Match(es) #64

The Question: Will the SPs be able to rescue the fighters from those who kidnapped them?

SPs vs. Enemies
Red Team Red Team Red Team Red Team Red Team Red Team Red Team Red Team Red Team Blue Team
Dark Horse Lemmy Koopa Iggy Koopa Patrick V Lugia Tomintul Goshi Luigi Man Killer Kirby

The Background:

Tai's Office

Dark Horse: Mr President...You know that we've been having problems with the fighters being kidnapped and stuff?

Tai: I am very disturbed at that...this is not supposed to happen.

Dark Horse: Well, I know one guy who hasn't been caught or assumed be caught--at least from what we know.

Tai: Who is it??

Dark Horse: It's GENO!!!

Tai: AHA! SO he had some connection with Dark Force!!!

(A black geno teleports out of nowhere.)

Dark Horse: What the hell?! A BLACK Geno?!?!

Geno: That's right! (someone else enters:)

???JG: To protect the world from devastation...

???JB: To unite all peoples within....

Geno: SHUT UP!!! (casts Dark Geno flash on them)

???JB & ???JG: Looks like TR is blasting off again!!!

Harle: Hmph! And zey call ME annoying.....

Geno: When did you get in?!

Harle: YIKEZ!! (teleportz out)

Geno: That's better... now.... wimpy SP's....I have a proposition to make....

(Dark Force teleports in Tai's office while the other SPs enter the room.)

Lugia: It's a pleasure to see you again Dark Force...but what's with Geno?

Geno: (to Dark Force) You stay out of this!!!

Dark Force: I'm still staying in here...

Tai: What is your proposition?

Geno: Very easy.... each one of you wimps will battle one of my cohorts in a one-on-one match (two-on-two for the Kooalings and "the Fan SPs"). If by some miracle you DO manage to beat will all fight against me.

Goshi: I don't think so bub. I'm just going to send you away--

Geno: --With what? Your Power Ranger copycat robots? Or should I say, _former_ Power Ranger copycat robots?

Killer Kirby: What do you mean?

Geno: I destroyed all of those Smashers along with the blueprints!

Luigi Man: Why you little--

Geno: Like I said, fight my cohorts, and you can fight me if you beat them.

Dark Horse: After everything that has sounds fair enough....except for the fact that you're ONE against ALL of us!!

Geno: Do not underestimate my power... here's what I propose: if you win the match...I'll leave the SSS and release all of the fighters. If I win.... Dark Force will destroy it...

Dark Horse: Why don't YOU destroy it...wait a minute.. Dark Force?! WHY?!

Dark Force: ..... (lowers head)

Tai: I was right!!!! This is a conspiracy led by DF!!!

Dark Force: (leaves)

Geno: you accept? Chicken out..and DF will destroy the SSS right now.

All SPs: Yeah, we do.

Tai: (grins without the SPs knowing)

Geno: Well then....the games will begin in five minutes. I'll be waiting...BWA HA HA HA!!!

SSS Lobby

Iggy: At least we got outselves a match.

Lemmy: But we need someone to find the other fighters.

ROMba: I'll search for them.

Sonic: I can try the audience podiums; ROMba can search the outer territories.

Pat: Are you sure you don't have your roles mixed up?

Tom: They already agreed to it; let them be.

Dark Horse: Should I morph right now or save it for a later fight?

Lugia: Save it.

Goshi: Well, this is--

(All SPs were being teleported to random arenas to fight their foes. Two or three commentators were also chosen at random for each fight.)

Bowser: As the bell rings, Lemmy and Yoyo start off by pounding the heck outta each other!

Ken: Meanwhile, Iggy and Valentina are having a long-range fight, each using their projectiles!

Adam: Dodo kicks Lemmy back and leaps into the air! What's he up to?

Bowser: It's his Stutter Mush attack, stealing all B moves for every fighter!

Ken: That's Flutter Hush...

Bowser: Meh.

Adam: The Koopalings will need to use every ounce of skill they have to win without special attacks!

Bowser: Lemmy kicks Gogo high into the air!

Ken: Valentina uses a smashing kick to send Iggy into Dodo!

Adam: Iggy and the bird are fighting on a higher platform!

Bowser: Lemmy grabs Valence Tina and tosses her off the edge!

Ken: But Valentina easily makes it back!

Bowser: A kick from Lolo to Iggy sends him sliding down the platform!

Adam: Iggy gets up and leaps back, bonking Dodo on the head with his rod!

