Games she has been in (officially): None

Games she could be in: Hmmm....I don't know this time.

First heard of in (site-wise): Match 8 (she was the prize for the winning Yoshi)


    Yoshelly was one of the few female Yoshis born immediately after Bowser and Kamek failed to destroy the Mario Brothers. She is quick, nimble, and smart. Even though she doesn't wish to be a Hollywood star, Yoshelly is adored by everyone. She secretly had a crush on Red Yoshi that he didn't know about. She became an "official" member of Super Smash Brothers after her debut match when Red Yoshi & Yoshelly got married. Even though Yoshelly has teamed up with other partners before, her heart will always be with Red Yoshi. Yoshelly died with Ash Ketchum in the Comic Match. While Ash got better, Yoshelly did not.


Yoshelly's Matches
Match # Fighters Summary
Match 11 Yoshelly & Red Yoshi vs. Kirby & Jigglypuff     Yoshelly's debut match was one of the best debuts ever. It was a real roller coaster ride with both Yoshis taking out the "Cream Puffs". In the end, Yoshelly accidentally (?) hit a bob-omb...with Kirby right next to it! Needless to say, Kirby suffered the suicide KO before Yoshelly did.
Match 12 Fox & DK vs. Samus & Yoshelly     The match--and Planet Zebes's lava--was hot all of the way. Most of the kills involved someone taking a dip, and Yoshelly was knocking everyone into it.
Match 24 Yoshelly & Red Yoshi vs. Kirbetty & Kirby     This female Yoshi was really aggressive--she even took one of Red Yoshi's lives by mistake, but it's hard to not kill your partner when you have a hammer. Very soon everyone was killing each other, but then dejįvu came back when Kirbetty was [again] beaten by a Yoshi-style Hip Drop; this time it was from Yoshelly.
Match 29 VGW vs. Lemmy vs. Kyle vs. Pat vs. Yoshelly vs. Master Hand     Unlike the other four humans/koopas, Yoshelly went through the one-player challenge, only to face Master Hand with one life left. The other fighters were immediately sent to MH's domain along with Yoshelly, and all six fought like crazy. However, Yoshelly was knocked out with a "Slap Down" attack; she was the third to go.
Match 32 Yoshelly vs. Kirbetty vs. Samus vs. Jigglypuff     Just because you're one of the top five in the placement charts, that doesn't mean you will be the best. Yoshelly pulled out an average score in the cat fight (she was knocked out by Jigglypuff's hammer), so she retained 2nd place on the placement charts. Samus & Jigglypuff were the main stars for that battle.
Match 46 Goshi & Blue Yoshi vs. Red Yoshi & Yoshelly     This was a close fight to the end. The end was in the water for both Yoshelly & Blue Yoshi; they didn't get the two water shields that popped up in the NEW Mushroom Kingdom. The Super Yo'sters won.

Match 59

All the "couples" from Super Smooch Stadium.      At first, Yoshelly thought history would repeat itself. But, to Yoshelly and everyone's surpise, the Dream landers was the WINNING couple rather than the losing, as usual.Even after the Dino-daters' defeat, they still love each other.

Yoshelly's Moves