Match #55

The Question: Which team will win the tourney?

Fighters for Yoshi's Island
Speedsters Speedsters Pioneers Pioneers Mini-Powers Mini-Powers
Player 1 Player 2 Player 3 Player 4 Player 5 Player 6

The Background:

Lugia007: Hello, and welcome to the final match of the tourney! I am the mighty Lugia007!

Crowd: (cheers)

Lugia: But you aren't as good as the real me--The SP Lugia!

Crowd: (more cheers)

Yoshi: I was a fighter in the tag team tourney, but I was knocked out early on. It is I, the depenable Yoshi!

Crowd: (plenty of cheers)

Gruntilda: I was beaten by a bear with a bird in his pack, but now as you see, Gruntilda is back!

Crowd: (standing ovation)

Yoshi: Today's match is going to be very intense; and the crowd knows it.

Lugia007: That's right; for the final tourney match, THREE teams-- that's right, three--are going to go at it against each other for the gold.

Lugia: Team number 1 has the Speedsters, Patrick V and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Yoshi: Team two has the original pioneers of Luigi & Kirby.

Gruntilda: Both Mini-Powers have many a fan. They compose of Killer & Megaman.

Lugia: Normally, there are two teams heading to the finals, but because of all of the trouble there was on Match 50, Tai has decided to allow all three teams to settle it all at once for the tag team championship.

Yoshi: And just to be sure that there are no time distortions or anything of the like this time, Dr. Light has helped make a special machine that lets us know if we are in the middle of one. I call it "The Dr. Distortion".

Gruntilda: The combatants today can have up to six moves each. You see what they chose while I eat a peach.

Lugia007: And in case you don't recall what each move does, see their respective bios. Most of them should be updated by now, anyway.

Homing Attack
Invisible Speed
Ring Toss
Spike Cannon
Spin Dash
Triple Spin
Ground Pound
Luigi Cyclone
Super Jump Punch
Copy Cat
Final Cutter
Rock Bottom
Fire 2
Thief Punch
Dive Missiles
Lightning Bolt
Mega Buster
Mega Morph
Mega Upper
Rush Charger

Lugia: Kirby feels confident about giving the Multi-Copy a move a try tonight; he wants to mix-n-match some moves.

Gruntilda: There is a reason why Mega brought Rush; he can give items that we won't throw in or touch.

Lugia007: Grunty, I don't think that rhymes...

Gruntilda: As long as I come close to a rhyme, it's good enough; I'm no longer in my prime.

Yoshi: And Killer chose to bring in Ultima to this fight. While it's not exactly a handicapp match, having two teams against you is like a handicapp team match, I guess.

Lugia007: That would have been my guess. And after this match is done, you'll find me at The Nintendo 64 Paradise.

Lugia: First, we must have the match, so let's start it!

Yoshi: OK!

Lugia007: Ladies and gentlemen...

Yoshi: Boys and girls...

Gruntilda: Broadcasting live at this Stadium place; millions here live, with billions watching at space...

Lugia: Super Smash Stadium brings to you...

Yoshi: The cutest and strongest dinosaur, Yoshi!


Lugia007: The #1 Lugia of BOTVGH, Lugia007!


Lugia: The #1 Lugia of EVERYTHING, Lugia the SP!


Gruntilda: I'm not the psychic girl called Matilda; I'm the nasty witch that's known as Gruntilda!


Yoshi: And with further adieu...

All (but Gruntilda, who must rhyme): LET THE BATTLE BEGIN! (c2000 Lugia007 and Company)

Lugia007: Luigi quickly starts off on Pat with his Flurry Tackle!

Yoshi: While on the right side of the arena, Kirby and Sonic temporarily team up against the Mini-Powers.

Gruntilda: The picture guy sure is pretty tough, but after getting ground pounded, he's currently had enough.

P36 ND SH40

Lu27 K34

Yk39 MM30

Lugia: Killer has just fired a Fire 2 at Sonic, but the hedgehog uses Invisibility Speed to avoid the attack!

Yoshi: But Kirby was right by both Sonic & Killer! And now the puffball is opening his mouth real wide...

Lugia007: It looks like--yes! Kirby is going for the Multi-Copy.

Lugia: Now it looks like he has a combination of both Sonic's & Killer's hats!

Gruntilda: Kirby has copied both hedgehog and yoshi. Now he can do something that can knock out Boshi.