Bowser: Valley Tea Ma rushes at Lemmy and tackles him down!

Ken: Lemmy stands up and kicks her aside in one fell swoop as Dodo replenishes Flutter Hush!

Adam: Iggy jumps up and lets down a drop kick to dodo!

Bowser: But Zozo rolls aside!

Ken: However, Iggy shatters that layer of ice in the leap! They both fall to the bottom level!

Adam: Valentina runs at the two, arms outstretched!

Bowser: But my boys raise their claws in front, causing a head-on collision!

Adam: Sure. "Head" on.

Ken: Iggy knocks Valentina up into the air with his rod!

Bowser: Eww...

Ken: I didn't mean it like that!

Adam: Valentina hits the P-Switch, and then jumps down to the lower level!

Bowser: Iggy drop kicks to shatter the ice at the bottom, taking a few of the coins!

Ken: And once again, Dodo goes to replenish Flutter Hush...

Adam: But a tossed star ball knocks him down!

Iggy: Let's do it...

Lemmy: I'm game...

Bowser: Lemmy and Iggy look weird...

Adam: They get it from you; I guarantee it.

Ken: He's right! The twins are glowing black!

Iggy: Brotherly!

Lemmy: Hate!

Bowser: A huge black heart shoots out from between Lemmy and Iggy and shoots into the sky!

Adam: Dodo uses Flutter Hush once again!

Ken: But it's too late! The black heart falls, knocking aside Dodo and Valentina off the arena!

Bowser: They jump up...

Adam: But Flutter Hush prevents their triple jumps! They are out!

This game's winners are...The Koopalings!

(Iggy and Lemmy are teleported to a temporary spot where they are frozen in time; the next match comes in play.)

Bombette: Tomintul and Seph quickly approach each other at the center of the ship and get out their swords.

Bruce: Sephiroph attempts 5 swings, but Tom dodges each one.

Bombette: Tomintul goes for his Hyper Slash, and he slashes...right through him?!?

Sephiroph: (teleports to the commentators) Stop this match! That was a clone!

Geno: (teleports in) How'd you know? And for that matter, how'd you escape?

Sephiroph: I have my ways. Give Tom his win; I will have a personal spar with him later.

Geno: Grumble...grumble...fine.

This game's winner is...Tomintul!!!

Tom: Thanks Seph...

Sephiroph: Remember our spar later. (teleports out)

Tom: Right. (Tom is teleported to where the Koopalings are.)

Tayce T.: At the start, King Dedede pummels through LM and KK.

Waddle Dee: Now he's coming back for the rebound, but KK swallows him and takes his hammer!

Tayce T.: Remember that since that is Dedede's permament hammer, not as much damage is done as the hammer item does.

Waddle Dee: Now Wart gets in the action and uses his Water Spit move on both fighters, leaving them drenched!

Tayce T.: How do I cook a Maximum Tomato here? They need it.

Waddle Dee: Items have been blocked, as far as I know. It won't matter much, though; LM is using Tool Time successfully on both of his enemies.

Tayce T.: Now the good guys are in trouble; Wart goes on Dedede's back, increasing their attack and defense power.

Waddle Dee: The piggy-back bad guys start firing their projectiles (Super Wart Bubbles and Wind Gusts) at their nemesis's, but none of them hit home.

Tayce T.: KK now charges at the bad guys with his stolen hammer and swipes both of them, knocking them back to the floor.

Waddle Dee: While they are still dazed, Luigi Man performs two Super Jump Punches to knock them out of the arena! What a fight!

This game's winners are...LM AND KK!!!

(Next Teleport)

Knux: And Ro-butt-nik starts off, as you'd expect, by blasting Pat with and energy-ray machine!

Billy: But Pat's too fast! Like Knux said, that attack was very predictable, so Pat dodges almost exactly when Dr. Kintobor fires!

Knux: Pat lands behind Ro-buttocks, and he seems to be charging an attack!

Pat: KA.....ME.....HA.....ME....HA!!!!!

Billy: Wow! That was some attack! Pat has Robuttnik on a leash!

Knux: So far, this is a very one-sided match!

Billy: Pat looks like he's ready for another, but Robotnik has other plans!

Knux: Dr. Ro-butt sets his mini-cruiser for Warp Speed 3, and.. I cant see him.

Billy: But obviously Pat can! Pat's jumping all over the arena, supposedly dodging Robotnik's attacks!

Knux: Ok, now Pat's had enough! He's turned into SUPER SONIC!

Billy: Uh... you mean Super Saya-jin?

