Match #8

The question: What is the best colored Yoshi: green, red, blue, or yellow?

Fighters for Yoshi's Island
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4

The background:

    Welcome to the first ever timed match on Super Smash Stadium! This is your host, VGW Man, and tonight, we will have a Yoshi battle royal extravaganza! The five-minute long fight will have no items coming down from the sky, so this is fight is going to be a true test of skill. In case you didn't see the whole explanation of how time fights work, here's a quick demo. Instead of, say, Y0D1 Yr123D2 Yb89D0 Yy0D1, where Y is Green Yoshi, Yr is Red Yoshi, Yb is Blue Yoshi, & Yy is Yellow Yoshi, for signaling how many times someone died, I will give the current score after each knockout and suicide, like Y0-1 Yr123= (= means at 0) Yb89+2 Yy0-1. Also, I will put up how much time is left. In case you were wondering, all of these Yoshis are fighting for a special prize...oh, the Yoshi's are entering the arena. I'll get to the prize later, for the fight is about to start. So without further ado, LET THE CARNAGE BEGIN!!!

    The Blue Yoshi ends up double teamed while the other Yoshi's trade hits. Yellow ends up in an egg that almost fell off the stage, Y18 Yr18 Yb41 Yy30ND 4:54. When Yellow got out of the egg, Red drill kicked Yellow, and after that, Yellow trapped Red in an egg. Blue and Green traded hits with each other in the meantime, Y46 Yr41 Yb49 Yy50 4:47. Green then swallowed and spit Yellow out of his mouth, but Yellow came back and was showing Blue how to hip drop, Y46 Yr41 Yb56 Yy78ND 4:36. Red and Blue started to have a brawl, but Blue ended up spitting Red out to the left. Green also spits Yellow towards Red, Y46 Yr80ND Yb66 Yy94ND 4:29. Both Red and Yellow survived, though, and were pounding on Green and Blue. Yellow swallowed and spat Green to the left, while Blue avoided Red's tongue and Blue sent Red to the right, Y91ND Yr128 Yb80 Yy94ND 4:19. Green came back and was fighting with Blue and Yellow, but Red sneaked from behind and killed Green. Blue was shot out of Yellow's mouth, but didn't die, Y0-1 Yr128+1 Yb108ND= Yy134= 4:09.

    When Green came back, he stopped Blue from coming back to the main arena, while Red delivered 38 unanswered damage to Yellow, Y0= Yr128+1 Yb0-1 Yy172= 3:55.

    Yellow trapped Blue in an egg when Blue wasn't invincible, but when Blue escaped, Yellow was sent home. In the meantime, Red was bruising Green real bad, Y53= Yr128+1 Yb13= Yy0-1 3:44.

    Red kicked Green again, but didn't see Blue kill him. Green then turned Blue into an egg, Y59= Yr0= Yb18+1 Yy0-1 3:40.

    When Yellow was no longer invincible, someone kicked him at about 3:31, making him go in a rage. He was picking on Red for a while, and though Red got a hit or two in, Yellow sent Red out with a cheap shot. Green and Blue were tearing each other's throats for those thirty or so seconds, not wanting to go near Yellow at all, Y102= Yr0-1 Yb109+1 Yy46= 3:00.

    When Red came back, he killed Green, and then he joined in the melee with the other two alive Yoshis, Y0-1 Yr11= Yb131+1 Yy46= 2:47.

    Red got double teamed for a moment, but when that stopped, Green was beating on Blue, while Red almost stole Yellow's life, Y0 Yr57 Yb144 Yy63ND 2:38. Red turned Green into an egg, while everyone else was trading hits. Green got out of the egg trap and almost took Yellow out. During that, Red jumped to the right, hoping to land an aerial hit while coming down to the left, but missed the platform & killed himself, Y36-1 Yr0-1 Yb179+1 Yy123ND= 2:17.

    When Red came back in the arena, Blue killed Yellow, but Red smacked Blue from behind. Red also landed some unanswered hits on Green as well, Y68-1 Yr0= Yb0+1 Yy0-1 2:04.

    Green managed to trap Red in an egg and do some damage, while Blue only landed a weak kick to Yellow, Y68 Yr30 Yb0 Yy10 1:57. Extensive trading between the four players ended up with Blue killing Yellow, Red killing Blue, Green almost killing Red, and Green taunting, Y86-1 Yr90ND+1 Yb0+1 Yy0-2 1:37.

    Yellow and Blue have had enough of Red and Green. They almost kill them twice, and after each attempt, Yellow swallowed Red & turned him in an egg, Y158ND Yr150ND Yb38 Yy55 1:10. Yellow finally killed Green after Green was pestering Blue, but suffered an air kick by Red. Yellow survived, though, and killed Red for revenge, Y0-2 Yr0= Yb54+1 Yy71= 1:00.

    With one minute left, the Yoshis show no mercy. Green gets double-teamed, and when that's over, Green attacks Blue and Yellow, Y55 Yr0 Yb82 Yy81 0:53. Red then fought Green and Blue like crazy until Blue could take no more and lost a life. Green was lucky and survived, though, Y96ND-2 Yr17+1 Yb0= Yy111= 0:41.

    After some hit trading between all four Yoshis, Green almost stopped Yellow, but Yellow came back. Instead, Yellow killed Green. When Green came back, all four were throwing each other like crazy until time ran out.

Final Standings
Combatants Green Red Blue Yellow
Final Health Report 6% 43% 60% 161%
Knockouts One Five Four Four
Times Knocked Out Four Four Four Three
Final Score -3 1 0 1

    While we know what Green & Blue got, it appears that Red & Yellow have tied with 1 point apiece. To settle this, it's time for...Sudden Death!!!!!

    Yellow tossed an egg at Red and trapped Red afterwards. Yellow landed one hit before Red escaped and landed a weak kick. Yellow then landed a weak kick of his own, but then Red finished Yellow off with an aerial kick, R333 Y(OUT).

This game's winner is: Red Yoshi!!!!!


    After the match, Red Yoshi was taken to the prize room to claim his prize. And inside was...Yoshelly* (pronounced Yo - shell - ee), the most famous Yoshi at Dinosaur High School. So, Red Yoshi and Yoshelly will be going out for a while.
    Meanwhile, at the locker room area, another couple isn't too happy with this situation. "We are better than those two. I say we challenge them to a tag team match. What do you think?"
    "Puff. Jigglypuff-puff-jiggly." (Yes. Let's get them.)
    "It's settled then. Watch out, Yoshelly! Jigglypuff and I will come after you!"

*: Yoshelly is a character I made up, since Yoshette was taken (Thank you very much, Tuxedo Ken).

What did you think of this match?
  1. Did the Yoshis put up a good fight?
  2. Do you think another color Yoshi should have won the right to go out with Yoshelly?
  3. Who was Jigglypuff talking to?!?