Match #9

The question: Who's the better brother (again)...and which team has the better mascots (again)?

Fighters for Saffron City
Red Team Green Team Blue Team Blue Team
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

The background:

    After the aftermath of Fight Seven, Luigi has been training for this fight against his brother, while Mario hasn't trained much (he just ate pasta). However, what those two brothers don't know is that Pikachu & Jigglypuff wanted a rematch for the position of mascots. In order to please everyone, I merged the Mario vs. Luigi: the Second Rematch fight with the Mario & Luigi vs. Pikachu & Jigglypuff: the First Rematch into this hybrid fight.
    For this fight, I took out what I call the "cheap items" (hammer, home run bat, tomato, heart, and star) and team attack is on. Since the Pokémon lost the last fight, they chose the place, which is Saffron City (again). The "Rematch" Match is about to start, so LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!!!

    Jigglypuff got the first attack in with a pound, but while the Pokémon and Luigi were tangoing, Mario came after all three to break up the dance, M0 Lu16 P3 J26. All four went to the left side of the arena now, with Mario cycloning Pikachu. After that, Luigi delivered 45 unanswered to Mario, M45 Lu16 P11 J26. Mario started to cyclone everyone and got in a trading hit war. Jigglypuff appeared to leave the fight for good by going to the right, M63 Lu30 P68 J55, but Jigglypuff actually went for a beam sword. The other three traded hits until Luigi connected with his Super Jump Punch and took Mario out! Pikachu survived, though, M0D1 Lu40D0 P118NDD0 J55D0.

    While Mario was coming back, Jigglypuff came towards Luigi with a sweep and a head-butt, which almost send Luigi out. However, he came back and cycloned both Pokémon out of town. Jigglypuff never got a chance to use her sword, M0D1 Lu71D0 P0D1 J0D1.

    The Mario Bros. start to fight against each other, but Pikachu picked up a fan and threw it at the Bros. The recoil damaged Pikachu, though, M20 Lu98 P17 J0. Everyone went on the lowest building and had a throwing party. Venusaur came out but didn't shoot anything, M47 Lu107 P42 J67ND. Pikachu found a crate and threw it to where the party was, but missed everyone. They were coming towards him! Mario swept Luigi almost to the point with no return and then coin punched Pikachu. Jigglypuff found the Pokéball that was in the crate, and threw it down (Charizard), M51 Lu124ND P53 J67. Everyone went to the main building where hit trading became the norm. Pikachu smash-attacked both Luigi and Jigglypuff, but both survived, M104 Lu129ND P67 J85ND. Everyone came back to the Silph Co. building and another throw party began. Pikachu threw Mario left, then Luigi threw Pikachu left. Jigglypuff came, but Luigi drill kicked her and sent her left. Both Mario and Pikachu have landed, but Mario landed the KO head-butt first. Jigglypuff tried to pound Luigi, but suffered a KO head-butt instead, M120D1 Lu129D0 P0D2 J0D2.

    The broken-up team has the advantage now (mainly Luigi). Mario picked up a fire flower and started dousing everyone, then kicked Luigi to the point of no return. When an Electrode exploded, Mario didn't get hit by that: he got hit by one of the Pokémon, M132D1 Lu0D1 P28D2 J8D2.

    Mario was dousing a bit more with the Pokémon but Pikachu almost sent him out. Jigglypuff was heading towards a motion sensor bomb on the right side of the arena and threw it on the left wall, M142ND Lu0 P34 J40. Mario was dousing Pikachu while Luigi rolled into the mine. He landed on a Porygon, which also sent Pikachu reeling, M142 Lu38 P92 J40. Mario ran out of fire flower ammunition, and that's when Luigi swept Mario's second life from under his feet. However, Jigglypuff terrorized everyone, including her partner, afterwards, M0D2 Lu65D1 P113D2 J62D2.

    It was trading season again at the center of the building. Jigglypuff was sent to the right side by someone but lived to tell the tale, M6 Lu81 P113 J71ND. Luigi kicked Jigglypuff upwards, but didn't know that he saved her from being burnt by Charmander through the door, M34 Lu97 P142 J90. Everyone started to drill kick now, but in the midst of the battle, Jigglypuff accidentally took her partner Pikachu out of the arena and out of the match, M64D2 Lu126D1 P(OUT) J90D2.

    It was still drill kick season when Mario took Jigglypuff out of the game. He also took Luigi out, but he forgot that Luigi had one more life left, M87D2 Lu0D2 J(OUT).

    When Luigi came back, he threw a red shell which came back to him. After getting hit by the shell a second time, Mario was cycloned, but not killed, M136ND Lu10. After taunting, Luigi went up towards Mario but was stopped by two of Venusaur's Razor Leaves. After landfall, he landed a weak high attack on Mario, M141ND Lu16. Luigi threw a capsule upwards towards Mario, but it missed him. A star rod came out, and Mario wanted it. When he was done rolling towards it, though, he didn't get the rod--he got killed by Luigi's head-butt, M0D3 Lu16D2.

This game's winner is: Luigi!!!!!


    Mash Toady, interview extraordinaire, has found Luigi and went to the interview. "So, Luigi, how does it feel to finally beat your brother Mario?"
    "I feel GREAT! It took a few matches and some training, but it was worth it. Now I am the greatest Mario Brother!"
    Mash went to look for Mario and found him in the parking lot. "Mario, how mad are you now that you have lost to your brother?"
    "DON'T TALK TO ME! I must be alone right now. Leave me!"
    "Well, okay, whatever."
    "SHUT UP!" (Mario drove home)
    While Mash heard that Pikachu went back to Ash, Jigglypuff was still here, but she wasn't in a mood to talk.
    "So, Jigglypuff," Mash began, "was there anything you did wrong in your match just a few moments ago?"
    "Jigglypuff jiggly jiggly, jigglypuff?" (I didn't do anything wrong at all, right, boyfriend?)
    "You said it, Jigglypuff," some other guy said.
    "Who is that guy, Jigglypuff?" Mash wanted to know.
    "JIGGLYPUFF JIGGLYPUFF PUFF PUFF PUFF! JIGGLY PUFF! PUFF JIGGLYPUFF JIGGLY JIGGLYPUFF!" (None of your beeswax, umbrella head! Buzz off! We must train for our match with Red Yoshi and Yoshelly!*)
    "Of all the nerve! I'm leaving you and your mystery boyfriend for tonight, but sooner or later, someone will find out who he is. Bye, and good riddance!" (Mash leaves the stadium)
Head to Fight 8 to find out about Yoshelly.

What did you think of this match?
  1. Are you Luigi fans happy that he won?
  2. Does Mash Toady have to work on his interviews?
Editor's Note:* Jigglypuff's boyfriend is Kirby. Of course, you probably knew because either you saw the couple fight or you read the color key.