! They are falling! LEMMY, GET OFF!

Mash: Too late Iggy. VGW, Kyle, and Lemmy have fallen into the water.

Daffy: The 20 thecondth have begun.

VG50 Pr60 Ky48 PV32

Mash: The crate has exploded, and three pokéballs come out.

Daffy: (tosses a pokéball in the clouds) But look! There ith altho a pokéball near Pat.

Iggy: All four of them throw one down! What comes out?

VGW: I choose you...CHARIZARD?!?

Mash: Sorry, but fire pokémon can't take the water.

Lemmy: I choose you...GOLEM?!?

Daffy: Rock pokémon aren't rethithtant to water. Bye bye, Boulder.

Mash: Wait...Golem isn't a part of the Stadium!

Iggy: Don't you remember? The pokémon are going to be different this time!

Daffy:You guyth thop arguing and thart commentating! I can't do thith by mythelf!

Kyle: I choose you...MAGICARP?!?

Mash: That fish can only splash, which has no effect on anyone!

Iggy: Magicarp can learn tackle, you know.

Daffy: Ath weak ath Magicarp ith, at leatht Kyle got a water pokémon.

Pat: I choose you...ZAPDOS!

Mash: Pat is lucky that he can really do damage to the other fighters below.

Pat: Zapdos, fly down to the water and use your Thunder attack!

Iggy: Zapdos quickly flies down and uses Thunder. I hope Lemmy is ok...

Daffy: Look on the bright thide. Even though the water bound fighterth are hurt [badly], all of them--including Lemmy--got a breath of freth air on the way up from the Thunder.

Iggy: That's a relief.

VG100 Pr110 Ky98 PV32

Mash: Patrick won't be leaving those clouds soon, so let's change our coverage to the fighters down under.

Daffy: The wet warriorth have about twelve thecondth left to get to one of the pipeth on the side.

Mash: VGW is going left. He jumps once, twice, and does the Quick Attack! He survives and takes a rest in the dry cavern.

Iggy: Lemmy jumps once to the right, twice, & uses the Magic Ball! He is sailing towards land!

Daffy: But Kyle ith below Lemmy. He utheth the Falcon Kick, jumpth, and tharth to uthe the Falcon Dive!

Mash: Lemmy is in Kyle's way! And Lemmy suffers damage...and the KO.

Iggy: WHY?!? VGW and Kyle survived that underwater adventure, why not Lemmy?!?

VG100D0 Pr0D1 Ky98D0 PV32D1

Daffy: Pipe down Iggy! Lemmy geth back in thith game and ith taking hith anger on Kyle!

Mash: Guys, VGW just finished charging up his Charged Shot to the extreme.

Iggy: He's taking a pipe towards Kyle and Lemmy, but ends up in Patrick's area in the clouds!

Daffy: VGW fireth the Charge Thot, but Pat avoided it tho thiftly.

Mash: But wait! The Charge Shot was a setup move for VGW's Falcon Punch!

Iggy: It connected! Pat is down one life.

Mash: What's going on at the main level? Kyle has thrown a green shell at Lemmy.

Daffy: But Lemmy quickly utheth the Mirror Thell againtht Kyle'th thrown green thell!

Iggy: Horray! Kyle is knocked out by his own weapon! Good going Bro!

VG100D0 Pr17D1 Ky0D1 PV0D1

Mash: VGW has the lead at this point, but that can change at any time.

Daffy: VGW pickth up a mine Math threw in and throwth it at the left thide of the thky pipe.

Mash: Look! Patrick, back in action, manages to find a POW block under the water! He hits it!

Iggy: VGW was too high to begin with! He loses his first life, while Pat manages to get out of the water.

VG0D1 Pr50D1 Ky46D1 PV0D1

Mash: (throws a pokéball on the right side of the arena) Everyone started to get exhausted until the pokéball came!

Iggy: And it looks like VGW has it!


Daffy: Now thith match hath turned inthane!

Iggy: Everyone takes the nearby pipes, hoping to avoid the previously-banned Pokémon on the right side of the arena.

Mash: Kyle manages to get to the clouds. But... where are Lemmy and Pat?

Iggy: I see them! They are in the water!

Daffy: Only VGW was sent towards Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff: Jigglypuff...jigglypuff...jigglypuff...jiggly...(you know the rest)

Iggy: And VGW is conked out!

