The New Characters

In addition to the fighters from the Super Smash Bros Trilogy of games, many new and interesting people have joined the Stadium. Below, you may see when each new official fighter first appeared, and their current status.
The New Official Fighters
Pic Name First Appearance Status
Ash Ketchum Match 23 Retired
Banjo-Kazooie Match 57 Retired
Daffy Duck Match 28 MIA
Flip Match 69 Active
Geno Match 40 Active
Iggy Koopa Match 48 Active
Killer Match 28 MIA
Kirbetty Match 19 Dead
Prince Lemmy Koopa Match 29 Active
Mike Jones Match 74 Who?
Pat VanDusen Match 29 Active
Tron Bonne Match 77 Active
Waluigi Match 45 Active
Yoshelly Match 11 Dead
Zeratul Match 65 Retired