Match #62

The Question: Will Rex's antics finally be stopped for good?

Fighters for Rex's Airship
Player 1 Player 2

The Background:

Lugia: Hello, and welcome to the latest SSS fight!

Lemmy: This one is going to be a major battle folks, so hang on tight!

Lord Reid: We have Rex and Pat going at it!

Lugia: This all started as Rex somehow hacked into Smashtopia, destroying the mall while at it.

Lord Reid: Dark Horse offered to face Rex, but Pat chose to instead.

Lemmy: But just in case things go wacky, Dark Horse and ROMba have morphed to their Warrior forms and have joined Lakitu and Mash Toady at the camera crew post.

Lugia: Now, does anyone know the moves of these two fighters today?

Lemmy: While all of Pat's moves can be found at match 29, I do not have a clue on Rex's arsenal.

Lord Reid: Rex's Airship is similar to the regular Doom Ship arena; just more weapons.

Lugia: This is a scheduled three live fight, with no time limit.

Lord Reid: Items will come in when we get them; even I don't know what they are!

Lemmy: Both Pat and Rex are entering the arena, so we have to do our intros.

Lord Reid: Ladies and gentlemen...

Lugia: Children of all ages...

Lemmy: The Super Smash Stadium proudly presents...

Lord Reid: The Title Guy Lord Reid!

Lugia: The Game Guy Lugia!

Lemmy: The Four-eyed Lemmy!

ALL: The SSS Commentators!

Lord Reid: And for the thousands in attendance...

Lugia: ...and the millions watching worldwide...ladies and gentlemen...

Lemmy: Let the carnage begin!

Lugia: That's copyrighted by VGW!

Lemmy: In case you forgot, VGW isn't VGW anymore; it's Dark Horse or VGWarrior. I'm taking over copyrights!

Lord Reid: Rex starts things off with some basic attacks, but Pat counters with an Ill-shoo-shiek quickly enough to gain the advantage.

Lugia: Rex now seems to be charging up looks like the Kamehameha! Is he a Saiyajin or something?

Lord Reid: Good eye, O Mystical One; notice the tail that makes him an SJ. Just as he fires, though, a bob-omb from one of the nearby cannons explodes on him; however, he does not go very far.

Lemmy: (tosses an item in) Both fighters fight for the capsule, but after a big brawl, Pat gets it.

Lugia: Pat throws it down, revealing a Star Rod.

Lemmy: Rex, though, goes fast--very fast--towards Pat and unleashes the Kienzan, which...cuts the Star Rod in two?!?

Lord Reid: Even that is discouraged in battle to tear apart weapons.

Lugia: No need to worry about that, though; the whole ship has fired all of its weapons and both fighters were taken out.

Lemmy: That's a relief; no one should tear apart weapons.

???C: That Rex is too powerful for his own good sometimes.

Lugia: Who are you?

???C: I am Dengario; Rex's uncle.

Lugia: What do you know of Rex besides family heredity?

Dengario: We'll talk about that later; right now, he and some other guy are back in the playing field.

Lord Reid: Pat [the other guy] starts to use Copycat, but Rex moves out the way. Is he going to transform again?

Lemmy: Probably to Second Saiyajin.

Dengario: Close; Super Saiyajin.

Lugia: The transformation is complete, and he starts charging up what looks like the Kamehameha.

Lord Reid: Lugia, that obviously DOES NOT look like the Kamehameha; open your eyes for once! Dengario, what move is Rex trying to do?

Dengario: That's the Makankosappo, a more powerful move than the Kamehameha that requires extra charging time.

Lemmy: That gives Pat plenty of time to swallow Rex via Copycat, but a Bullet Bill in the field hits him before he can copy one of Rex's powers.

Lord Reid: Rex finishes charging, but Pat fires his Killerang, disrupting Rex's firing delay.

Lugia: Pat might actually have a chance in this fight, but I wouldn't be surprised if Rex tries to transform again.

Dengario: Just wait until he takes more damage.

Lemmy: (tosses a crate in) Heads up guys!

Lord Reid: Both fighters destroy the crate from both sides, revealing two bob-ombs and a mine--a very explosive combination.

Lugia: Both fighters fight for the mine--in the center--but Pat gets the mine while Rex goes to the Second Super Saiyajin; I'm guessing that's SSJ2 for short.

Dengario: You must be the it Superpower?

Lugia: Yes, I'm a superpower; no, I'm more Spanish now.

Lemmy: Guys, take cover! (all take cover) Sorry, but both bob-ombs were going to run into the two fighters and the mine; the explosive was so great, both fighters were killed.