VG30 Pr62 Ky72 PV40

Mash: Lemmy and Patrick are fighting against each other! How much time left until drown time?

Iggy: Five seconds! Lemmy, get out of there NOW!

Daffy: Lemmy thartth to notice! He jumpth toward the left fan, but--what ith Patrick doing?!?

Pat: I didn't want to use this...SELF- DESTRUCT!

Iggy: Oh my gosh! LEMMY!!!

Daffy: Both fighterth are gone by the blatht!

Mash: That was an interesting kamikaze effort there, I must admit.

VG30D1 Pr0D2 Ky72D1 PV0D2

Jigglypuff: Jiggly? PUFF! (What? Take this!) (starts to draw on VGW, then leaves)

Daffy: Jigglypuff quickly leaveth the thcene after her art clath, & VGW tharth to wake up.

Mash: Hold on! Kyle is turning a

Kyle: Kyle..PUNCH!

Iggy: That's gotta hurt! VGW is back at Dream Land.

Daffy: Kyle hath jutht left himthelf open to thome double-teaming!

Iggy: Get him Lemmy! You're the best! You are gonna beat the rest!

Mash: Shut up, or I'll force Gary to make you one of his cheerleaders!

Iggy: Fine...but I don't like that one bit.

VG0D2 Pr5D2 Ky100D1 PV10D2

Mash: Pat swallows VGW as soon as he comes back.

Iggy:What weapon will Pat take?

Daffy: The Charge Thot wath taken. Look at the hat.

Mash: Kyle and Lemmy are going at it on the left side right by the pipe.

Daffy: Don't look now, but Pat ith done charging up.

Iggy: He fired the shot at VGW! VGW's in trouble!

VG6 Pr26 Ky111 PV0

Mash: Kyle quickly throws Lemmy over to the right.

Iggy: It kind of looks like Lemmy is sailing where the Charge Shot passed.

Daffy: You're right! VGW quickly utheth hith Reflector to block it.

Mash: Lemmy's going to get hit!

Iggy: Wait! Lemmy uses his Shell Mirror.

Daffy: I don't want to play Pong...

Mash: The shot is heading to Lemmy again!

Iggy: Lemmy used the Shell Mirror again--but his shell broke! I thought all of the Koopas had strong shells!

Daffy: Kyle wanth to finith off Lemmy once and for all.

Mash: The shot is heading back to VGW...

Iggy: VGW reflects it--and he loses it as well.

Daffy: And Kyle ith in the way!


VG6D2 Pr26D2 Ky0D2 PV0D2

Daffy: Everyone hath one life left, tho thith match will be over quickly.

Iggy: I hope so, for Lemmy deserves to win!

Mash: Everyone starts using their special moves.

Daffy: And again...

Mash: And again...

Iggy: Can you say anything else?

Daffy: After 30 thecondth of brawling, each fighter is getting pooped.

VG89 Pr100 Ky95 JR101

Iggy: (aside) I'm going to make this fight interesting now. (throws eight items onto the field)

Mash: Wait! What is this? Four hearts have just appeared in four different locales!

Daffy: And four pokéballth are with them!

Iggy: By the looks of things, each fighter is heading towards a different set.

Mash: You mean, they aren't fighting?!? What's the point of a fight when they don't fight?!?

Daffy: Cool it, Math. Anyway, VGW taketh the path to the cloudth, while Lemmy towardth the right thide of the platformth.

Iggy: Kyle heads towards the left side of the platforms, while Pat takes a dip underwater.

Mash: Everyone takes the heart first, and then they throw their pokéballs down.

All Fighters: I CHOOSE YOU...ABRA?!?

Daffy: FOUR Abras have appeared, and it looks like...what move are they using?

Iggy: That's the Teleport move!

Mash: And in a flash, all of our combatants have left!

Lakitu: Guys, what's going on? I lost the picture!

Daffy: You tell me!

Lakitu: Wait, I got it back...guys, check your monitors.

Mash: WHAT?!? This is...

Daffy: Thith can't be...

Iggy: But it is...

All commentators: MASTER HAND'S DOMAIN!

The new arena:
Master Hand's Domain

Master Hand (MH): Time to defeat you, Yos--HEY! What's this?!?

(the four Superpower fighters tumble on the floor)

Yoshelly: Hey, guys! Let me have my final life against MH!