Boshi: (In audience) Why don't you knock me out then, ***** (female dog)?

Gruntilda: (fires a Homing Ball at Boshi, sending him out of the arena) I might be a pretty good witch, but no one may call me a ***** (female dog).

Yoshi: While Pat and Killer are fighting each other, Kirby tries out his newfound powers--except nothing comes out!

Lugia: The way these combos work, any part of any B Move could have been taken. It's obvious Sonic's Invisibility is in it, but what's the other move?

Lugia007: It's Fire 2--& Sonic felt it quickly!

Gruntilda: Luigi sent Megaman to the clouds today, but not before Rush decides to play...

P78 SH87

Lu64 K59

Yk71 MM83 ND

Yoshi: Megaman quickly recovers and takes out Sonic with a fully charged Mega Buster!

Lugia: But then Kirby stops Megaman!

Gruntilda: This continues left and right, until only Luigi is in sight.

Lugia007: And Rush has just thrown his item in.

Lugia: Holy **** (scat)! That's the Yashichi! Luigi touches it, and he has just regained all of his life in a flash!

P0 D1 SH0 D1

Lu0 D0 K0 D1

Yk0 D1 MM0 D1

Yoshi: Everyone gets back and starts to beat up Luigi.

Gruntilda: Then Mega gives all, save Killer, a jolt, thanks to the invincible Lightning Bolt!

Lugia007: It's getting too crowded over there--I can't see who's hurting who!

Lugia: Don't worry; the latest stats are up.

P62 SH42

Lu78 K31

Yk72 MM67 ND

Yoshi: While Megaman tries to recover from his latest hit, Killer first uses his Summon move.

Gruntilda: That looks like Shiva, the mistress of ice. Now the floor is frozen; that wasn't very nice!

Lugia007: Now Killer uses Ultima on his four adversaries!

Yoshi: Megaman just Mega Uppered himself onto the field, and then calls Rush again for another Charger round.

Lugia: Mega is only lucky that Rush can bring items in no-item matches; that's one advantage of the Mini-Powers. However, like the Summon move, it's a random item.

Lugia007: But Kirby first takes away Megaman's B Moves (via Multi-Copy), and then Rock Bottoms him out of here!

P92 SH78

Lu100 K84

Yk89 MM0 D2

Gruntilda: Rush has with him a Mystery Disk. But it won't help Megaman; tisk, tisk, tisk!

Yoshi: Pat uses his karate moves to send the others away, then unlocks it to reveal Suezo!

Gruntilda: How long does that one-eyed freak take to Teleport the fighters, for goodness sake?

Lugia007: Knowing Suezo, anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds.

Lugia: Pat's not taking chances now; he's using the Self-Destruct move so that everyone (save Sonic hopefully) will have one life left before the teleportation begins.

Suezo: Te--

Yoshi: The move is executed, and Pat is knocked out. Everyone else gets caught in the blast--including Sonic by mistake!

Suezo: --le--

Gruntilda: Sonic must make it to the arena, & fast; otherwise his next life is his last.

Suezo: --port! (teleportation sequence begins)

Lugia007: No need! Sonic is saved just in time. My question is: where will we end up?

P0 D2 SH103 ND D1

Lu0 D2 K0 D2

Yk0 D2 MM0 D2

New Arena:

Winter Wonderland

Lugia: We are now at Lemmy's arena! Killer might have the advantage here.

Lugia007: But Sonic doesn't! Everyone wants him gone!

Gruntilda: Both Pioneers, however, are going after Pat. Why not kill the hedgehog; why not do that?

Yoshi: It's called "unfinished business". Now Megaman, souped up in Super Adapter Mode, helps the Pioneers out.

Lugia007: And after one Mega Punch, Pat is out of this game!

P (OUT) SH103 D2

Lu3 D2 K8 D2

Yk14 D2 MM25 D2

Sonic: Little speedster! Take my spare life! You need it if we want to win!

Pat: (gets back in the game with one life left)

Gruntilda: But Killer smash attacked Sonic out of here. Now Pat's alone; that's enough to make me fear.

P0 D2 SH (OUT)

Lu13 D2 K20 D2

Yk30 D2 MM40 D2

Lugia: Guys, I see a bee swarm coming this way, and they don't look happy...

Gruntilda: The bee swarm attacks all in their sights. They damage the fighters with all of their might!

