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Technically no matches were uploaded this year, but I'd be lying if I said the site wasn't updated. For example, the archived matches have had their pics restored (after they were pointing to the now defunct SMBHQ website) -- so feast your eyes on the ancient old matches with restored pictures (mostly)... if you dare.

Another extra match, with SSBU theming, by Twilight. That's right, it's still possible for matches to be made. For all those handful of people who still watch this. Maybe one a year will be possible from now on? (Extreme as that is...)

An extra match, with SSBU theming, from Digifanatic, for your consideration. Also the strangeness of an SSS update, in the year 2019. Also for your consideration.

The final countdown, er, match is here, completing the Season. And now a message to go alongside it: With this, Season X2 is complete. I don't know if we'll have an X3, and if we do, it most likely will be way slower and take longer, and be less large in scope. SSS has been around for 17 years, and at this point, few people are really left, so rather than fretting about the things that some people do, we're gonna just take it as it goes. It's not really over, but at the same time, it's pretty clear the ship has sailed for Web 1.0 Fanfiction, at least the sort that sits on its own site. Soooo yeah. Enjoy the match... and if you have any comments or ideas on what you would like to see at SSS, hit up the forums. Otherwise, have a happy rest of the Year, since besides small updates (probably updating those bios to give the final status of most of the characters in the stories) it's unlikely for X3 to begin until next year. Thanks again for reading!

And the SSS Tournament (Match 51) is now here, just in time for election day in the US...

And Match 50 Part 2 appears, continuing an ancient SSS tradition of having the major finale be more than one part.

Match 50 Part 1! This one's one heck of a doozy.

Match 49! The first match where things have finally caught up to where the present is 100%. We near the end of Season X2...

Match 48! I was bit slow to put this up (literally the last minute) but... it was a busy weekend. Anyway, this wraps up the wacky twisted up old plot stuff, and there's a match up and front, so enjoy.

Match 47! Yeah, these update messages can get a bit redundant when they're predictable like this. At least they're happening on a schedule now. And this match is the first 100% new one, the previous two ones were... leftover ones that hadn't been put up yet. Gotta start somewhere, naturally. We're making good time, so with any luck, this season will be completed before the year is out.

And there's match 46 as well. As you might have guessed, I'm trying to do ~1 match per week to try and finish off SSS Season X2. That way, even if things then go quiet afterwards, there won't be any strange sinking feeling of mystery as to how it all ends.

Well it's September again, but now it's two years.. almost three years since I regularly posted these. But hey, there's match 45 up, and... I think I'll help write/finish the rest. That way Season X2 can be complete, even if it took waaaay too long to finish.

After 300 days, I finally reawaken! Now it is time to take over Earth post match 44!

As I re-awaken from the stupor that was my accelerated Summer Spanish courses, I have stumbled upon match 43.

Whew, that was a close one. A month without matches? Nah... here's match 42!

Long time no see, viewers! Have yourself a match 40!

School finally slowed down enough for me to post match 41!

Fast on the heels of 38 is match 38.5!

Now that school isn't slowing me down, here's the uber-large match 38!

Not dead, folks! Here's match 39, out of order just for you! Oh... and don't forget to look at Match 37, I apparently didn't mention it here earlier.

For a change of pace, here's Simon Belmont's bio and Orion's bio! (New match coming soon. Also more bios.)

And on this date we have the next match!

Making up for lost time, here's another match!

Classes slowed me down for a bit, but now here's The Challenge!

Finally, here's the tournament finale!

And here is the second Semifinal: Match 32!

The first semifinal is here, with Match 31!

And here comes the next match. It's Match 30, the Magitech battle!

And a bit later, here's Match 29.

Flying in at the speed of sound is Match 28!

We celebrate the year anniversary of the new Stadium... with a new match!

Another month, another match, a bonus match before the next Season!

And now, a bio for Yesman is up. Go ahead and take a look.

Season X2 should come about by the anniversary of Season X1 starting. Also, I made my bio and shall be putting up others as time goes on.

I've cleaned up the site a bit, though more work remains to be done. A bonus match will also appear, then Season X2 shall begin a bit afterwards.
-Metal Man

The Season has ended. Behold, the Endgame.
-Metal Man

The season is nearly over, and here is the second to last match. THE STADIUM STRIKES BACK!
-Metal Man

This one took a while, but it's a doozy. Incoming! THE RAID!
-Metal Man

Speeding in only a little over a week later, Match 22 is up at bat now.
-Metal Man

Speeding up a little as we near the end. Behold, Match 21.
-Metal Man

An epic match a month in the making, heeeere's MATCH 20!
-Metal Man

Behold, Match 19. Also I fixed some lingering issues which were causing people who looked at the old page to get lost.
-Metal Man

A bit of time passed, but here's Match 18.
-Metal Man

And now for the first match that is entirely in 2012, Match 17.
-Metal Man

So it's only still 2011 in PST. You can still enjoy the year-crossing madness with Match 16!
-Metal Man

And here's another match, sooner than usual courtesy of my Winter break.
-Metal Man

We're back to "normal"... as normal as SSS can be, anyway, with Match 14.
-Metal Man

Now for something different, for Match 13.
-Metal Man

Let's get ready to HEAD SP RUMBLE!!!
-Metal Man

It took a while, but there's another match coming soon after it. But first, Match 11.
-Metal Man

Though I'm slow, the SPs are not. Here's their Match 10, with more in the pipeline behind it.
-Metal Man

And here's Match 9. Sorry for slowness. I'm busy. A lot.
-Metal Man

My transition to university has had absolutely no repercussions as to posting mat5138y315089y38yhyhtqq3e8hgbfbgfo8ug32t7qw7fbvg3qr9qr379gr3fq97gq3r9g3rq.
-Metal Man

Here's your match, the uber-huge Match 5, out of order and everything. Enjoy!
-Metal Man

There is a new Bios page. I'm working slowly but as time goes on, all the old pages will be replaced and an archive link left up for those who want to see how things used to look.
-Metal Man

Match 5 is still in the works. Until then, here, read Match 7 instead. We'll get Match 5 done eventually. I promise. It's gonna be pretty big...
-Metal Man

Sorry for the slowness, had some match scheduling zaniness, and got busy. But here you go... out of order, but it'll do. Match #6!
-Metal Man

I'm back from Vegas, and so is the new match!
-Metal Man

The Psychic Match is here. As you can tell, we're making a regular thing of this, not like the old days.
-Metal Man

Another Match, another day. This one should be a familiar matchup. :p
-Metal Man

With the new reboot comes a new update page. This is still somewhat of a placeholder, but symbolically shows how it is disconnected from the old days. With that in mind, here is the first match of the new SSS. Also, for now, if you want to see the old matches, click here.
-Metal Man



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