Knux: Right! what'd I say?

Billy: You said Super Sonic!

Knux: But Sonic isn't fighting...

Billy: Sigh.. forget it.

Knux: Pat fly's high above the stadium, but I still cant see Dr. R-butt...

Billy: He's doing the Kamehameha again. It looks like he's concentrating more this time!

Pat: KA..........ME............HA..............ME..............HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knux: And... NO!!!

Billy: Robotnik just put up a light-screen in front of himself! The attack is reflected!

Pat: !!!!! KA.....ME.....HA.....ME....HA!!!!!!!!!!

Knux: Whoa! It's Kamehameha vs. Kamehameha!

Billy: Pat's Kamehameha and Ro-butt-nik's Kamehameha have collided! each one is struggling to overpower the other!

Knux: Hey, it looks like pat's gonna win after all! He just totally skipped SSJ2 and went up to SSJ3!

Billy: The Li'l speedster's got an amazing advantage here!

Knux: Oh no....!!!

Billy: What is it?

Knux: Pat just fizzled right back to normal! he's used up all his energy!

Billy: Dr. R is overcoming pat quickly!

Pat: (struggles to hold the wave) KA...ME..HA..ME....HA!!! KA....ME... ha.... me.... ha...

Geno: (tosses someone from the audience podium into the middle of the wave without anyone noticing) (aside) Take that. (teleports out)

Knux: NO!!! Pat is down! AND THE ENERGY WAVE HITS!!!

Billy: I can't watch! ::covers his eyes::

Knux (sadly): And as the dust clears, we see the near-dead body of... SONIC!?!??!?!

Billy: WHAT THE!?!?! ::looks around:: Pat is sitting, dazed, just a few feet from Sonic!


Pat: ..Huh? ::shakes his head and looks at Sonic:: SONIC!!! ::stares at Sonic and turns toward Ro-butt-nik::

Dr. R:

Pat: ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr. R: NOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo......!!!!! (fizzles into nothing)

This game's winner is...PAT!!!

Pat: Pant...pant... (turns back to normal, faints, and gets transported to the others)

Goshi: It’s you

Boshi: Hello Goshi, long time no see...ready to loose again?

Goshi: Never!

Holy Guy: They both charge, and Goshi dodges Boshis attack!

Devil Guy: He begins to beat up Boshi! After he gets a few hits, Boshi jumps away.

Boshi: I though you might have gotten faster and just in case Ludwig made me a potion that’ll make me the fastest yoshi again (drinks potion) Now Let The Battle Begin!

Holy Guy: Goshi starts by trying to kick Boshi, but what’s this? The potion Boshi drank made him 5 times faster!

Devil Guy: He’s moving so fast that Goshi couldn’t see him before he head butted him! And right when Goshi gets back up he eggifies the poor gray yo’ster! This battles a slaughter!

Holy Guy: Luckily Goshi got a few hits at the beginning because now he looks like he has no chance!

Devil Guy: He is able to get a simple kick on Boshi but Boshi returns it with a Hip Drop! If it wasn’t for the clouds Goshi’d be dead!

Holy Guy: He tries to throw an egg at Boshi but Boshi dodges it and starts to beat up poor Goshi again! This battle isn’t going in the Go’sters favor!

Boshi: HA! Looks like I’m gonna beat you again gray freak! Just like the old days! Mwhahahahaha! (tosses an egg at Goshi that hits)

Devil Guy: An angered Goshi releases a few small Chi blasts, but none hit the super fast Boshi!

Boshi: Haha! It feels great to be evil! I used to be just a pest, but then after being kicked out of Stupid Smash Stadium too many times I decided it’s time to be evil! Chicks dig villains!


Holy Guy: What’s this? Wind is surrounding Goshi! And the wind yoshi’s is beginning to glow!

Devil Guy: And then he charges at Boshi! And what's this, Goshi’s just as fast, maybe even faster than Boshi!

Holy Guy: And they begin to exchange hits! Goshi’s back in the game, but is it too late?

Devil Guy: Even though Boshi still is getting a few hits, the lone yo’ster is giving it his all!

Holy Guy: He misses Boshi with his KazeKutter (the move used to be called the Wind Cutter) but is able to get em the gust afterwards!

Devil Guy: And then he does the Hurricane kick on Boshi! The scores almost even!

Holy Guy: Boshi performs a kick combo on Goshi but the Go’ster returns it was a smash attack kick, almost sending Boshi gone for good! Then he begins to charge up his chi!