MH: It won't matter; I can beat you all! It's showtime!

Daffy: I can thafely thay that thith ith CRAZY!

Iggy: I know what you mean! This has turned from a 4-player free-for-all into a six-person, 11-handed showdown!

Mash: But you were the only one who could have tossed the Abras.

Iggy: I didn't know they had Abras in them!

Daffy: Don't get crazy over a bunch of pokémon.

Mash: Crazy or not, it's time we commentate the match

Daffy: It'th about time you realized that.

Iggy: Anyway, VGW is facing Yoshelly at this moment, each fighter using their own moves.

Mash: Kyle and Pat are duking it out as well. Where's Lemmy?

Daffy: He's right there, Ball Tossing MH!

Iggy: MH quickly retaliates with his Yellow Bullets.

Mash: Everyone has taken damage in one form or another now.

VG30 Pr50 Ky37 PV37 Yg32 MH264HP

Daffy: Yothelly trieth to Hip Drop Lemmy, but ith thopped by hith Ball Toth.

Mash: Lemmy is trying to copy Yoshelly, but to no avail.

Iggy: Don't be a copycat, Lemmy! Be original!

Daffy: The otherth have exchanged bathic blows...but where'th MH?

Mash: He's above everyone, rocketing upwards.

Iggy: This can't be good...

VG57 Pr64 Ky60 PV54 Yg46 MH213HP

Mash: MH is coming down for a poke...

Daffy: ...And Kyle geth it!

Iggy: But everyone else gets hurt when MH slowed down to the center of the field.

Daffy: Still, that left MH vurnerable to some heavy attacks.

MH: Now all of you will DIE!

Mash: Oh, no! He's going for the "Smack Down"!

Daffy: Ith that when MH goeth up, and cometh down, palm open?

Iggy: Please tell me it's not that very move.

Mash: It is that very move. He comes down...and kills everyone!

Daffy: Look again! VGW ith still alive, though he looks a little... stunned.

Mash: He must have had his shield still up when MH came down, but lost it afterwards.

Iggy: That makes sense to me. Fans, this fight is not over yet!

VG80D2 MH150HP

Daffy: Guyth, I jutht got the thath for the now-gone combatanth.

3rd Patrick V
4th Prince Lemmy Koopa
5th Yoshelly
6th Kyle Orland

Iggy: Lemmy, you're going to hear it from me after this fight! You HAD to lose to Shorty!

Daffy: ENOUGH!

Mash: This fight is between VGW and MH now.

Daffy: VGW maketh the firtht move with a fully charged Charge Thot and a Falcon Punch to bring MH'th health down below 100HP.

Mash: That will hurt for days to come.

Iggy: MH is sending out hte Yellow Bullets--

Daffy: But VGW uthed the PK Shield!

Mash: His health has been restored!


Daffy: MH appearth to be trying to uthe the "Flick Finger" move.

Mash: It's easy to see that move coming, and VGW saw it oh so fast.

VGW: Take this. VG Thunder!

Iggy: A small thunder jolt comes out from VGW, sails behind him, & sends him towards MH for some good damage.

Daffy: I thought VGW callth hith move the PK Thunder!

Iggy: It doesn't matter; what matters is the damage.

Mash: I guess the way the VGW damaged MH is what Lemmy calls the PK Thunder-tackle.


Daffy: VGW tharth to uthe bathic attackth; I don't think that'th a good thrategy.

Iggy: MH is aiming for his "Fist Down" attack.

Mash: It connects! VGW is sent off of the platform!

Daffy: Thith match can't be over...

Iggy: VGW was my second favorite here! He can't lose like this!

Mash: He hasn't! He grabs on after using the PK Thunder!

Daffy: Math, look at hith eyes. Ith that fire in them?

Iggy: Time to watch a Psyduck come to life.

Daffy: Whatever, Mithty.

Mash: Look, guys! VGW is using small Charge Shots to stall MH!

Daffy: You're right! He can win!

Iggy: Uh oh! MH is using his "Fist Fly" move!

VGW: I'm not going to lose today, Glover! VG...PUNCH!!!!!

Daffy: The move connected!

Mash: MH is knocked out!

Iggy: VGW WINS!!!

This games winner is...VGW Man!!!


