Games he has been in (Officially): None

Games he could be in:Any game with swords in it

First heard of in (site wise): Trouble Under the Southern Cross (SB was in the stands)


    Baratus Swordblade II, known to most simply as Swordblade, is an accomplished swordsman, magician, and weaponsmith known for loyalty, stubbornness, and the occasional stupid remark that nearly gets him killed. Although best known for his abilities with his blade the CyberSunSword, he is very versatile with other weaponry and the magic arts. He is also educated in many things, and is not shy about helping others with their problems.

Swordblade's moves
Button Name Description
B SunBeam This move lets Swordblade charge up energy in his sword and release it, similar to Samus's charge shot, except it travels through opponents.
B + UP Breaker Beam Swordblade fires a SunBeam downwards, launching him into the air. Travels a good distance (around the same of Zelda's Farore's Wind), but only travels up. Also, the beam travels until it hits an object, going through opponents.
B + FORWARD Deadly Dance This works similar to Roy's Double-Edge Dance.
B + DOWN Eagle Slide this works similar to Capt. Falcon's Falcon Kick.