Goshi: Ka.. Me.. Ha.. Me… HAAA!!!

Devil Guy: Ouch! Poor Boshi was charging at Goshi when he released his Kamehameha! He’s going going...lands on a cloud!

Holy Guy: But before he can react Goshi charges over there and performs the Yoshi throw!

Goshi: LEHUM!

Devil Guy: And then he spits Boshi out, sending him out of the Arena!

This game's winner is...GOSHI!!!

Boshi: AHH!

(Boshi falls on the ground of Yoshi’s island. Goshi jumps off the arena that floats in the sky and flutter kicks to the ground next to him.)

Boshi: You f---! Your nothing but a little wuss, and you beat me by luck! Now I am going to kill you!

Goshi: Calm down ya looser. If ya can beat me, why didn’t you? Don’t make up an excuse, right now we aren’t in an arena; therefore, I can kill you

Boshi: Lets see ya try B----!

Goshi: (sigh) I really didn’t want to have to do this.

(Goshi takes out sword and gets read to cut Boshi in half. But before he can hit him some mysterious person who looks strangely like VGWarrior comes down and hits Goshi with a beam, knocking him to the ground.)

????: You must work for that fool Dark Horse...stupid Yoshi, you and other allies of VGWarrior shall die...The New Fearsome five shall reign supreme. (The mysterious VGWarrior look alike grabs Boshi and flies away)

Goshi: Who was that..? The Fearsome Five? Didn’t they disband? Doesn’t matter, I’ll worry about that some other time, I gotta get back to SSS... (he gets teleported as well)

Meowth: Bird Brain starts things off with quick pecks against Mewtwo, but they don't look too damaging to me.

Gastly: However, the Mewtwo starts to charge up a Psybeam attack, not paying attention to the damage he had just received.

Meowth: The Psybeam is loose, and Lugia manages to fly away.

Gastly: Lugia now tries his own Psybeam, but his manages to hit. Kind of surprising, since Mewtwo can float somehow.

Mewoth: OK, I just got a readout on Mewtwo...he somehow got weakened before this fight; that's why he didn't float to avoid the Psybeam!

Gastly: Are you saying he's a sitting duck there?

Meowth: He can jump and move and attack, but not much else.

Gastly: Lugia notices that, though, and grabs him.

Meowth: Bad move; Mewtwo just chose to use Thunder on him.

Gastly: Worse move; the Gyarados is now awakened and Dragonrages towards Mewtwo!

Meowth: Lugia recovers from the platform he landed on the left side of Gyarados (Mewtwo was on the right) and fires a Hyper Beam at Mewtwo to finish him off!

This game's winner is...LUGIA!!!

(Lugia gets transported to where the others are; Dark Horse gets teleported to Saffron the street level)

Dark Horse: Shouldn't I be on top of Silph Co? Hmm...I probably have a seperate test. Oh well; time to go through the teleporters... (five minutes later) That wasn't so hard; I didn't have to have Pokémon battles at least. And yet...why did I have to go through the long way? Wait a second... (remembers match 33) I know my enemy! POWERS, SHOW YOUR BUTT-UGLY FACE RIGHT NOW!

Powers: I congratulate you for getting through that teleporting sequence. Now it is time you die!

Dark Horse: I don't think so! I know you helped kidnap some of the fighters; I will make sure your evil is stopped for good!

Hydronix: Dejá vu is starting to happen all over again as Dark Horse and Powers fight each other for a second time!

Flip: I only wonder whether or not Powers still has that diamond like armor.

Hydronix: Well, Dark Horse just Falcon Punched Powers and it registered for 10%! Dark Horse is stronger!

Flip: Powers now uses Agility to try to stay one step ahead of Dark Horse, but he merely stays in place! What's he doing?

Hydronix: He is able to tap into the Star Spirit's power; I think he told you once before that he trained with the Master at Toad Town Dojo.

Flip: He's not using any Star Spirit power; he's only focusing. And when he focuses, it usually means a big move.

Hydronix: It can't be Armageddon; however, it can be--

Dark Horse: --Dive Missiles!

Powers: Those missiles can't hurt me--YEOUCH!!!! How can they be homing?!?!?

Dark Horse: I thought you knew about me more than this! I can do more moves than you ever will!

Flip: Dark Horse is charging at Powers, and knocks him into the Pokémon door, when an Electrode pops out.

Hydronix: Dark Horse steps back and shields himself as Powers gets blown...onto the left platform?!?