Lord Reid: Is it just me, or does this arena promote a lot of ties?

Lugia: Well, if you want to know, the whole ship went ballistic again, which is when the ties really happen...but yes; lots of ties can happen here.

Dengario: (aside) What is this round thing I have here? (shakes it) That's odd...there is something in it...what the hey? (tosses the pokéball in)

Lemmy: Pat gets the pokéball, and it reveals...Houdini?!? Houdini, you don't look so hot.

Houdini: Ab.......ab......abra.............

Lugia: I know that all Abras teleport, but all cameras are going wacko!

VGWarrior: Guys, get all of your cameras outside on the field! I think I found the fighters!

Mash: Commentators, focus on co-ordinates 4EQ-8; that's the SSS Endless Field they are fighting on...or at least about to fight on.

Lemmy: NOT THE ENDLESS FIELD!!! That isn't supposed to be an arena at all! NOW PAT'S GOING TO REGRET THIS!!!

Dengario: Why is that?

Lugia: Only SSS sanctioned arenas have a special barrier around them that prevents "realistic" injuries, such as broken bones and cut-off arms. The Endless Field isn't sanctioned.

Lord Reid: Now this fight has turned into a fight to the death; we can't toss any items over there!

Lemmy: And Rex can do LOTS of damage regardless of what Saiyajin form he is in because this is a street fight where the only way out is by risking your life for the other.

Dengario: Hmmm...this looks like the spot on the Smash Brothers video game where Mario and Kirby started to fight.

Lugia: That's THE Endless Field. And now Rex is morphing again--to SSJ3! When will this madness end?

Lord Reid: Rex is now getting ready for the Kienzan again; I don't like this at all.

Dengario: It's coming to Pat; I don't think he can dodge--OWWWW!!!!!!!

Lemmy: What's wrong with you?

Dengario: Pat and I used to share a body. However, some stuff is felt between us telepathically; whenever he experiences major pain, I must suffer as well. Look at Pat; he just had his left arm cut off!

ROMbarrior: Should we stop Rex now?

Lord Reid: Negative; this is their fight.

Dengario: Unfortunately, this is a fight that Pat will lose. He can't continue in this condition.

Lugia: I think Rex is going for the Genki-dama; Pat better move!

Lemmy: He moves, but he loses his right leg in the process.

Dengario: OUCH! That hurt!

Lord Reid: Hey Lemmy, you know the Self-destruct move Pat has?

Lemmy: I can read your mind; he WILL die if he uses it!

Lord Reid: You can't read my mind, but at least you knew what I was talking about.

Lugia: Even Pat doesn't deserve this. Why is he going to do this?

Dengario: My question is, can he do it before Rex goes SSJ4?

Lemmy: There is an SSJ4?!?!?

Lord Reid: Both have to act quickly to stop the other; Pat is hopping mad to Rex, while Rex is trying to rush his transformation.

Dengario: Rushing will only slow down the transformation when it comes to SSJ4.

Pat: You've...done...too the Stadium. Now...I will...kill you...even if...I die. SELF DESTRUCT!!!!!!

VGWarrior: Let's hope my defense will protect me. HARDEN! (defense increases)

ROMbarrior: Ability Swap...Defense of Hyper Cleft! (defense increases)


Lemmy: The dust settles...Pat is still recovering from the attack; he is barely alive. However, Rex is clearly out of this fight!

Dengario: So...Rex is dead...very well then.

This Games Winner Is........PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pat: I've...stopped...the evil...but now...I must...make sure...that things...again. SPIRIT POSSESSOR!

Lord Reid: No way...Pat's spirit is going into Rex's body?!?

Dengario: Rex's spirit...was the explosion. Now that...Pat is...going in...Rex's body...I can't live...any longer. Pat and I...shared the same...body...however...the telepathy...which I live...will be gone...once absorbed...into Rex's body. When inside...Rex's body...I will die. (pause) I see...that time...has come. Goodbye............ (he disappears to where he dies)

Pat: I feel great! I can now pull off both Rex's old moves and my old moves now!

Lemmy: That's great, but what are you to be called?

Lugia: How about...Patrex?

Pat: Patrex...nah. Just call me Pat.

Lord Reid: Fine. I personally liked Patrex though...

VGWarrior: Now that that is over with, it's question time.

  1. Have we stopped an important part of the "darkness" that has infected Mario and Ness?
  2. Will Pat be able to help out even more?
  3. When will Dyria get back?



In real life, Reid actually totaled Rex's hard drive with his virus, and we made the match up.