Match 100

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(Dr. Light and Game Guru Alvis Windwalker are talking in GG's office. Pat enters, carrying the Time Donut..)

Some things just aren't meant to glow.

Pat: What's going on, GG?

GG: Dr. Light and I have been having a discussion.

Dr. Light: We've been wondering why the Dr. Distortion Machine I built after Match 50 to detect time distortions didn't detect Young Link's... tactics... in the last match. Have you been maintaining it like I asked you to?

Pat: I don't know if you heard, but Zer fired me when he took control of SSS three years ago. I've only recently got back into the game.

GG: I think it'd be a good idea for us all to go downstairs and check on Dr. Distortion.

Dr. Light: Quite. Let's go.

(They leave the office and make their way downstairs.)


(Goshi enters Tai Paomwersers' Office.)

This looks familiar...

Goshi: You wanted to see me, sir?

Tai: (Stands up from his desk) Have you watched the tape of Match 50 yet, Goshi?

Goshi: I haven't gotten the chance. What's wrong, sir?

Tai: Time distortion! Something caused the space/time continuum to hiccup! There are TWO endings to that match, and they go both ways!

Goshi: Um...

Tai: There's been a fiasco! The Pioneers demand to be declared the winners! Pat suggested I simply send them both to the final and make the last match a 3-team match.

Goshi: That sounds like a good plan to me... what are we going to do to prevent more time distortions?

Tai: Lugia has asked Dr. Light to build a machine to detect when such events occur. He says he'll call it the Dr. Distortion Device.

Goshi: DDD...?

Tai: Nevermind that.

Why, exactly, am I here, sir?

Tai: I need you to mail this for me. (He hands a mug-shaped package to Goshi.)

Goshi: A mug? You want me to mail a mug?

Tai: Nonsense. That is important documentation most crucial to the operation of SSS. Deliver it immediately. Dismissed.

Goshi: Hmph. Rude. (Leaves the office and walks down the hall, goes down the elevator, and enters the lobby. He sees Sir Tomintul paused by the basement door.)

Eavesdropping, Sir Tom?

Goshi: Hey Sir Tom, what's going on?

Tomintul: I heard something in the basement. I'm gonna go check it out.

Goshi: I'll accompany you... (He pockets the package) I'm not doing anything really important...

(They walk down into the basement. They spot a tall, dark figure standing in front of a bright Time Vortex.)

Tomintul: Hyperion! Fiend!

Hyperion: (Turns around and glares) Ah! Superpowers. Next time you see me, you will be begging at Powers' feet!

Goshi: Huh?

Tomintul: Not if I have anything to do with it! (Draws his sword and lunges at Hyperion.)

(Hyperion flips his cape, and a swarm of bats fly out of it and into Tom's face. He swats at the attacking bats, and stumbles into the Vortex.)

Goshi: Tom!

Hyperion: Hmph. I'll deal with him later. (Warps away)

Goshi: I'm coming, Tom! (Jumps into the Vortex)


(The Elevator holding Dr. Light, Game Guru and Pat hits the basement and the door opens. They just catch the sight of Hyperion jumping into the Vortex.)

GG: Wait, who the hell was that?

Pat: I know who that was! It was Hyperion, the Myotismon who worked for Powers! I fought him in Season 2!

GG: What is he up to?

Dr. Light: This Vortex appears to be a Temporal displacement field. It looks like Hyperion modified Dr. Distortion to generate a Time Vortex.

Pat: Where would Hyperion want to go?

GG: It's possible that he wants revenge for Powers. He might be going back in time to try and prevent Powers' demise.

Pat: I'll go get the other SPs. (Returns to the Elevator)

Dr. Light: I'm going to examine Dr. Distortion and see if there's a way to shut this Vortex safely.

GG: In the meantime, I'm going to--

(Tomintul comes flying through the portal and slams into GG. They both land on the ground, and Goshi comes through the vortex after.)

Goshi: GG! Look out, Hyperion is loose in the stadium!

GG: Ugh... this is gonna take some explaining...


(Some time has passed. GG, Dr. Light, Saiyaman, Future Trunks, Megaman, Flip, Goshi, Tomintul, Digifanatic and Knight are all in the basement. GG has explained a measure of the situation to Sir Tom and Goshi.)

Justice Friends... Assemble!

Tomintul: Obviously, it is of the utmost importance that we stop Hyperion in his plot.

Goshi: GG, how did you go about becoming President?

Trunks: I wouldn't recommend discussing this. Any information you guys know about your future could change history.

Tomintul: Yeah, we'd best not ask too many questions.

Knight: So what are we waiting for? Let's get going!

(Pat dashes into the room)

Pat: We've got a serious problem! Intruders have broken into the Stadium! I think they're trying to get to Dr. Distortion!

Flip: Some of us will have to stay behind and protect it.

Megaman: Dr. Light has to examine it some more. I'll stay and watch it while he's here.

Saiyaman: I will stay behind as well.

GG: So will the rest of you go into the Vortex?

Flip: I'll go with Goshi to locate the SPs of the past and try to keep them distracted.

Digi: I'm gonna try and keep Tai distracted so Hyperion doesn't get to him.

Knight: Sir Tom and I will hunt Hyperion down!

GG: Alright, you guys all get going.

(The SPs shuffle into the Vortex in a line.)

GG: Pat, come with me to the control room. We'll coordinate from there.

Pat: Right! (They head upstairs.)



(a flash of light appears in the past, and out tumbles Flip)

Flip: (Falls to the floor in the SP Offices area) ..ugh. My head... Hm? (Snaps up) ...where's Goshi?