Flip: He has some of that diamond armor in him still. However, all that does is allow Dark Horse to simply use the Nightmare attack to send Powers sky high.

Hydronix: While Dark Horse dozes, Powers gets knocked out! Amazing!

This game's winner is...DARK HORSE!!!

!REX! Airship

ROMba: Oh boy...this Geno guy means business to almost kill another fighter. I better get him to the Mobium Hospital. (teleports Sonic and herself to Mobius)

Gaz's Toybox

(All SPs are teleported to Gaz's Toybox, fully conscious)

Pat: Man...why did Sonic have to suffer his finishing blow?

Killer Kirby: Why did I have to fight King Dedede? We've worked together before!

Tomintul: Did that Sephiroph clone capture some fighters?

Lemmy: Dodo was a dodo in using his Flutter Hush on himself.

Lugia: Once you've seen one Mewtwo, you've seen them all.

Luigi Man: Where did Wart learn such moves?

Iggy: I think Valentina has the hots for me...why did we have to fight her?

Goshi: Who was that wierd guy that looked like VGWarrior?

Dark Horse: Is Powers still alive?

(Powers ends up falling onto Gaz's Toybox, where the other SPs are located. Tai then jumps in as well.)

Tai: What...happened here? dying! WHO DID THIS TO HIM?!?

Dark Horse: I did! And I'm glad to have beaten him. Now go away; we are waiting for Geno.

Tai: Hold your horses! I will avenge Powers! MERGE-UP! (Powers and Tai merge together to form Master Powers)

Pat: So you WERE an enemy this whole time!

Master Powers: That's right, Cretin! Powers created Tai to succeed him when he conquered Smashtopia. Tai was a clone of Powers' body 20 years before. You may have noticed, if you had any brains, that Tai M. Paomwersers is an anagram for "I am Master Powers"! When you stole the SSS from Powers, he sent in Tai to secure the place for his return, including discovering your weaknesses!

Dark Horse: Now I remember what you did to me when you called me in to your secret spot! You tried to learn how I mastered my fighting skills and failed!

Master Powers: It matters little now. I have ten times the strength of Powers, and you're in my way! Prepare for destruction!

SSG: The quicker SPs go after Master Powers while Iggy, Lemmy, and Dark Horse transform into their more powerful forms.

GG: The Koopalings go after MP now, but his defense has now improved drastically!

SSG: Wait...what's Pat doing?

GG: He's trying to go SSJ2...but can't! He suffered big time in the last bout!

SSG: This fight is going back and forth between the 8 active SPs and MP, with everyone taking some major damage!

GG: The SPs regroup now. They are going for their special moves (Pat too), but all together they only did 25% damage.

SSG: More blocks are falling onto the playing field, but all of them were exploding, as MP, Goshi, and Luigi Man soon found out.

GG: Pat and VGWarrior now go for a double-team attack on MP, but he shoves them aside as we reach the 90 second mark.

SSG: Ninety seconds?!? That means Gaz's hand is coming!

GG: And come it does! It goes after everyone, including MP!

SSG: MP has his sights set on the Koopalings and VGWarrior. He fires a super Ice Slasher!

GG: However, all three of them "Ping" it back to him, freezing him in the process.

SSG: Gaz's hand makes one more swoop, and grabs MP! The SPs win!


This game's winner is...The SPs!!!

(Final teleportation)

SSS Endless Field

Pat: OK, how come I couldn't go SSJ2 or 3 or 4?

Lugia: In case you forgot, you suffered big time against Robotnik and used up too much power at the end.

Geno: I see you all made it this far; I am impressed. However, it's time you die.

VGWarrior: Just one question. I don't think you are really the Geno we know. The Geno that we know is peaceful and protects us! But you kidnap fighters! Who is haunting the body you are in?

Geno: All you need to know is that I'm not the Geno you know.

VGWarrior: I need more! STAR SPIRIT POWER...IDENTITY CRISIS! (10 seconds later) Oh's EXOR!

Lemmy: Wasn't this the guy from SMRPG? Let me take him!

Iggy: No, let me!

Lugia: We all have to stop him; he's more powerful than most of us.

Dark Geno/Exor: Don't make me laugh! Dark Hurricane! (a geno whirl-like attack comes at us)

Goshi: KazeKutter! (tries to slice through the Hurricane, but fails; he gets knocked out)

Tomintul: Goshi!

Dark Geno/Exor: I pity you fools.

Pat: You're going down!

Lugia: Don't Pat!

