Match #86

Question: Can the bad guys win if they team up?

Fighters for a spot mentioned later
Red Team Red Team Blue Team Blue Team
Mario Link Bowser Ganondorf

Mash: Welcome everyone to the latest match at the Stadium. This is Mash Toady, the former interview extraordinaire, returning to duty! *crowd cheers*

Ness: And this is Ness, the psychic boy wonder! *more cheers*

Mash: Man, it's been awhile since I've been around here...what has happened since I've been traveling around the world?

Ness: That's for another, did you do your assignment and get us a match set up?

Mash: Like I would fail that job? Just watch the big screen! *hits the play button*

In a previously recorded interview in Mario's home; Mario and Link were there:

Mash: How have things been fighters?

Mario: I've-a been hungry a lot-a lately. But other than-a that, I'm-a good.

Link: Unlike him, I'm still a little in younger self managed to defeat Roy.

Mash: You will have your chance soon not worry. Anyway, you two are wanted for a surprise team match...can you head to the arena at high noon tomorrow?

Mario: But Tayce T. was-a going to show-a me how to-a make my own-a pizza!

Link: Tell the boss we'll be there.

Mash: Thank you.

Fast-forward to another location; Bowser and Ganondorf are...somewhere:

Mash: Okay, somewhere should be Ganondorf and Bowser...but where are they?

Bowser: *screams* What do you want you video-camera-carrying Toad?

Mash: Calm down there Bowser...I just had a message to deliver to you and Ganondorf.

Ganondorf: Make it quick...I'm trying to figure out a good way to take over Hyrule.

Mash: Just show up at the arena at high noon tomorrow...a mystery team is going to face you.

Both Bowser and Ganondorf nod their heads, and the tape ends:

Ness: Well that seemed easy...they still don't know who they are facing, right?

Mash: Nope; they have been isolated away from each other while a particular arena is being should be done right about......NOW!

The arena changes shape to that of an old, but legendary, arena. It looks reminiscent of the old Mushroom Kingdom place, but there is obviously a cloud area to fight on above, and a water-like area below the main land. The crowd oohs and aahs at the sight...most applaud as well, for a piece of nostalgia has been brought back.

Mash: May I re-present, the NEW Mushroom Kingdom REDUX!

Ness: Wasn't this the arena where the first four original Superpowers had their big battle?

Mash: Yep, and it looks as good as new! For those that weren't around, here is another video clip of what some of that fight involved. *pushes the play button again*

What plays is a special montage of that fight...Patrick V went into a pipe that took him into the clouds above. The others (VGW, Kyle Orland, and Lemmy Koopa), battled on the floating platform and fell into the water. The water fighters used their skills to avoid the underwater fans that created a downward current to their doom. The last part of the clip showed all 4 Abras teleporting everyone, leaving a white screen on the screen...the tape stops here.

Ness: We aren't going to have any Abras involved here, right?

Mash: Nope...but here are the stats for this match.

Ness: Let's not waste any time...fighters, you may enter the arena!

Mario enters via warp pipe that pops up...the pipe retracts back in. Link warps in via an ocarina song. Both of them start on the left side of the middle pit; Mario on top. Bowser jumps off of his Clown Copter, and is above Ganondorf, who uses his triforce magic to warp there. Both of them are on the right side.

Mash: Both sides tense up, either glad that they can beat up each other, or surprised that they have to fight right now.

Ness: I think they are waiting for the proper signal...Lakitu?

Lakitu: Fighters, get ready! 3...2...1...GO!

Mash: Both good guys approach the bad guys with a vengeance...they must really want to beat them up.

Ness: Hard to say, but both Bowser and Ganondorf were ready; they connected their smash attacks perfectly.

Mash: Mario and Link didn't go that far, though, and retaliate with their own 3 hit combos, sending their foes closer to the right pipe.

Mario: 11% Link: 12% Bowser: 8% Ganondorf: 9% 4:52

Ness: Bowser jumps back towards his starting position, and Mario quickly follows. Link uses excellent swordplay on Ganondorf, who just retaliates with his own Warlock Kick.

Mash: Mario and Bowser start to have an up close and personal brawl...they are trading hits like no one's business!

Ness: Ganondorf sends Link to the middle platforms...and decides to follow on to cause further damage!