(Flip checks down the hall, and sees nothing)

Flip: Uh... hello?

???: Hey! (Yells from down the hall) If you need the bathrooms, they're down the stairs and to your left. You shouldn't be up here!...Flip?

Flip: ...(Slowly looks back) Hello... uh... Darth... Moose...?

Let me tell ya, if I had that belt, I wouldn't be working here...

Dark Horse: Huh? Have you been drinking? You know it's against the rules to smuggle stuff in like that into the matches. It's Dark Horse. Now c'mon, I'll take you downstairs to the arena. We've got a match between some bounty hunters going on right now. It should be pretty exciting, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Flip: Oh, you mean Samus and Tron Bonne? That's one hell of a matchup.

Dark Horse: (Laughs) Tron Bonne? You're kidding, right? Half of the Stadium doesn't even know who she is. She's off doing pirate business. Besides, she's too thieving and bossy to ever become a fighter here in the first place. I'm talking about Samus and Killer. The guns and the blades... One of our finest match-ups yet!

Flip: Killer... Man. Haven't seen him in a while. Oh, right, right... the 53rd Match. Quite the feat for you guys, fifty matches. Wonder if you'll ever make it all the way to 100 (wink wink nudge nudge)

(Suddenly, a light in DH's front pocket starts to blink, and a ringing sound is heard)

Dark Horse: (Looks at his pager) Woah... I'm needed in Tai's office right now. So... you can find your own way back, I hope. Don't get into any trouble, alright? It's my hide if you get hurt snooping around.

Flip: Scout's honor, man. (Salutes) Just watch out for anything Tai might do that seems a little suspicious.

Dark Horse: ...why do you say that?

Flip: Say what?

Dark Horse: ... I'll be leaving now.

(Dark Horse exits down the hall and up a flight of stairs, while Flip decides to poke his nose around)

Flip: I know I was supposed to watch the SPs... but damn. I need to find Goshi. Besides... I wasn't allowed back here all these years ago. I wonder how much the place has changed since I joined.

(Flip finds the door to the commentating booth for Arena #2 somewhere further down the hall)

Flip: Hmm... do I dare? (Slowly opens the door)

You never think of this when you imagine the good old days...

Iggy: So, without further ado, the introductions.

Lemmy: Ladies and Koopas, Pokémon and girls, yoshies of all ages...

Iggy: Super Smash Stadium PROUDLY brings to you...

Lemmy: The clown prince, Lemmy K!

Iggy: The four-eyed Iggy K!

Flip: (Whispers) Hello? (Sees Adam sleeping, and pokes him)

Adam: (Waking up) nnn..huh? Bagels? Where?

Flip: O.o

Iggy: (Looks back at Flip, confused, but turns back)




(Meanwhile, in the basement, Dr. Light quickly begins his work to prepare the Dr. Distortion.)

Saiyaman: How's it look, Doc?

Dr. Light: Not good, I'm afraid. I've got a lot of work on my hands to get this thing ready.

Trunks: Given a situation like this, Hyperion is probably going to try and destroy the time machine to keep us from messing up his evil plan.

Megaman: How do you know?

Trunks: Standard time-travel villain plot.

Saiyaman: Yeah, he'll probably send some generic lackeys to do the job.

(Some random enemies begin to appear from upstairs.)

Random Enemy: Hi, we're generic lackeys here to destroy the time machine.

Generic Lackeys have Appeared!

Saiyaman: They're surprisingly polite lackeys.

(A vicious battle begins between the three fighters and the lackeys.)

Trunks: Finish Buster! (Blasts away several minions.)

Saiyaman: Heat Eye Lasers! (Flies some more.)

Megaman: Metal Blade! (Slices some more bad guys.)

(After it seems that the lackeys have been beaten, a vicious Megadramon, which is a serpent-like Digimon with rocket launchers for hands, in case you didn't know, emerges from upstairs.)


Megaman: Who are you?

Megadramon: I am Megadramon, sub-commander for Hyperion! Since it seems my minions have failed to destroy this infernal machine, I've come to finish the job!

Saiyaman: Don't you mean "lackeys"?

Megadramon: Minions, lackeys...same difference. Now, take this! Rocket Attack! (Fires two rockets at the Dr. Distortion.)

Saiyaman: Crap!

(Saiyaman blows up one rocket with a ki blast while Megaman destroys the other with the Mega Buster.)

Trunks: Take this! (Flies overhead) Burning Attack!

(Megadramon leaps away, only to see Trunks leaps at him, ready to slice him up.)

Megadramon: Nice try! (Smacks Trunks with his tail.)

Saiyaman: Justice Punch! (Flies up and slams Megadramon with a punch while distracted by Trunks.)

Megadramon: Oof! (Smacks Saiyaman with his arm, slamming him into the floor.)

Megaman: Leaf Shield! (Strikes Megadramon.)

Megadramon: Pulse Laser!

(Megadramon fires a sweeping mouth laser across the room. Megaman leaps in while Trunks and Saiyaman lift Dr. Light and the Dr. Distortion out of the way.)

Megadramon: Now I have you! Megaton Punch! (Throws a super-strong punch.)

(Saiyaman and Trunks drop Dr. Light and the Dr. Distortion, then fly down to avoid the punch, picking them up in mid-air and setting them down.)

Dr. Light: I can't work like this! Get him away from here!

Saiyaman: He's right! Outside, everyone!

Megadramon: Yeah, right! I'm not going outside!

Megaman: Yes, you are!

(Megaman grabs Megadramon's tail and throws him through the wall. Megadramon quickly starts flying, followed by the three fighters, Megaman riding on Rush Jet.)