Tai M. Paomwersers

Games he has been in (officially): None

Games he could be in: Almost any game

First heard of in (site-wise): Reactions


    Tai M. Paomwersers was what many call a man of mystery. He came to the SSS and won the tournament to declare the new president. It was later discovered that Tai was the son-clone of Powers, and his name was an anagram for "I am Master Powers". He and Powers merged to fight against the Superpowers, but were defeated. When Powers died, Tai absorbed his strength, and took command of the !REX! Airship, in an attempt to flee the destruction of Smashtopia. But he was pursued by Pat, and was defeated.


Paomwersio's matches
Match # Fighters Summary
A lost match. EVERYONE!!!!     It was the first FULL SSS Battle Royal, and one fan could try his/her luck. That fan was Tai, a person with powers similar to Powers. He even brought his mirror, which helped him win the match--and the presidency of the SSS.
Match 64 SPs vs. The Kidnappers When Powers was defeated, he merged with Tai to destroy the SPs. They were defeated, and Tai died, but as his last wish, Powers gave his strength to Tai, who then vowed to avenge his 'father'.
Match 65 Good Guys vs. Bad Guys Tai attempted to escape before his satellites destroyed Smashtopia, but Pat pursued him into space. After a battle, Pat was able to defeat Tai, but he could not save Smashtopia.