Yoshi: Everyone took some major damage; Megaman himself had to use his jets to get back on the playing field.

Lugia007: But the Pioneers were waiting for them! Kirby swallowed up the blue bomber to take some powers away, and then Luigi used the Plumber Punch smash attack to send Megaman away for good!

P62 D2 SH (OUT)

Lu59 D2 K67 D2

Yk71 D2 MM (OUT)

Gruntilda: Kirby used his new powers to send Killer out, but then Pat knocked the pink balloon out of this bout!

Yoshi: The Keechee-yun-elboo is pretty dangerous when in the hands of a master.

Lugia: And then, there were two...

P78 D2 SH (OUT)

Lu78 D2 K (OUT)


Lugia007: So far, The Dr. Distortion thing hasn't sounded the alarm yet, so we know that whatever happens now is the real deal.

Gruntilda: Both run towards each other; each wants to win. But Pat first gets his Keechee-yun-elboo in!

Yoshi: Luigi can still make it back though! There's one jump, two jumps--

Lugia: What the--? Pat's taunting early! He thinks he has won, but he hasn't yet!

Lugia007: Luigi made it back! But Pat doesn't notice!

Yoshi: That distraction was what the Mario Bro needed. He lands the Super Jump Punch--it's a hit!

Gruntilda: Pat is sent to the background for the bees to catch. And there you have it; the end of the match!

Game Set!

This Games Winner is: The Pioneers!!!

The Best Player of the team is: Luigi!!!


Gruntilda: That was a very great match, you guys. But I must go back home and make some french fries! (zooms off on her broom)

Lugia: Now, we need someone to interview the other teams.

Mash Toady: I'll do it!

Yoshi: Where have you been, Mash?

Mash Toady: I went over to Lakitu's Inteview College to learn some techniques on interviewing. I thought I left a note at Tai's office for him to tell you guys.

Lugia: He hasn't told me or anyone else I know. But start with the Mini-Powers, then go to Speedsters and finally the Pioneers.

Mash Toady: Very well.

(Mash finds Killer's locker room)

Mash Toady: (knocks on the door) Mind if I come in?

Megaman: You can come in.

Mash Toady: I'm just wondering; you were the favorites, and yet you guys took third on the team effort. Did anything wrong happen?

Killer: Nothing wrong happened at all. Mega & I were actually happy with such competition!

Megaman: I must credit Luigi on that match. He had the fewest moves coming in this match, and yet he took advantage of both my Rush Charger and my coming back to the Winter Wonderlana Arena. He's a true champ.

Killer: Ditto.

Mash Toady: Thank you both. (goes over to Pat's room) Can I come in?

Sonic: Sure, Mash.

Mash Toady: You guys put up quite an effort, Speedsters. Did your game plan work out as planned?

Sonic: Just as long as the Mini-Powers were taken away, everything would be relatively easy. But it was hard; I even let Pat take my spare life so he would get that chance.

Mash Toady: That reminds me. Pat, after seeing the tape of Match 50, did you ever think that you would get a second chance at facing Luigi one-on-one again?

Pat: I must admit, I made the same mistake as I did one the Pioneer-favored distortion. However, I have learned my mistake now; I hope to never make it again.

Mash Toady: That's good enough for me. Now to find the Pioneers...

(Mash finds Kirby's locker room)

Luigi: Mash, we've got a problem. Come with us to Tai's office now!

Mash Toady: What's the problem?

Kirby: Just follow us!

(The Pioneers and Mash Toady go to Tai's office, only to find a note. It read:)

    I am currently on vacation from the Stadium. I am trying to understand the truth about something; I'm seeking enlightenment. When I get back, though, I'll be better than ever. Heh heh heh...

Tai M. Paomwersers

Mash Toady: Why do I have a feeling that this is not good at all?

Luigi: I know what you mean. I was hoping that Tai could talk to Shigero Miyamoto and see if I could get some more games for me.

Kirby: I agree with you. So, what do we do?

Lugia007: What do they do indeed. Well, VGW is busy at the moment so I'll say the questions:

  1. Did you like that final tourney match?
  2. Will Luigi & Kirby get more games?
  3. What happened to Tai?

The Narrator of the Ganna Legacy: Something tells me that all of them better watch out. I have told a few of them of my prophecy "Beware the powerful Clone"; I think it's coming true right now. The only question I have is...when will the prophecy be complete?