(location; Power's office)

Powers: I can't believe that that was what you prophesized! That is not going to happen, DVGBC.

DVGBC: It will, I know! I might only be a lawyer of the Stadium, but I know of these things!

Lugia: And I know that DVGBC is right!

It's Powers in the flesh! But the lawyer isn't...

Powers: And I know of when people are forced to leave my office!

(At that moment, VGW barged in.)

VGW: Powers, I won that match. Now, where is that reward you said you were going to give to the winner?


VGW: I did have an encounter with him after four Abras appeared in your new arena. Their Teleports sent us to Master Hand, and I somehow survived the onslaught and beaten him.

(The other fighters and commentators came in.)

Kyle: VGW's right, Powers.

Lemmy: Why do the good guys--

Iggy: --always win the important matches?

Yoshelly: I wasn't supposed to be interupted in my fight with Master Hand. I demand a rematch against him! (she barges out)

Pat: Can I do that again?

Mash: I wish to stick to interviewing next time. And get more janitors!

Daffy: Firth a fighter, now a commentator. Thith job really wathn't dithpicable after all...but you, Powerth, are really dithpicable. There ith thomething about you that really maketh me wonder if you are evil.

Lakitu: I lost the picture for a moment. I demand you check the cameras!

Everyone seems to not like Powers now...

DVGBC: I told you, Powers. Why wouldn't you believe me?

Lakitu: (aside) Maybe I should record what happens now... (starts recording)

Powers: DVGBC, you're FIRED! I'm not only annoyed at you for your stupid prediction, but I'm also angry at what you have done in the past! You aren't getting a second chance, you'll never be a Superpower or a fighter, you'll be NOTHING here! You are hereby prohibited from the Stadium unless all you want to do is watch matches with the fans!

DVGBC: WHAT?!?!? This is a discrace! Later, losers! (storms out)

Kyle: I'm glad that he's gone.

Powers: But I'm NOT glad of your performance! You being the head of the SMBHQ should have done better! Instead, you were beaten by a girl! You are hereby impeached from the Vice President position. However, you are still a Superpower for the moment.

VGW: About my prize, Mr. Powers...

Powers: VGW, you get NO prize! The prize thing was just a hoax. All of you have angered me, especially you. You have angered me so much that I challenge you to an 'I Quit' match. Whoever loses must leave the Super Smash Stadium...and never return.

VGW: Whatever. If I was able to handle that twisted battle, beating you should be a sinch.

Powers: It's not that easy to beat me, VGW. I can emulate ALL of the moves, AND do them two to three times better than the other fighters. You will be stuck with the moves you chose for this so-called April Fools bout.

VGW: Fine with me. I think it's now a good time to tell you this. I heard you say something about working with Giovanni and wanting to get the fighters pregnant so that they couldn't fight. But, that won't matter when--


VGW: I merely lingered around after Zelda/Shiek came to visit Link in the boys locker room. From match 22, remember?

Powers: Now you've done it! I'm leaving now! I'll see you at the arena, VGW. And let me tell you that this will be the last time you fight in an SSS fight. (he leaves)

Lakitu: I knew there was something fishy about Powers.

Daffy: But how will we tell everyone about what jutht took place?

Lakitu: (stops recording) I just recorded what took place; now all we have to do is tell the whole stadium.

Lugia: You can use that intercom over there.

Lakitu: Ok. (The tape plays; afterwards, everyone at different locals throughout the Stadium makes their own comment about the I Quit match.)

(In the main lobby):

The men have their ladies...but where's Zelda?

Mario: I can't believe that he's facing Powers, Link!

Peach: I knew VGW was smart, but can he stop Powers?

Link: For trying to get me to marry my love Malon when I wasn't ready, Powers deserves it.

Zelda: (runs in) I just heard of what happened, and you're right. He's almost as bad as Gannon!

Malon: I know what you mean Zelda. (turns to Link) My love, don't worry; Powers is going to get it from us if not from VGW.

(In the pokémon locker room):

Who else would you expect in here?

Jigglypuff: Puff puff? Jiggly jiggly puff puff-jiggly jiggly-puff puff! (VGW vs. Powers? I hope Powers loses because he banished me 'til Valentine's Day!)

Pikachu: Pi pikachu pi pika! Pikachu pika pika chu pikachu! (I agree with you 100%! Powers should lose his fight to VGW!)

