Mash Toady

Games he has been in: None (officially) / Super Smash Brothers (unofficially)

Games he could be in: Super Mario RPG

First heard of in (site wise): Match 9

Summary: Mash Toady, interview extraordinaire, can talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to news and scoops. He first applied for Super Mario RPG because he thought RPGs were where he could get the stuff the viewers (that's us, the players) wanted to know. He was rejected for some reason, and he almost gave up his life long dream of interviewing movie stars...until he heard of Super Smash Brothers. He quickly applied for an interviewing job, and he was accepted. Mash hopes to fulfill his dream someday, and he has quite a while to go. In the meantime, he's happy working here, getting good pay, and having a good time. I wish him good luck on his dream.

Matches: I don't count interviewing, so the answer is no.