Dark Geno/Exor: Hand Bazooka! (shoots Pat like crazy; he faints)

Luigi Man: We have to stop him!

Killer Kirby: Let's go!


Dark Geno/Exor: Static E! (shoots a bit lightning bolt at LM & KK; they go down)

Lemmy & Iggy: No one takes LM & KK down! BROTHERLY HATE! (they approach Dark Geno/Exor from opposite sides and charge towards him)

Dark Geno/Exor: (jumps)

Lemmy & Iggy: (get knocked out and loose their Apook powers for the moment)

Dark Geno/Exor: Now to finish you two. I'm sure you will remember this move VGWarrior! It's time for you to suffer it again! DEATH BEAM!!!

VGWarrior: Not on my watch! ANTI-BUSTER! (it hits the beam but doesn't do much, if anything) DRAT!

Lugia: I'm coming! REFLECT! (the move fails; Lugia is unconscious)

Dark Geno/Exor: YES! Lugia is dead!

VGWarrior: (check's Lugia's vital parts) Nope; my anti-buster took out the death part. All that was left was an ugly Armageddon--and that might kill him!

Dark Geno/Exor: Then it's time I teach you a new lesson. (focuses)

VGWarrior: (focuses)

Dark Geno/Exor: DARK STAR!


(Both moves were at a stalemate, but the Dark Star managed to win and take out all of the SPs.)

This games winner is...DARK GENO/EXOR!!!

Dark Geno/Exor: All right Dark Force; cast your final spell.

Dark Force: (lowers head) sigh..I'm sorry VGWarrior, but I made a deal unwillingly, and I am a man of my word. Please get out of this safely. (sighs) Apocalypse....

(Many different disasters occur at once.)

Warrior Cafe

Hypersilence: Even with Dark Horse's robot, he can still serve some good burgers!

Successor: OK, so he's not that you guys feel something?


    The Stadium was falling in ruins very fast. The SPs were knocked out of commission, but are still alive. All of the captured fighters were affected by the blast. Some people probably died, while others were scattered in the winds. Others managed to stay on Stadium ground, only to realize that the Stadium is for the most part destroyed. The Warrior Cafe also got destroyed; the people that were there were transported back to their main world safely.


Dark Force: ....

Dark Geno/Exor: Oh... and dark force..... thanks for the favor....

Dark Force: Let Dyria go... I did what you wanted..... now LET HER GO!!!

Dark Geno/Exor: What? you think I'm stupid or something? The ONLY way to get your daughter back... is by defeating me!!

Dark Force: You.... @*&##!!@*! why did you make me destroy the SSS for, then?!

Dark Geno/Exor: I had to avenge Lady Ganna..... she WAS my boss, after all. My plan to kick Geno out of his doll body worked perfectly!! Feel the wrath of Exor!!!

Dark Force: Then at least release Dyria!

Dark Geno/Exor: No Dark Force!! I've copied all of Dyria's powers!! Combined with mine, I am more powerful than you are now!! MUAHAHA!! If you think you'll look brave by TRYING to save her... come to Master Hand's Home! I'll be waiting!! (teleports out)

Dark Force: (clutches fist) He's going to be there... his last mistake.....

(In a canyon near Smashtopia, two bodies lie amongst the rubble. One begins to moan, and slowly stands up...)

Tai: Ugh... that HURT... what happened, Father? (Tai looks around) Father? FATHER!

(He spots Powers lying crushed in rock and rubble. He starts to clear the debris, when Powers groans...)

Powers: T..Tai..

Tai: Don't speak, Father! You're hurt, just rest!

Powers: No, son... it's too late for me...

Tai: Don't talk like that!

Powers: L.. listen, Tai... I just want you to know... I know that I've always told you that your purpose was to help me conquer this world, Tai, but that's not all... in my dark days of plotting, I was very alone... I knew I couldn't allow myself to attach too much to the Superpowers I would conquer... So when I created you, and you were so alive, and... You loved me...

Tai: Father...

Powers: Tai.. just know this... I have always been.. very proud to call you... my son... urg...

(Powers begins coughing up blood)

Tai: Father!

(Powers looks up to the sky, and finally leaves this world. Tai sits quietly beside his creator for some time. Finally, he reaches out and grabs Powers' hand with his own. They both begin to glow, and Powers' body disappears.

Tai:  (Tai stands up) You Superpowers... Before I only came after you to do my father's wishes... but now, it is personal. I shall use my power and my Father's power combined to destroy you all! BE WARY, SUPERPOWERS!