Mash: He doesn't pay attention that the platform is breaks off! Those two are in the water!

Mario: 34% Link: 45% Bowser: 35% Ganondorf: 42% 4:40

Bowser: If you want me beat, come and get me! *goes in the right pipe*

Mario: I'm coming for you! *gets bitten by a piranha plant while trying to land on the pipe* Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!

Ness: I remember those plants all too well...and Bowser ends up in the clouds!

Mash: Link and Ganondorf still insist on their tirade in the water, disregarding how long they can hold their breath...

Ness: But Mario has found a POW block to the right of the plant that just bit him! He hits it, causing Bowser to sail close to the sky barrier and the other fighters to get a breath of fresh air...but not for long.

Mario: 39% Link: 87% Bowser: 45% Ganondorf: 94% 4:23

Mash: Link decides to try to get out of that water trap by entering a pipe...however, the fans making the downward current have a different idea...Link finds himself unable to get enough height and length to make it to the pipe...he is down!

Ness: Ganondorf manages to get past it, though...he Warlock Kicked while on the ground, then did a simple midair jump and Warlock Dived to the pipe.

Mash: Bowser has now jumped off of his high cloud land, and is Bowser Bombing himself towards Mario...who rolls out of the way from the pipe! However, Ganondorf emerges from said pipe, and receives the full blow of the attack!

Ness: Bowser attacking his own troops...why doesn't that surprise me?

Mario: 39% Link: D1 Bowser: 45% Ganondorf: D1 4:10

Mash: Mario and Bowser have another go at it on their side, and special moves are being exchanged like crazy!

Ness: From Fireball to Drill Claw to Cape to Whirling Fortress, it doesn't get much more intense than that.

Mash: Link has returned, and patiently awaits Ganondorf on the left side. However, the evil warlock goes towards Mario and Bowser, and rears for his Warlock Punch!

Ness: But neither combatant took notice of the windup...and both of them plus a piranha plant get sent off to the side!

Mario: D1 Link: 0% Bowser: D1 Ganondorf: 0% 3:58

Mash: Bowser comes back at the same time as Mario. Mario goes with Link underneath the left pipe, but goes directly to Ganondorf...what is he doing?

Bowser: You had no right to attack me while I was taking out my nemesis!

Ganondorf: Well you shouldn't have tried using your own weight against me!

Bowser: I did not do that!

Ganondorf: Yes you did! *the two of them start fighting*

Ness: *sighs* They are just wasting their own time and energy beating each other up for the mistakes they made, and the good guys are just wondering what they are supposed to do.

Mash: All I know is that the crowd approval rating for this match seems to be going up...they must have wanted to see Bowser vs. Ganondorf.

Mario: 0% Link: 0% Bowser: 55% Ganondorf: 62% 3:25

Link: We can use this to our advantage...hit the next pow block you see AFTER I jump up; I can finish them both off.

Mario: But I want-a the credit for beating-a our foes! Let-a me at them!

Link: Trust me; this plan will work!

Mario: I do not-a care! *fighting*

Ness: Now the good guys are fighting...and the enemies just stand by and watch...and laugh...?

Mash: I guess they realized how stupid they were, so they are taking advantage of the situation by approaching the two bickering heroes.

Ness: Mario sends Link over his head...and unknowing over Bowser and Gannondorf, who stand back-to-back, readying meteor smashes on the unsuspecting heroes...

Mash: And they connect!

Ness: Both Link and Mario are sent away from them...and the arena, in fact.

Lakitu: GAME!

This game's winner is...Blue Team!

The MVS* is...Bowser!

MVS: Most Valuable Smasher

Mash: In what is probably a surprising upset, the enemies won the game...Ness, what's wrong?

Ness: *confused and upset over what happened* I'm going to blast those winners into the true losers they are! PSI ROCKIN GAMMA! *lost focus, ended up hitting himself with his own special attack, and falls unconscious*

Mash: Umm...Navi, do you think you can do the interviews for the fighters?

Navi: *flies towards Mash* Hey! *smacks Mash upside the head*

Mash: Okay, never mind...I guess it's time for the questions then. Don't forget to answer them here.

  1. Will Mario and Link get along?

  2. Will Bowser and Ganondorf team up more often?

  3. Can Mario actually learn how to cook from Tayce T?