Games he has been in (Officially): None

Games he could be in: Any game with mario or yoshi. But hey, he could star in my own game.

First heard of in (site wise): Reactions (appeared as Knuckles before that)


    One of the more mysterious superpowers, no one really knows much about Goshi. He is usually unfriendly to most people. Besides having the normal Yoshi fighting style, he is skilled with the katana and machines. One of the few things known about him is before he went to SSS he was an assassin and knows various ninja skills. He also is skilled in wind/lightning magic. He doesn't have many friends, and is ignored more than the others, although he usually doesn't mind.

   Goshi has left the stadium, and indeed all of Smashtopia. Some speculate that he has gone to Yo'ster Isle, but we know not for sure. He will be missed.


Goshi's Matches
Match # Fighters Summary
Match 46 Goshi & Blue Yoshi vs. Red Yoshi & Yoshelly     This was truly one tough fight; everyone gave their all. It came down to Goshi & Red, the two most powerful Yoshis, in an underwater Bubble Shield battle at the NEW Mushroom Kingdom. One Kamehameha made all the difference.
Match 48 Killer & Megaman vs. Goshi & Blue Yoshi     While Goshi was a Superpower, he couldn't face off against both Mini-Powers at the end. He did put up a good effort though; both Mini-Powers only had one life left.
Match 54 All SPs (minus Tai)     After knocking out VGW quickly, Goshi has manaaged to survive all the way to Saffron City, the third arena for this fight. However, Killer Kirby took his Kamehameha, Iggy knocked him to the pokémon door, and the Electrode that comes out of the door knocks him into "4th" place. He didn't get 3rd because of a champion dispute.
Match 65 All SPs vs Dark Geno/Exor     This is the match where the SP's fought Exor and lost, but, after a long and Grueling battle, Dark Force, along with Geno and other three warriors, defeated Exor and brought peace back to the stadium.

Goshi's Moves:

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