(In the guys locker room):

The Psychic Friends Network (sort of)

Ash: I thought that VGW was just a commentator, Ness.

Ness: He has had many accomplishments. This is his hardest task yet--I can feel it. Good luck, VGW.

(In Wario's private room):

One of the few fighters that has a private room...

Wario: If Powers loses, maybe VGW will release me from Super Smashing these fools and let me have my life again. Yet I also want Powers to win so he can continue to pay me big! I DON'T KNOW WHO TO ROOT FOR!!!

(In the kitchen):

The way to a Yoshi's heart is it's stomach.

Green Yoshi: Finally, Powers might finally be gone!

Yellow Yoshi: I know. I'm the one that's supposed to make life hard for you, not Powers!

Blue Yoshi: I wish there was another way. This violence shouldn't happen.

Red Yoshi: It is, Blue Yoshi, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Yoshelly: I think that Powers both sent Killer to capture us & send today's fighters to interrupt my fight with MH. I want Powers gone! (all Yoshis agree)

(In the weight room):

The Furry Friends have a chat.

Fox: If Powers loses, maybe VGW can pair us up against easier teams.

Donkey Kong: I don't care who wins or loses; I just want to bring Chunky Kong to fight with us.

(In the backyard of the stadium):

At least Luigi has someone to talk to this time.

Luigi: Daisy, do you think that Powers will win against VGW?

Daisy: I don't think so, Luigi. You shouldn't think that either. Powers should be gone for good.

(In the dining room):

Maybe the Dreamlanders and Yoshis should be at peace; they both love eating.

Kirbetty: Are you confident that VGW will stop Powers?

Kirby: Personally, I don't know who I should go for. Powers did turn on the evil side, but he did help us get married. I have to think about it.

(In the front yard of the stadium):

Another couple spills their guts.

Samus: I want Powers off of my back. He is being too harsh on us, my love.

Captain Falcon: I know what you mean, Samus. I want Powers gone for good!

(On top of the Stadium):

The blue bomber contemplates...

Megaman: I was right about one thing: this job isn't boring. However, this "Powers" doesn't sound like a normal boss...VGW, I want you to find out the truth. While you're at it, see if there is a way for me to get one of his weapons.

(In Power's secret HQ in the Stadium):

Powers: Now I have to win against VGW. If not, I'll be ruined.

(Back at Power's main office)

Kyle: I still wish I wasn't demoted...

Killer: (comes in) Look on the bright side; at least you still are a superpower.

Pat: Did you just hear of what happened?

Killer: Yes, and I want some questions answered about your fight.

  1. Did you folks want another staff member to win?
  2. If Abra's Teleport sent the competitors somewhere else, would Yoshelly still have won against Master Hand?
  3. Will VGW kick Powers out of the Super Smash Stadium, or will you folks be missing one commentator?
  4. Did you think that this was a good April Fool's joke, or should the main staff members try again next year?

VGW: You know that the question part is usually my job...

Killer: I'm the one talking here, so keep quiet. Besides, you have some training to do.

Lemmy: Killer is right.

VGW: Lugia, come with me so we can train.

Killer: Wait for me! I've learned about 12 moves, so I know how to help! (all three leave)

Daffy: In any cathe, folkth, you can head here & catht your reaction here.

Iggy: We'll be seeing at the main event of the era.

Lakitu: Ok, I'm going to head home now, so bye all. (everyone decides to leave at that moment)

Sprite Credits:

  • Mash Toady, VGW, Pat, Kyle, Powers, DVGBC & Kirbetty Sprites created by Patrick V
  • Lemmy, Iggy, Lugia, Wario, DK, and Kirby Sprites ripped by Patrick V
  • Peach, Samus & Various Yoshi Sprites created by ZinDinTimeYUM
  • Mario & Luigi Sprites created by Xander of Xereus
  • Link Sprites created by SemiJuggalo
  • Pikachu Sprites ripped by Polar Koala
  • Jigglypuff Sprites created by Tonberry2K
  • Ness Sprites ripped by The Chan Man
  • Daisy Sprites created by Patrick V based on the
  • Peach Sprites created by ZinDinTimeYUM
  • Captain Falcon Sprites created by Reptile
  • Mega Man Sprites ripped by Sprites Inc
  • Backgrounds by Patrick V